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Meet Skulduggery PleasantAce DetectiveSnappy DresserRazor Tongued WitCrackerjack SorcererandWalking, Talking, Fire Throwing Skeleton As Well As Ally, Protector, And Mentor Of Stephanie Edgley, A Very Unusual And Darkly Talented Twelve Year OldThese Two Alone Must Defeat An All Consuming Ancient EvilThe End Of The World Over His Dead Body

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    So you won t keep anything from me again He put his hand to his chest Cross my heart and hope to die Okay then Though you don t actually have a heart, she said I know And technically, you ve already died I know that too Just so we re clear When Stephanie Edgley s Uncle Gordon a writer of horror novels passes away, she meets his one time friend Skulduggery Pleasant who just happens to be a skeleton wizard detective, that believes he is invincible and has the world s biggest ego not that he believes that part He drags her into a world of magic and chaos, introducing her to a whole range of characters Tanith Low, a stunningly pretty and deadly master swordswoman, Ghastly Bespoke, an amazing tailor who is also a boxer, China Sorrows, who is not only lovely but collects things with magical properties usually by corrupt and illegal means and Together, Skulduggery and Stephanie explore the mysterious circumstances around her Uncle s death, meeting danger at every turn And as this world tightens its clutches around her, Stephanie starts to believe that though her Uncle s novels were horror, they were definitely not fiction.Lightened up by the funny and sarcastic lines from Skulduggery like, For a guy with no internal organs, you ve got quite the ego And for a girl who can t stand up without falling over, you re quite the critic My leg will be fine And my ego will flourish What a pair we are , this is a book that really makes you consider that if these are the good guys, then how bad are the bad guys This has to be one of those books that needs the words, BEST BOOK EVER written on the front cover

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    Doors are for people with no imagination I will always remember when I first read this It was back in 2009 I was over at a friend s house when her older sister, Emma, recommended it to me I just know you ll love it, she told me when she handed her copy over.You have to understand that, at this point, I wasn t a big reader Yeah I didn t mind reading, but I also didn t love it I didn t sit down for hours on end with a book in my hand I didn t value the power of words as much as I do now The closest I had gotten to realizing the magic of books was with Harry Potter, which was over at this stage and, unfortunately for me, it was spoiled by my asshole of a sister I didn t read about Fred s death or about Snape s redemption or how the Dark Lord was slain instead I was told it And I was pretty heartbroken by it Sure I will always criticize for the first books to be a bit too cheerful for my taste, but I was and still am in love from Goblet of Fire and onwards when the books grew darker However despite my reluctance I took the book just to be nice I don t know what made me crack open the book maybe my curiosity got the better of me, maybe the cool cover was what did it, maybe I asked myself Well what s the worse that can happen , or maybe my instincts told me to do it Whatever the motivation I m so glad I read that first sentence I can t express to you in words how thankful I am that Emma gave me this very book Because this book this series is the one Although you might find it unbelievable, this is the book that made me become the bookworm that I am It s because of this book that I want to be a writer This series, however surprising it may seem to you, was the series I could go to whenever I felt scared or sad.I know people would think me silly that this series could mean something to anyone hell I m not even sure Derek Landy understands himself But it does to me It means a lot Because I can slip into this world and find comfort in the colourful and complex characters it contains I can marvel at the magic, feel breathless at the action, laugh at all the delicious sarcasm, and feel sorrowful when things seem at their darkest This series is my home Although a few days ago I read the last page of the very last book with teary eyes, I will read this series again and again and again and I will always love what Derek Landy has created And when people ask me when I ll finally be sick of this series, I will reply with Until the end Thank you Derek for writing such an unforgettable series that has shaped me into becoming who I am today I will forever be grateful to you.

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    I loved discovering this book I thought it had a very fun mixture of magic, action, creepiness, and humor plus, I really love the title character

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    To preface this I don t recommend this book 98% of my friend s list will hate it It s not good It s the memory of the book and the utter enjoyment I felt while reading it which gave it four stars Skulduggery Pleasant is a series I discovered during my first year at high school I was on a vampire kick after falling in love with Twilight but figured I should read something else instead of re reading the series for the 50th Due to this, I found many of my favourite series of today including City of Bones, Vampire Academy and Skulduggery Pleasant I have re read City of Bones and Vampire Academy several times, but for some reason, I had never re read this particular book Until the other day, I figured I may try and remember what 12 year old me had Thankfully, I loved this book It was hilarious, kick ass and had a solid plotline that carried the story I m not quite sure how smol me kept track of all the names used throughout because I barely could On top of that, there were also several tropes hated in fiction, including the missing parents one I could feel myself getting annoyed at that and screaming at our MC Stephanie that she is quite literally twelve The story begins with the fact Stephanie s uncle, a famous author, has tragically passed away Almost everyone in the family is horrible, Stephanie being clear on that, but the uncle was kind and amusing to Stephanie It is because of her uncle s death that Stephanie encounters Skulduggery a quite literal skeleton and embarks on a journey that would have been unknown to her before her uncle s untimely passing These books are enjoyable, fast and action packed They do get a little tedious with the constant near death experiences, but they are ultimately incredibly funny and a hoot to read If you re not a super big critic or looking for something fun, maybe pick up the Skulduggery books.

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    Keine Ahnung, warum ich so lange f r dieses Buch gebraucht hab, ich fands sehr unterhaltsam.

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    Ich schwanke hier zwischen 3 und 4 Sternen, drum gebe ich einfach 3,5 danke Goodreads f r nichts brigens Ich fand den Hurmor Sarkasmus in dem Buch echt klasse und auch der Plot war gut durchdacht F r ein Middlegrade Buch kam auch die Spannung nicht zu knapp und es wurde sich an die Logik des erdachten Universums gehalten, was bei mir immer Pluspunkte gibt Auch der Schreibstil war angenehm, aber durch das Alter der Zielgruppe auch recht simpel, ohne viel Schnickschnack Auch wenn unsere Protagonistin erst 12 ist verh lt sie sich reifer als so manches Girl aus nem NewAdult Roman Das Ende macht dann auf jeden Fall auch Lust auf mehr.Und wer keine Lust hat das Buch zu lesen, kann ich noch das H rbuch empfehlen, welches es kostenlos auf Spotify gibt Habe mal in ein, zwei Kapitel reingeh rt und fand es echt auch gut vertont

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    a re read and like always so worth the time

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    I really tried to like this book I really did.I failed My major issue was that it was all 150% predictable The story felt like I had read it all before A little Harry Potter with a little Mission Impossible and a pinch of X Men and a grain of blabla The character writing was superficial and especially the heroine, Stephanie, did not convince me at all Flat, unlikeable, unbelievable, one dimensional From one day to the next, she lives in a world she didn t know existed, and guess what She is just 12 years old, but scared of nothing She escapes and survives every fight, no matter with who, with ease, and dominates Skulduggery, a 400 year old powerful detective, in just about every dialogue Gordon was my friend I thought I owed it to him to try and keep his favorite niece out of harm s way Well, I m in harms way, so it s not your decision any No, apparently it isn t Descriptions of surroundings are minimalistic, The shop door was unlocked and he led the way in Stephanie was surprised by how clean and bright and ordinary looking it was She didn t know what she was expecting mannequins that came alive and tried to eat you, perhaps There was a nice smell in here, too Comforting.and I direly missed fresh ideas Not recommended.

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    I have had the print book on my bookshelf for years, but I decided to try the audiobook from my library as this looked like it would be fun to listen to Turns out I was right This was a lot of fun The narrator was great He had a delicious Irish accent, although he modified it to suit other characters I liked his sort of flat tone he used for Skulduggery, making him sound kind of ironic and mysterious, like there was a lot going on under the surface.At first, it s a bit odd There s some weird music between interludes, followed by a low male voice saying, Yeah I thought that was pretty weird and random, but it grew on me, fast I had no expectations, so it was all novel for me I expected the story to be campy, but it turns out to be pretty dark Now the characters Skulduggery is a fun and likable character But he s also credibly tough He s a sorcerer who happened to lose his body in an epic battle I wondered how the author would get me to buy into a story where the main character is just a skeleton It took about ten minutes When I heard the explanation, I was like, Okay then At some points, I m skeptical that he s so blase about 12 year old Stephanie going along with him on some very dangerous adventures But I have to remind myself that the target audience is 12 year olds Skulduggery is a chill dude It s funny how sanguine he is about Stephanie s bossing him around and threatening to hit him Maybe he enjoys it because he s lonely He was great friends with her uncle, so he might have developed a fondness for her via his friend At any rate, he was very tolerant to Stephanie and he clearly took it very seriously to protect her, even if he did take her along on his dangerous missions Knowing Stephanie, she probably would have followed him Skulduggery is a good guy You would think he d be menacing, with the whole skeletal appearance, but he s an all around good guy, although he does have enough of a dark edge to be appealing and authentic The interview with him at the end was awesome Just the right touch for the audiobook.Stephanie is in some ways very much a girl of her age Tween and teenage girls have attitude for days Yes, it s a bit of a generalization, but there is a lot of truth in it She also had a very vivid inner life that I recognized in myself Not that I would have want to do every thing she does okay, maybe some of it She s pretty saucy, if I m honest It made me laugh and part of thought I d get the taste slapped out of my mouth if I had talked to an adult that way when I was a kid All in all, she s a well drawn character, with the sass, bravery, sense of honor and a great sense of humor that should appeal to most readers.Together, they make quite a team I enjoyed their buddy movie banter Even if Stephanie could be kind of rude to Skulduggery I loved it when he told her she was very annoying The secondary characters are good, all making sense to the story I liked the interactions between Stephanie and her clueless parents They were cute In a way, it was pretty obvious that Stephanie pretty much got away with a lot than you d expect for her age with them.I like that the tone of this book stays intense but with some good humor I like that while Landry doesn t take himself too seriously, he shows respect for the intellect of his young readers In other words, he doesn t make the story too silly or ridiculous We are dealing with a very evil set of villains with uber nefarious purposes Some aspects were fairly creepy, and it reminded me a little of Simon R Green s Nightside books in a good way China Sorrow especially definitely made me think of a Nightside character Don t get me wrong I don t think this was derivative at all It feels novel and unique amongst the many urban fantasy stories I ve read or encountered It has a lot of good action, and Skulduggery can fight, with his fists, with his trusty sidearm, and with his elemental magic Speaking of, the magic elements were well done They had a unique feel I like the explanation about the different types of magic users I think this series would make a fun movie I d be cool with either live action or animation.I definitely want to continue this series, and I am crossing my fingers that I can get the rest of these on audiobook.

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    Review first postedhttps edwardsghostengine.wordpress.Usually, if a friend of recommends a young adult book featuring a magic and walking, talking skeleton.who is also wise cracking and hilarious I would have turned my nose up thinking it was too young and silly But this book proved right from the first pages that it was worth giving a chance.First of all I loved Skulduggery from the moment we met him He was funny, smart and also badass and the author did a really good job of making him feel real despite the ridiculousness of his whole situation The world history the author created was also excellently done with great attention to detail without going on about irrelevant everyday things trust me this happens a lot in YA fantasy books.The writing style was also really good as it was done in a really fast and suspenseful style and the plot flowed along really nicely so there wasn t a dull moment After finishing this I was really satisfied with the way the author manages to end each book well and the amazing character development, world building and general direction of the plot made me yearn for the next book Valkyrie and Skulduggery make an excellent team and I honestly, at this present moment, can t see where this could go wrong because this author is so skillful.