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In need of cash Running out of time A desperate play to protect what’s hersVivian Kawabata has finally reached her breaking point The plucky starship captain is doing everything she can to ensure her treasured family land isn’t stolen But she’s shocked to learn they will auction the property in only two weeks and she doesn’t have enough credits to competeScrambling to forge a revised plan to save her inheritance Vivian’s convinced the only solution is to add a new benefactor to her sexy stable of suitors But with a rival sabotaging her business at every turn she fears even a wealthy man’s help will come too lateCan Vivian preserve her birthright before it’s snatched away for good? Silent Flyght is the fifth book in the sultry Flyght Series of sci fi reverse harem romance If you like epic space sagas smoking hot men and one shocking twist after another then you’ll love S J Pajonas’s galactic adventure

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    I received a free copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed it I really love the Flyght series and I was excited to dive into this fifth book in the series Silent Flyght was another awesome read There is just so much going on in this series plot threads that seem to have fallen to the side that pop back up main plot lines that are continuing danger and action As well as romance and twists And also a lot of difficulties for main character Vivian to deal with just so much that goes wrong or endangers her But there is also hope and I just love seeing this amazing group of men and friends that Vivian has surrounded herself with Here's hoping that in book 6 she finally gets a shot at some peace and quiet and achieving her goalsSilent Flyght starts right back up after book 4 ended And it starts right up again with plenty of things going on Vivian has to deal with a lot in this book and while I like how realistic this is all written and how it makes sense how much Vivian suffers under it it can be hard to read about it all when I am a bit stressed myself She's under so much stress and she's falling apart and she's just so hard on herself I just want things to go Vivian's way for once for her to take care of herself first Even the happy and hopeful moments end all too soon when another stressful event new twist or danger pops up I am impressed she keeps on going but I almost wonder if it isn't time she considers other options for her future This series is full with some great twists and I like the way the plot lines all blend together into this big adventure I like the way some plot lines popped up again like the plants and the boys they found in a previous book There is so much going on but not in a confusing way I also like how everything that happens connects back to previous events or we got some hints already of future things I would love to re read this series eventually so I can see all the foreshadowing and how all the plots threads continue throughout the series One of my favorite parts of this book is Vivian's blossoming romance with Mat it was such a fun surprise when you realize who he is And Vivian and Mat connect immediately and seem to have a strong bond from the start Ofcourse nothing is ever that easy and Vivian figures out something isn't quite right she's a danger to something Mat does and she has to figure out what I do wish she would've been a bit open to Mat about a few things but I think it made sense she wasn't as they only just met I do really like Mat and I think he's a great match for Vivian It was nice to see how he cared for her and how they shared an interest in the same topic We'll see what happens in book 6The romances are one of my favorite parts of this series I really love seeing the reverse harem relationships coming together The three guys in her network so far are amazing and I love how they are there for her and help her through everything They are always there with kind and encouraging words to help her relax or even take things out of her hands so she has one thing less to worry about They have her back through everything And I like seeing how much each of them loves her and also how they work with one another to be there for Vivian There was one thing that didn't sit right with me from the start of this book and that was the whole Tomu situation It just didn't seem right or smart what they did They don't have the right capabilities to handle this and it just didn't seem right for them to determine what happened to him I just knew something had to go wrong there and priority seems to be given to other tasks while they have this dangerous person so close by He really seems a despicable person and mainly because of that the way things got wrapped up didn't fully work for me but it did feel very in character and realisticThis is one of those books that's hard to put down I just had to know what happens next And even with the moments that are difficult or sad to read it's just such an addictive series And I love seeing about the world and these characters To summarize This was another awesome read in this series There is just so much going on in this book This book was hard to put down as I just wanted to keep reading and figure out what happens next and easily read through this book in only a few days I like reading about this world and the characters This book was a bit difficult to read at times as it's just so sad to see how stressed Vivian is and how she struggles with everything going on and not eating enough or getting enough sleep I wish she would prioritize herself at times but I don't think that's something she will learn easily Luckily she has 3 awesome men behind her who care and love her a lot It's beautiful to see how they are there for her and help her where they can I really like seeing the reverse harem romances develop One of my favorite parts of this book was seeing Vivian and Mat together Mat is her fourth possible lover and I liked seeing them get to know each other They have a clear connection but things stand in their way so we'll see how that goes in the next book I wasn't a fan of the whole Tumo situation as it didn't seem right or smart how they handled it He really was a horrible character and while the way it was resolved felt realistic and in character I wish it was resolved differently All in all this was another awesome read in this series and I can't wait to see what book 6 will bring