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Dressed Only In A Skimpy Sequin Studded Bikini Is Not The Way Rachel Donnelly Wants To Meet Sheikh Karim Al Safir Especially When He Is So Devastatingly Handsome And Fully Clothed Karim Is Horrified That This Is The Mother Of His Newly Discovered Nephew His Raging Pulse At The Sight Of Rachel S Barely Dressed Body Belies His Reputation As The Sheikh With No Heart, But He Ll Live Up To It To Ensure That The Heir To The Throne Is Raised In Alcantar Pretty decent typical SM This is a trope we ve read many times The sister pretends the baby is hers to keep the rich uncle from taking it away from her Typical arrogant SM hero who falls for the heroine but then there is the requisite break up a couple of page before the end where he finds out she s lied to him and he repudiates her only to come crawling back But it s a formula that works for me so it s all good Although I have found with my SM reading that I wish the hero s grovel was just a bit thorough before the heroine falls all over herself forgiving him. This was such a typical Marton, hero thinks he is God, comes to clean up after his dead degenerate brother and makes assumptions about the heroine and who can forget the punishing kisses Heroine is a typical HP heroine, silently suffers her younger sister s antics and even takes on her child, who she adores and pretends to be his mother The hero takes her with him, she hates him, kisses him, you know how it goes They fall fast for each other but still she continues to lie, things blow up and then HEA Honestly, it s been done so many times before.This is not a bad read if you know what you expect going in, drama and a heroine who melts when the hero touches her, I was just not in the right frame of mind to read this I guess since it is of a 3 star, typical HP read but the whole monotonicity of it makes it 2 stars. I ve been having a run of modern kinder gentler boring HPs lately all the trappings but none of the crazy This was just published a few month ago, but thankfully it s classic HP and classic Marton Cynical tycoon Sheikh Karim meets feisty mother he thinks of his dead brother s child and falls in love against his will Of course Rachel is really just the good sister taking care of the baby her bad sister wanted no part of All was delightful in its unoriginal way, though a bit light on the humor and a bit heavy on the shut up kisses It would be a four star read except the ending fizzled out. I really liked this book but at the same time I was annoyed The hero in the story has such a macho attitude that he thinks he s gods gift He takes Rachel and her baby Ethan away, knowing that Ethan is his dead brothers baby However what he doesn t know is Rachel is not Ethan s biological mother, her sister Suki is After Suki abandoned Ethan, Rachel worked her hardest to make sure that he is well taken care of.Karim, the hero, thinks he can just take Ethan and Rachel and so they travel back to his desert palace Where Suki shows up, lies her face off about the situation and Karim abandons Rachel Only learning the truth at the end of the story, then kissing immediate ass and claiming that he s loved her all along.Of course I loved reading it but the God Complex guys really make me wanna smack em. This book could have been so much better than it was I couldn t stand Karim at first, but in the middle he seemed less of a jerk, but then it went downhill again Once Rachel realized he wasn t going to take Ethan away from her she should have told him the truth Still, I felt he could have at least listened to her once he did find out instead of believing a complete stranger. The H claims to be the heir who cleans up after his brother who is a screw up gambler, drug addict etc., but he himself is just as bad as his brother as he almost rapes h, intimidates her all in the name of cleaning up I skimmed through the first couple of chapters but it was too much drivel to continue This can easily top the worst books I ever read list if I had one. A very good read 3.75 stars OH MY GOODNESS, IT IS A MEDICAL MARVEL Sheikh Karim al Safir is the next in line to be the King of his country He has always done what is expected, what is required, and what is needed for him to become a successful ruler one day Part of his duty was to spare his father from the self destructive life his late brother had lead Cleaning up after Rami s worldwide jaunt before his death leads him to Las Vegas and the one place his brother had seemed to set down roots Instead, he finds Rami had left behind a son Rachel Donnelly had spent a lifetime looking after her sister When her sister, Suki, hooked up with Rami, had his son, then left him with Rachel, Rachel raised him as her own Having Karim show up and threaten to take him away was than she could stand I enjoyed the story Two very different people, but with very similar family histories find that opening oneself up to love is sometimes all it takes.