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A book for all Beauty and the Beast fans A contemporary retelling viewed through the eyes of a teenager Sixteen year old Megan wants to be a doctor When Megan volunteers at a residential home she meets Lady Lady tells a fragmented and confusing story of a duke who never aged; his fate tied to the roses that grew in his garden As Megan hears of Lady’s tale she is intrigued to know whether the duke existed or if he is a figment of Lady’s imagination As Megan embarks on unravelling the mystery of the beast a hidden family secret emerges will it shatter her life forever?

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    Thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThis is a short book so my review isn't going to be that long too I liked it I wasn't wow ed but the story wasn't bad either just solid If you like retellings you should read this book you can finish it within 2 hours and read a decent magical story while doing it 😊A longer review can be found at Bite Into BooksThis is a retelling with a magical touch that has you figure out for yourself what you believe Megan's life is thrown around 180 degrees and although I wanted answers and feelings the plot twist is good and I didn't see it comingYou can finish this book uickly so if you like a work of fiction with a sparkle of magic you could easily read this within a day it won't take that much time

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    Sixteen year old Megan wants to be a doctor When she volunteers at a residential home she is tasked with listening to Lady an ancient woman whose mind seems to be fractured telling disjointed fragments of a story about a duke who never aged a duke cursed to have his life tied to the fate of the roses in his gardenIs the Duke real or a figment of Lady's misty imagination? Will the magic mirror reveal the truth? As the mystery unravels Megan learns a hidden family secret that could change her futureContentDrug ContentG sueaky cleanViolenceG There is some emotional and slight physical abuse mentioned There are a couple deaths none graphic or describedLanguageG sueaky cleanAdult ContentPG There is an obliue reference to a young woman alone in a room with a man and leaving the end result to the imagination There is some discussion of periods Christian contentNoneFinal analysisThis was an intriguing little story a modern day retelling of Beauty and the Beast with uite a few changes to mix things up and make it interesting There's mystery than romance though The disjointed visits back in time actually merge well with the modern day high school angst and family interactions between Megan her mum and her little sister Faiza There are some unexpected twists that make the ending particularly interesting i found the winter garden and the roses always in bloom to be enchanting pun intended Decent world building and Megan and Lady seem relatively life like Five Stars I received an electronic copy for an honest review

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    This is a story about a refreshingly sensible young person Megan who wants to be a doctor She gets work experience at a nursing home and is assigned to talk with one of the old people First it gets a star for setting the book between a nursing home and Megan's family life A nice constrast A second star for an interesting mystery about 'The Duke' a figure that it is hinted at is the beast from beauty in the beast I have to give a third star for retelling the beauty and the beast in a contemporary setting part mystery novel part fairy tale So that the story is a story in its own right The other two stars are for the usual way of piecing the story together echoing the use of 'shattered' in the title This is a book for all ages for people who love the fairy tale but also who want to read a refreshing take on a teenagers life Less teen angst and love interests and career focused This is a serious writer and not one who is writing to cater towards popular tastes so I understand why it was published via an ebook The publishing industy is a fool what can I say?

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    Be sure to check out my blog post for this book3 12 RosesLovely ReTellingReTellings are often clever and creative and can be some of the best stories Taking a well known story and painting it in a new light is sometimes the best way to freshen up a classic and give it new life Beauty and the Beast is one of the most famous fairy tales and with the live action film release this year interest in this story seems renewed What could be a better time for a retelling?In this story Megan is a teenage girl with dreams of becoming a doctor She volunteers at a retirement home in hopes of gaining merits to add to her university applications and is assigned to a lady they call Lady who has a remarkable story As she shares her story with Megan we learn about this wonderful fairy tale history that seems too fantastic to be real Meanwhile Megan's life takes a sharp turn with a family secret that twists her past and will change her futureAs a story this one was entertaining I enjoyed the slights and jabs at the modern versions thrown in to give this story realism The idea of this story being told by an older woman was sweet and is a concept I support uite a bit having young people spend time with their elders I loved the fact Megan ignored everyone who told her to dismiss Lady and her fantastic story and treat her as a senile old woman who's simply confused Megan chose to believe her and I think that changed both their lives for the betterWhat I disliked about this book was mainly the structure The scene transitions were confusing and jammed together with no clear breaks As a reader there was no direction as to where we were at in the story aside from chapter breaks I had to re read sections constantly to figure out where the characters were and considering a lot of the book consists of flashbacks in Lady's story it got uite frustrating This is mainly an experience issue and with some re working it could be corrected so the reader is led through the story instead of tripping through paragraphs This was worth removing a full roseAside from that I felt the ending wasn't finished There were basically two stories being told in this book Lady's and Megan's While Megan's story came full circle and had a kind of ending Lady's ending didn't seem clear to me and didn't seem finished It was confusing and I felt as though I was missing a big chunk of her story I removed half a star for this since it was half the story unfinishedOverall I did enjoy this retelling It is definitely rough in some areas but worth the read if you enjoy this style book especially for Beauty and the Beast It's rather short and could be entertaining for a rainy afternoon I am thankful to the author for the opportunity to read and review I was given a complimentary eCopy of this book from the author to read in exchange for an honest reviewRoseDesert Rose Reviews

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    Shattered Roses is a tale I struggled to rate finally settling on 35 stars The reason for my dilemma will soon become clear First off I loved the premise I thought Parfitt brought an interesting take on the classic story and aside from a few minor typos and grammar slips I liked her prose However the book didn't uite work for me because I felt as if we didn't get the full story Both Megan's tale and Lady's on their own would have been worthy of an expanded word count to explore them fully In the limited pages of this tale it was as if something were missing I wanted to know about the characters and felt that too much was skimmed over I would dearly love to see Parfitt expand this maybe even to a short novel to have the time to give us greater detail on both plot lines and to give us longer to connect to the charactersI received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

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    I love fairytale retellings so when I received this review reuest I was incredibly happy I have read several retellings and really enjoyed most of them This one had my hoped pretty highWhile I wouldn't say that this one is my favorite it did turn out to be pretty good It is a short book so it didn't take long to finish at all The fun factor doesn't hurt either so that makes it a uicker readThere is an unexpected plot twist towards the end which makes it an even interesting read There is mystery and a bit of romance that keep you intrigued and wanting to keep those pages turning Not a bad book at allNote I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    An enjoyable read

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    A nuanced beautiful retelling of the classic fairytale through the eyes of a teenager going through a fundamental shift in her life The Beauty character is unexpectedly uirky the Beast as multi layered and complex as you would imagine but best of all is Megan's story and how she changes through the events It's a delight and if anything it felt way too short