pdf Shakespeare for Kids: His Life and Times Nach Margie Blumberg – Papercuts.co

Great fun and a smart way to keep your kids and grandkids involved and growing intellectually and playfully Presents The Life And Works Of Shakespeare And Includes Fun Activities To Introduce Elizabethan Times, Including Making Costumes, Staging Swordplay, Making And Using A Quill Pen, And Binding A Book By Hand Original I bought this book hoping to use it for upper grades middle school aged kids in a homeschool setting I found the book to be informative with regards to the biographical bits, but found little in the way of lesson plans The activities provided are simple Create New Words just what is sounds like Use a pen and paper and invent some new words and didn t provide the depth I was hoping for. use this book in my class often Brilliant Brings Shakespeare to a level that kids can understand easily An excellent purchase.