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Okay, this book was GREAT Especially considering the fact that this gets a whole lot darker andcreepy in paces too Once again, we re following Alec and Seregil as they are commissioned by the Queen to go and bring back her sister, Klia Unfortunately, on their journey the two of them are captured and taken in as slaves, and the rest of the story focuses on their attempts to learn who captured them, trying to find one another, and of course, trying to escapeWhat I liked about this book is that it certainly felt like a turn in the series from a story about love, romance, politics and trickery into a really high stakes game We see the shift of the power when Alec and Seregil are captured, and we get to learn about magics we ve not yet even heard of, let alone seen.One of the other great points is that this book really hones in on some of the most interesting elements from previous books, such as the backstory to Seregil s banishment, and also the true nature of slavery in this world We haven t seen or heard too much about it up to this point, but this book really shows us the crueller parts of the world and the evil masters who haunt the slaver s ports.I have to admit that Alec and Seregil made this book great because their un yielding love for one another and desire to escape and find the other just captured my heart again They honestly have to be one of my all time favourite couples in fantasy I really enjoyed the pacing, story and set up of plot and characters here, once again, so a solid 4.5 s from me for this and I will of course be starting the next book very soon D I mananged to skip the currently reading altogether with this one Only took me six hours, too, which I m sure must be a personal record.The much anticipated fourth installment of the Nightrunners series, Shadows Return is absolutely awesome It picks up a year and a half after the end of Traitor s Moon Alec and Seregil have reestablished their personas as Lord Seregil and Sir Alec, and have rebuilt their inn, appropriately named The Stag and Otter Of course, they ve also reestablished themselves as the nightrunners of choice of the Rhiminee elite However, things aren t going so well for them Seregil has fallen out of favor with many of the nobles of Rhiminee, because of his Aurenfaie heritage, even though Skala is winning the war against Plenimar barely because of Aurenfaie aide Queen Phoria is resentful that Skala needs aide from the faie, and therefore all things Aurenfaie are out of fashion among those trying to curry royal favor She is convinced that Skala is far too dependent on magic, and has disbanded the Watchers, the secretive band of spies Seregil and Alec were part of, simply because they had been under the direction of the Oreska House wizards Further, nightrunning jobs are getting scarce, and Seregil s heart is no longer in it Too much risk for too little purpose as he puts it So, when the opportunity for another mission to Aurenen comes up, Seregil and Alec agree to it While there, they are ambushed and kidnapped by Zengati slavers, under the direction of Ulan i Sathil Ulan is seething over the events of Traitor s Moon, and is seeking revenge on Seregil and Alec As it turns out, because of some unique properties of Alec s mixed Hazadrielfaie human blood, he is a highly valuable commodity in the Plenimaran slave markets, and is sold to a high ranking alchemist Seregil is sold to the same man, although neither of them is aware of the fact I cannot say enough about how excited I am about this book I ve been a fan of Lynn s for years, ever since recieving a recommendation forLuck in the ShadowsSure, as far as plots and settings go, it s nothing new, typical fantasy fare, but Lynn s added her own unique twists Starting with the fact that Seregil is no one s knight in shining armor , and islikely to run or talk his way out of a fight than stand his ground He doesn t have any qualms about killing someone who deserves it, instead of whining about how he s a better person than that, he d be sinking down to their level, blah blah, what crap Not to mention he s a sexy bastard, but I digress And Alec is as sweet as ever, Seregil s redeeming grace Of course, he can still kick ass about as effectively as Seregil he s got a lot to learn yet, but it s clear that their relationship has progressed far from the master apprentice stage and they re working as equal partners now Another thing I like about this series is that I never get the sense that Lynn is moralizing or preaching The fact that the protags are two men in love with each other is just a fact Nothing special The whole society is like that, completely nonjudgmental when it comes to matters of sex And that in it s way is as effective at getting themes of tolerance and acceptance across as when there s a very obvious message such as in Mercedes Lackey s The Last Herald Mage trilogy There s nothing particularly graphic in them, although there is plenty of innuendo and before and after scenes Basically, I have nothing bad to say Shadows Return has all the elements that made it predecessors so great a nice blend of questing, quiet character development, action and romance. Only the last hundred pages earned this one the third star This book fell into the trap that many sequels to even good series which the first Nightrunner books were do, especially ones that take place after the main characters have fallen in love For some reason the author doesn t feel the need to give either of the parties much of a personality characteristic, other than being in love with each other Its like since they don t have to woo each other, or unwittingly fall in love, therefore they don t have to be enticing to each other. which has the unfortunate downside that they are not interesting to me either Instead, the book substituted with rehashing events from books past and melodramatic thoughts and dialogue that made the two protagonists entirely different characters from the ones I remember.I just have a real problem with the idea that people suddenly cease to be themselves when they fall in love, and may have no other opinions or thoughts other than I love you That is not what happens after happily ever after At least I hope it isn t, and if it is, stop trying to sell it to us, writers, moviemakers and song singers of the world, because that should not be something that we should want.However I will admit that both main characters suddenly got interesting again in the last hundred pages of the book, when they suddenly became people again, with conflicting opinions and shades of grey in their thoughts Only then do any interesting questions or ideas come up, or does the reader feel any interest in the outcome Before that, the most interesting character was view spoiler Khenir Ilar, the former enemy lover of one of the protagonists, and he s kind of despicable, if pitiable, in a lot of ways hide spoiler Here s the thing about fandom if someone writes an MPREG slavefic, they label it as such, and you know what you are getting into going in In profic, you sometimes aren t so lucky.You pays your money, you takes your chances, I guess.Here s hoping the next one will be better. Not enjoying this book was painful for me I ve read, and enjoyed, all of Lynn s other published work My copies of the first two novels in the Nightrunner series are dog eared and well loved I was so excited to finally have a new Nightrunner novel to read after so many years, to check in with my friends Alec and Seregil at last.But I didn t want to see them like this, in bondage, separated from each other, angsty I suspect the homunculus child was supposed to be kind of spooky but I just found it corny and laughable The language is spare and lacks the polish and depth of her previous work not her fault apparently the publisher demanded a fairly limited word count Unfortunately, the whole thing reads like fair to middling fanfiction, and I was ultimately so put off by this book that I won t be reading anyentries in the series I d rather remember Alec and Seregil as brave and dashing adventurers, not a couple of helpless prisoners mired in psychosexual melodrama.But hey, at least the cover art is fantastic, for a change An overly grim and somewhat myopic fourth installment to Flewelling s Nightrunner series, in which our intrepid duo are kidnapped, enslaved, poisoned, tortured, humiliated and molestedand that s just the first half Throughout the series Flewelling has solidified such a fine fantasy realm, with such likeable characters, that even sub par installments such as this one are still sufficiently entertaining That said, this book neededair and a lighter touch The enslavement would have worked better as a plot point rather than consuming the entire book Also, the reunion of Seregil and Alec was very underwhelming, given the abuse they had suffered and the amount of time they had spent apart, and their bickering over Ilar seemed trivial in comparison to that suffering Flewelling s introduction of the rhekaro is an intriguing development, but I felt that she relied too heavily on its magical abilities in bringing the story to a close Finally, the many wonderful side characters that Flewelling introduced us to in prior installments were sorely missed for the bulk of this one. With Their Most Treacherous Mission Yet Behind Them, Heroes Seregil And Alec Resume Their Double Life As Dissolute Nobles And Master Spies But In A World Of Rivals And Charmers, Fate Has A Different Plan After Their Victory In Aur Nen, Alec And Seregil Have Returned Home To Rh Minee But With Most Of Their Allies Dead Or Exiled, It Is Difficult For Them To Settle In Hoping For Diversion, They Accept An Assignment That Will Take Them Back To Seregil S Homeland En Route, However, They Are Ambushed And Separated, And Both Are Sold Into Slavery Clinging To Life, Seregil Is Sustained Only By The Hope That Alec Is Alive But It Is Not Alec S Life His Strange Master Wants It Is His Blood For His Unique Lineage Is Capable Of Producing A Rare Treasure, But Only Through A Harrowing Process That Will Test Him Body And Soul And Unwittingly Entangle Him And Seregil In The Realm Of Alchemists And Madmen And An Enigmatic Creature That May Hold Their Very Destiny In Its Inhuman Hands But Will It Prove To Be Savior Or Monster this book is very polarising but to me it was my FAVOURITE of the whole seriescan t wait to get the fifth book and read about how alec and seregil can literally never catch a goddamn breakand ALSO view spoiler if ilar doesn t come back hide spoiler Seregil and Alec are back in Rh minee, but reminders are everywhere that the times have changed Phoria is a much different queen than her mother Idrilain was, and almost everyone else has been affected by the unfolding events of the past three bookstimes are getting darker, and most of the characters are gettingserious and sober Reading this installment, I really miss Nysander Alec and Seregil are tough and can make it on their own, but there isn t quite as much levity.I sighed, a bit, when reading the synopsis for this and found that Seregil and Alec would be sold into slavery in Plenimar I d been curious about Plenimar since the beginning, since the country itself has been in the periphery for the most part As usual, by the time I finished reading the first page, I was hooked, and couldn t put the book down view spoiler The good thing about the slavery bit was that it didn t drag on as long as I feared it would Not that I ever had any doubt for Lynn Flewelling s storytelling or plot shapingI knew it wouldn t be boring or tedious, but I did worry that it would scar our heroes evenAnd it did, of course, but it wasn tthan I could handle I was also relieved that they were kept at the same house in Plenimar and were never really apart for that long I was afraid it would be one of those stories where they were taken to opposite ends of the country and were grubbing around in the mud for years before they found each other again But this is a Lynn Flewelling book, not a Terry Goodkind book, and for that I am immensely grateful Another interesting twist was the addition of the rhekaro, Sebrahn I d been waiting since the last book to find out what Alec s child of no woman was all about, and I knew something like this was coming, but I m still not quite sure how I feel about it Our two heroes regardless of their gender suddenly saddled with a child Sorry, but how can you go on adventures and drag a child along Then of course, as a reader there was a touch of the jealousy I felt in defense of SeregilI was touched and saddened at the same time when Alec took the arrows for Seregil and reaffirmed that if he had to choose between Seregil and Sebrahn, he d choose Seregil hide spoiler I almost gave this one star but pretty much all my complaints about this book are personal preferences so like it s not her fault that she took almost every single trope that I hate and attached them to characters that I like Also for some reason I kept thinking of the last Queen s Thief book 5 while reading this and going well at least it s not as bad at that If there was a 1.5 star option I probably would have taken it though.There s really no way to do this without spoilers so here we go view spoiler Basically I just hate everything about this Main characters are sold into slavery Hate Main characters are separated for 3 4ths of the book Hate One character knows they are actually being held in the same place but the other doesn t Hate Awkward love triangle with past lover Hate Weird pseudo baby introduced to make them a family for future books Haaaaate Granted that may turn out okay because it s not a real child so I m reserving judgement for now, but if all she wanted to do was give them a baby there were surely less annoying ways to write that into the series hide spoiler