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What do I think I think this book is absolutely hilarious Zack took you inside the minds of five men with varying degrees of craziness From lists to who qualifies as a person worth sleeping with to a plan to date women of a different nationalities until the age of 30 these men go through some experiences that I have no doubt happened to men in real life Falling in love with a movie star happens to not only males but females too What makes this fun is Evan s experiences with this Heeb hitting the Jackpot is well worth the read Trevor is certainly not the first man to be fooled but his quest for truth leads to truth about himself Narc, well, you really just have to read the book to experience Narc Carlos, too, is in a category only understood by reading the book So, ladies, go ahead and get this book and see how the men do suffer as much as we do when it comes to finding true love After all, in a city with a over 8 million people how hard is it to find someone who loves you for you Read the book and find out Plus buying the books helps Zack Love buy some bananas. Book Sex in the TitleAuthor Zack LovePublication Date October 20, 2013Type Stand AloneGenre Romance from a Man s POVRating 3 1 2 out of 5 Stars ReviewI liked this book and I found myself chuckling many times throughout the book I loved how the story starts with a set of friends and then switches to another set of friends in order to build up the characters and give us their back story Then through a series of incidents totally irrelevant from the other, one man from each group end up in the ER with the same type of injury to his penis.It was hard for me though to get through some of the story because I found myself unconnected from the characters I m not sure if it was because the story was told from a man s POV or that I never got into the whole Sex in the City story.But again, the story in general was funny and the men took NYC by storm Wrap UpIf want a man s perspective about dating, being dumped, being embarrassed in a bar or just plain emotions about women, then this is a must read for you TALK ABOUT ONE HELL OF A CLEVER READ 5 STARSWhere do I start At the beginning, Dumbass one of my shoulder angels replies And, me being one to tell said shoulder angel to Bite me , decides that I m going to instead start at the end Why Because I LOVED the end Not to mention the fact that I never do as I am told Those of you who follow my reviews know that I m a cliffy hater Cliffys make me perform murderous acts with sharp objects on my pillow Nods head in confirmation It s true And, although Sex in the Title did end on a MINOR cliffy I reaffirm, MINOR , I found myself caressing my pillow instead WTF I know.I think what sets this cliffy apart from most, is that you are left with a feeling of drive and optimism Of wanting to form your own posse and set off on your own Fellowship of the Schlongor Foo FooLove TunnelPenis Fly Trapwhichever way you swing Needless to say, the ending rocked my lacey jocks, affording me a massive Awww swoon moment over Heeb sighs and caresses pillow again Now, moving along to the beginningthe titleand to the rest of this little gem of a book Ha, take that, annoying shoulder angel Sex in the Title is an extremely funny, clever, and witty story that follows the lives of five career driven men These men haphazardly find themselves in the most outrageous situations during their quest for romance.Now, before I continue, I just want to say that I adore the title of this book and its significance to the story Secondly, I think Zack Love deserves an award for Character Development of the Year And, might I add, that I would personally like to present it to him in exchange for my original signed copy of his book Oh yes, LoveI went there The development of every one of his characters was absolutely brilliant With every chapter you read, each character grew in strength Now, let me just clarify that when I say grew in strength I mean in a sense that Zack placed them in situations where you as the reader had no choice but to feel many different emotions toward them What I don t mean when I say that they grew in strength is that they became wiser as each chapter progressed, because technically, they didn t They all seemed to do quite the opposite really, going downhill before picking themselves back up again And boy, did they all go downhill especially Evan.Evanwhat can I say about Evan His journey went from bad to worse Poor Evan, you couldn t help but feel for the guy I mean, he always had good intentions, even when held atblow pointor when performing oral toe arousalon a hookerEvan carefully inserted Brandy s toe into his mouth and began bobbing up and down on her big toe, wondering whether a blowjob was worth a toe job As his head moved up and down on Brandy s toe, he began to concentrate on its somewhat calloused texture, and then noticed that it tasted like a blend of shoe sweat, leather, nail polish, and cheap perfume.After reading that particular Evan fiasco, I became aware that you could both LOL and spew into your own mouth at the same time YUK Oh, and if you think that particular Evan fiasco is bad, wait and see what else happens with said hooker Another character whose journey took many dives throughout the story was, Heeb aka Sammy To say Heeb was a misfit in amongst his group of friends IMO couldn t be far from the truth Because he wasn t Heeb was awesome Awesome and romantically challenged Heeb constantly saw himself as inferior, BUT, that didn t stop him from Kojacking and diving into all situations head first Let me just list some of these situations for you 1 Heeb s short lived career as a live nude model Althoughthere was nothing short during his atttempt at this particular venture.2 Heeb and online dating Or as Mr Love quite aptly put it Back in the early summer of 2000, when Heeb first joined Match.com, those who logged on for love were a slightly geekier, tech savvier crowd who saw the phenomenon as an empowering adventure for the socially awkward rather than as a random new way to meet psycho killers. Did Heeb meet a psycho killer You ll have to read to find out.3 Heeb hitting the Jackpotliterally Massive LMAO scene right there.It wasn t until Heeb met Evan in how can I put this unfortunate and nail BITING circumstances, that his downward spiral took a turn for the better Heaven my collective name for Heeb and Evan were a match made in heaven.Heaven in Heaven Digress much, Golland Anyway, moving on Awesome and highly likeable characters aside, this book is hilarious and laugh out loud funny, however, contrary to popular belief, I don t feel that the hilarity was the main star In my opinion although the humour was exceptional the star of this book was how it was delivered How it was both highly intellectual and entertaining If I m going to be completely honest, I think that what I enjoyed most about this book was that underneath all that witty hilarity, there were passages of philosophical brilliance and thought provoking genius.Example OhokayAny relationship with long term potential has a honeymoon period, however brief, marked by the happy illusion that one s lover might be uniquely perfect This fool s paradise is sustained by the elaborate deception artfully employed in every courtship the diplomatic dodging of difficult issues, the careful concealing of unflattering flaws, and the strategic stressing of charming virtues But as trust increases and each person grows weary of maintaining this initial beguilement, the blissfully blurry lens through which the other is perceived eventually refocuses to a clearer picture.ANDbeing in love can change almost anything from your expectations and limitations to your very life plans It s a completely unpredictable force And how it operates within any particular relationship is a total mystery to anyone outside of that relationship This little gem of a read was so much than just a group of loveable guys, stumbling through life on their fellowship to get laid It was an honest account of how diverse both genders of our race can be and, despite that diversity, that both men and women inevitably strive for the same thing a HEA I LOVED Sex in the Title and HIGHLY recommend it Now Zachcan I please have my signed copy now D Every human relationship begins with a coincidence By contrast, friends and lovers choose each other, but even these choices are reactions to what ever random coincidence made the resulting relationship possible Zack LoveI kind of want to extend my middle finger at Mr Love after reading this, all the while donning a devious smirk As a fellow writer I find myself subconsciously critical of others work What this book did for me was the reason I started telling stories in the first place and reminded me of the grand influence and power of the written word.Let me break it down Picking this up reminded me of sitting on a plane and discovering you quite possibly met the most intriguing person you will ever encounter, and for those brief hours suspended in time, all of the universe is up for discussion with out the usual formalities of social standing.The characters, even in their most shallow moments, are full of soul with the inner distress one feels when they are falling short of living life to the fullest potential and finding that perfect mate.Her Together they commiserate on the unfortunate encounters they experience while scheming ridiculous plans to improve it Woven together with sharp humor and identifiable characters, Sex in the Title is a virtual tour through Urie Brofenbrenners Ecological Systems Theory It cannot be easily summed up, as it spans several genres and does it with such cleverness, you cannot help but be impressed What it boils down to is an incredible read Everyone gets something different out of each story, for me, I felt so many emotions I find it difficult to convey and this review most likely comes across as superfluous ramblings.I can honestly say that this has been one of my favorite all time reads There were so many interesting, funny, and thought provoking points it is impossible to translate into a review and cover them all with the depth they deserve So why the offensive gesture I mentioned at the beginning I know my own writing will now be influenced and there will be this ever present challenge to step up my game Well done. I was so excited reliving the story as I wrote this review hoping I didn t leave anything out This is one of those books when after you ve finished reading and want to rave about it so much, that it s just too difficult to decide, Where to begin Let s start with the author This is Zach Love s very first book and the history with it is that it was written many years ago but is just now publishing it One thing came to mind when I discovered this, We ve been missing out on this for that long This book was ahhhh mazing So many laugh out loud moments, face palming, and any other emotion a reader can undergo when captivated by a brilliant book I absolutely enjoyed the fact that each character who is portrayed through their very own story in this book, are vibrant, fresh and different in their own very way The author accomplishes the effect so well through his ability to be able to transform his style of writing, seamlessly, might I add, into the way the character acts and behaves, whether they have accents or not For example, we have prim and proper male characters in here who love to use big words and then we have this goooofy Asian kid who talks like he s from the hood I think he was my favorite of them all When you are writing about five different characters, I can imagine it s quite an obstacle to be able to shed some light on each individual personality, and lifestylebut Zack Love flawlessly fleshes out every soul in this book First, we have Evan, and ohhh my gosh, his story had me ROLLING with laugher It s seriously so ridiculous the situation he gets himself into near the end of the first chapter that even I cringed It begun when he woke up one day to find an email from his boss stating that he s fired Ah, no big deal right There s other jobs out there and he figures he has enough money to take some time to collect himself and bring along his girlfriend to her dream vacation spot Well as he reaches out to contact her, he finds an email from her stating that he s just not the right guy VIA EMAIL and that she s run off to her dream vacation spot, to live a little Things go downhill from there and Evan begins to realize, maybe it s time he livens up a bit Well, as you see, he s not the luckiest guy in the world, and things tend to only get worse from there in his attempts to turn the table that night on his rampage for a New York City escapade Then, we have funny pair Lucky Chucky and his friend Heeb, Harvard College buddies whose real names are Carlos and Sammy Carlos is the hot Latino guys in which girls swoon over and Sammy is the IT type of nerd who Carlos teaches him to bring his Kojack out to win the girls over This duo is extremely intellectual and plan their wingman tactics wisely they go through some pretty funny predicaments Now we have Narc whom I absolutely love He s abnormally tall for an Asian, standing over six feet tall and quite handsome to boot but ever since a young age, he was determined to break free of the traditional Chinese way of living in which his parents insist of Here and there he will help with the family laundry business, and is quite naturally academically inclined but not ordinarily so He lives for basketball and hangs with the wrong crowd, he s messy and watches a sh t load of porn and drives his roommate This is where Evan is tied in again absolutely bonkers I love Narc for so many reasons, he s hilarious, straight to the point and unique, and his way of speaking is such an oxymoron to his natural born background.All in all, I enjoyed this book for so many reasons it s fun to see up close and personal, the wheels that turn in a males mind when it comes to romance, and no worries about being a female reader and spotting anything offensive Even we all could relate to some of these guys quandaries This book definitely filled me with laugher, gave me insight, and just overall joy The characters become so real and pop right out of the pages, forgetting that you are sitting all cozied reading Another thing I so appreciated was how well of a job the author captured the diversity of NYC, and his love for the City of Dreams shines through. Humorous, well written, just all around a great read I really enjoyed meeting Evan and Heeb and their pals, and reading about their experiences in NYC and beyond Definitely recommend. Here s a question When you see a book with the title Sex In The Title is it just me or do you automatically think, WOW here s a book about sex Ok maybe that could just be me because my mind is like a guy s, and I can make anything about sex but come on It s literally in the title Either way it s a catchy title that had me intrigued, and my finger was clicking fast to see what this book was about I m so happy I did because this book was a refreshing different type of read Told completely from a male s POV, Sex In The Title is set in early 2000 This book is not about sex per say but about finding love, the one you are ultimately meant to be with That alone had me hooked and captivated.Sex In The Title is a story about five men There is Evan whom we meet after not only getting fired via email, but dumped via email by his girlfriend a day later He just ends up going from one catastrophe to another Sammy or Heeb as his friends call him, is a short, chubby, Jewish guy with low self esteem He has a heart of gold and personally I couldn t help but just fall in love with him Trevor who is a gorgeous, black English man who is very pure, sweet and humble Carlos or Luck Chucky as some call him, is also gorgeous but has unrealistic expectations of the perfect woman And last but not least Yi Wang but is known as Narc He s another tall and handsome man His passions are women and basketball His nickname comes because he loves trying the latest narcotics All five men go through major ups and downs individually that ultimately help them to form a collective bond and their posse These situations they go through will have you laughing hysterically one second, cringing the next, sighing in another and getting misty eyed as well Zack brings a fresh over the top perspective on a male s insight into dating It shows that, just like women, men also have insecurities and feelings as well It s good to know that not only women hurt, feel and who will share in our Happy Ever After My final thought ladies I HIGHLY recommend this book It s beyond funny, intelligent and heartwarming You will be left with Heeb isms and Evan isms that will stick with you forever Oh you want to know what they are Well my suggestion, go to and CLICK that finger and start your reading Sex In The Title will have you hysterically laughing and blissfully satisfied WARNING Though most of the guys did get their HEA, some do have a cliffy. MUST READ This review contains NO spoilers.Okay, first let me start by just praising the author of this book, because his writing is completely FLAWLESS for a newbie I read a lot of novels by newbie authors and it s very rare I come across something that flows with ease So Zack well done for that The character descriptions in this novel are amazing, well to be honest the whole of the descriptive writing is Every little detail is described thoroughly.I also love the fact that he hasn t gone for the typical predictable smutty novel, with the usual plain Jane and the dominant male whose loaded Yeah we all love those, I am not dissing those in any way, shape or form I love them as much as the next Mom does However Zack has gone completely polar opposite he s used humor, wit, romance the occasion hot sex scene And let me tell you it completely rock s The only down side to the book is that s I d say you d require a small bit of intelligence to appreciate his style of writing and in no way is that a bad thing.So ladies and some gentlemen I URGE you to go grab your copy of this right now yep I mean like now I mean there s 5 different guys to choose from, there s bound to be your Mr.perfect amongst them Who can resist right Find all of my reviews at upon a time, in a land far far away there lived a girl who wrote one line reviews and was flattered to receive a request from an author to read review a new book for free Once downloaded, the girl immediately forgot about said freebie and continued making her thrice weekly treks to the local crackhouse library stole that from Shelby Months passed and the girl began to poke around on her Kindle only to find this forgotten title She figured it was high time she read it and was instantly reminded why she has since made a policy to say no to author requests Sex in the Title was clearly aspiring to be something great In fact, 85% through the story there s even a reference to said greatness Sadly, this little tale was not so money that it didn t even know it.In Swingers, Trent and his friends are total d bags, but Favreau s timing is so spot on and his characters so over the top that it s instantly forgivable and you still pretty much want to bang them especially Sue Good godamighty Sue The same can t be said for Evan and his friends in Sex in the Title They re just pretty much douchebags and are so one dimensional that it can t be overlooked Kind of like This book was supposed to be a funny take on romance relationships from a male perspective It wasn t The characters were so schmarmy that each chapter left me feeling like I needed to get tested for the clap without even touching them And the humor Sophomoric would be a step up and I m a gal that generally loves some lowbrow humor There s just nothing good I can say about this one New York City, May The Internet Bubble Has Burst And Evan, A Computer Programmer, Is Fired With An Email From His Boss The Next Day, His Girlfriend Dumps Him, Also Via Email Afraid To Check Any Emails, Evan Desperately Seeks A Rebound Romance But The Catastrophes That Ensue Go From Bad To Hilariously Worse Fortunately, Evan Meets Sammy Someone Whose Legendary Disasters With Females Eclipse Even His Own To Reverse Their Fortunes, They Recruit Their Friends Trevor, Yi, And Carlos To Form A Group Of Five Guys Who Take On Manhattan In Pursuit Of Dates, Sex, And Adventure When Evan, A Closet Writer, Falls Desperately In Love With A Hollywood Starlet, He Schemes To Meet Her By Writing A Novel That Will Sweep Her Off Her Feet Sammy Knows Nothing About Publishing But Is Confident Of One Thing Evan S Book Should Have The Word Sex In The Title With Musings About Life, Relationships, And Human Psychology, This Quintessential New York Story About The Search For Happiness Follows Five Men On Their Comical Paths To Trouble, Self Discovery, And Love