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I d probably rate this book a 3.5 stars Yes, it s super cheesy and full of tropes, but I enjoyed it It was a fun and quick read, that reminds me of the kind of books I read in middle school For me, it s one of those genres that I pick up every so often to remind myself why I fell in love with reading.A few times I caught myself laughing at how obviously dated this book is like the MC uses a sidekick, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are still together Also the fact that kids were obsessed with Hilary Duff and Paris Hilton, plus there was absolutely NO mention of the Kardashians that last part was a joke. Little bit of a younger read than I expected for a book about a 16 year old, but the character s struggles are compelling and funI m hoping foras the series goes on. For Fans Of The Princess Diaries And Famous In Love, An Engrossing Look Behind The Velvet Ropes Of Stardom From A Former Teen People Senior Editor Who Has Seen It AllWhat If Your Picture Was Taped Inside Teenage Boys Lockers Across America, Your Closets Were Bursting With Never Worn Designer Clothing, And The Tabloids Constantly Asked Whether You Were Losing Your Good Girl Status It S A Glamorous Life, ButYear Old Kaitlin Burke, Co Star Of One Of The Hottest Shows On TV, Is Exhausted From The Pressures Of Her Fame So She Decides To Spend Two Months Undercover As An Ordinary High School Student But Could It Be That Real Life High School Is Just As Harsh As Cutthroat Hollywood Don T Miss The First Book In The Secrets Of My Hollywood Life Series From Jen Calonita, Author Of The Fairy Tale Reform School Series 2.5 starsI never thought I d be saying this, but I actually prefer the books Lauren Conrad wrote over this I m not a huge fan of those either, but this book was not so good It was predictable, that s my main problem with it I m not really into the whole Hollywood scene, so I probably should have known better, but I was curious, the library had it and 1 1 2 So there you go I probably will NOT read the next book in this series And, I don t recommend it to you unless you are into Movie Stars, high school life, and predictability.I m sorry this is not a real review I just don t feel like wasting anytime on this SPOILER ALERT Secrets Of My Hollywood Life was one of the best books I have read in a long time It was one of those books you just can not put down I finished it in less than a day and could not wait to start the next one I love this author Jen Calonita has written all of my most favorite books In fact, this whole series was so good I could barely put them down I really wish that the series could go on forever until Kaitlin dies and then continue to her children I feel like Jen Calonita pretty much wrote about every girl s dream Being a young, famous, rich, successful, actress with a super cute boyfriend, and connections to everyone from Taylor Swift to President Obama The only bad thing is that the whole thing seems kind of cliche I mean, a movie star, tired of the pressures of fame enrolls into a normal school under a disguise Then in her less than beautiful disguise, the cutest boy in school dumps his popular, cheerleader girlfriend to go out with her At the very end her rival and co star exposes her to the media and whole school Who has heard that before I know I have I do not know about you, but I have heard that story waaaaaayy too many times It just seems overdone.That is why I was reluctant to start the next book Boy, am I glad I did Even though it may be overdone, I still love it Kaitlin lives the life every girl dreams of living What girl would not want to be rich, famous and have a totally cute boyfriend This book is very well written and is definitely my most favorite. Reviewed by Me for TeensReadToo.comSixteen year old Kaitlin Burke has been on the same nighttime soap, Family Affair, for the past twelve years In between interviews, press junkets, trips abroad, and other smaller parts, she s had to deal with a demanding publicist, a mother who seems to be living her own life through that of her daughters, and a growing feud with her co star, Sky Mackenzie Ever since the two girls were cast, at age four, as fraternal twins on the show, Sky has been the bad girl with Kaitlin playing the role of good girl both on screen and off As this season s hiatus nears, Kaitlin realizes that there sto life than being on Teen People s list of hottest young stars, or being number six on Entertainment Weekly s It List Sure, there s an audition for a new movie by hot director Hutch Adams that she d love to land, but she s also supremely tired Working nearly nonstop for twelve years has taken its toll So Kaitlin has come up with the perfect plan to take a break over hiatus she ll attend Clark Hall as regular student Rachel Rogers, a girl from London visiting the U.S for two months Everything is going along according to plan Although the principal of Clark Hall and her fellow student and friend Liz know her true identity, no one else has a clue that plain, studious Rachel is really Kaitlin from one of the most popular shows on television As Rachel settles into normal teen life, signing up to be on the boring dance committee and indulging in her love of math, she feels for the first time like a regular teen And when she meets Austin, a guy unlike every Hollywood celebrity she s ever met, she knows she might be falling in love But as rumors start to swirl in the tabloids and as her double life is threatened by exposure, Kaitlin will have to learn what s really important in life true friends, whether they know her as Kaitlin or Rachel the belief in herself as an actress and the blessing and curse that is the media SECRETS OF MY HOLLYWOOD LIFE is a quick, entertaining read that sheds new light on what it means to be a celebrity Not everything is as great as Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, or Nicole Richie would like us to believe, but it sure is filled with excitement 3.5 stars I totally remember why I loved books like these, and now that love has turned into a weird fascination with how different contemporary romances were circa 2007 I read the first few books in the series back as they were published and lost track once high school ended I ll definitely be continuing on for the nostalgic feels But, as far as the book is concerned I read this in a couple hours tonight and really enjoyed it until the end The cheesiness and cliches definitely got to me a bit Just overly predictable and eye rolly Also, her family is terrible They all use her and steal her success to make it their own, yet she says they always have her back I just don t see that quite yet I m also really glad I have such a terrible bookish memory because I seriously felt like I haven t even read this before as I was reading LOL I have to say, Jen Calonita s book impressed me From the first chapter to the last, I could not put it down I really did want to know what happened to Kaitlin And the way Calonita introduced Austin into the story was simply marvelous I wasn t sure if I was meant to love him or hate him It was wonderful It is actually kind of hilarious to read the inside life of a celebrity Sure, it isn t an actual celebrity, but Calonita does a wonderful job making Kaitlin seem like a big star I will definitely get the next books in The Secrets of My Hollywood Life series They all look super fun and full of drama, which I love I would give this book four stars Title The Secrets of My Hollywood LifeAuthor Jen CalonitaAuthor s Website This review was written with my own opinions and words 3.5 What ifYour picture was taped inside teenage boys lockers across America, your closets were bursting with never worn designer clothing, and the tabloids constantly asked whether you were losing your good girl status Would you still consider yourself sane Of course not Allow me the pleasure to introduce to you Kaitlin Burke, 16 year old soap opera star and one of Hollywood s and America s favorite teens Kaitlin is a star on the soap opera Family Affair and gets to live the glamorous life of a Hollywood actress..with a few catches Her mother is constantly worried about her daughter s appearance Her little brother is always trying to use Kaitlin s status to get an acting gig he got on my nerves managers shudders stylists makeup artists trailing you to make sure you look perfect 24 7 body guards tutors celerity feuds I ll come back to this one in a minute As their soap opera s hiatus approaches, Kaitlin decides she wants a small break from Hollywood It took a little bit of convincing, but her mother and managers agreed to the plan Kaitlin would disguise herself as Rachel from Britain and attend her best friend, Liz s, high school for a short while And now, allow me the displeasure of introducing Sky Mackenzie, one of Kaitlin s costars on Family Affair How do I describe Sky Sky is one of those characters you want to throw into Dante s ninth circle of hell She is one of those rich, annoying, selfish, egocentric teenage brats whose qualities are magnified a zillion times by the fact that she is a Hollywood star It s not like she needs anything to feed her ego It s already through the roof.I hated her The only reason she had to hate Kaitlin was jealousy, which seems to fuel many issues, unfortunately.Liz was a decent character.Kaitlin was meh.You know who else was Meh Austin A fairly generic boy character Jock who dated the school Queen Bee Then Kaitlin as Rachel showed up Though, I did like how their relationship wasn t overdone, I didn t feel it was necessary Not every book needs a romance Then again, I m a sucker for celebrities royalty falling for normal people I think manycelebrities out their could find true love if they didn t feel pressured to date hook up with fellow glamorous people You said that you didn t understand how a movie star could fall for a regular guy But being a movie star is just my job The real me, the girl you met, wants to have a life like everybody else What a boring cover Seriously, just look at that monstrosity Secrets of My Hollywood Life was fun and quick A little boring and irritating at times, but I still had fun reading it Would I recommend it Sure, why not D REVIEWSo, you think the life of a famous teen actress is a dream come true Think again For Kaitlin Burke, living that dream is great, but all she really wants is to try out life as a typical teen Kaitlin is one sneaky girl She manages to fool an entire school when she enrolls as Rachel Rogers a British transfer student Seeing that she could pull this off, it was no wonder that she was a famous actress She could win an Academy Award for the party scene One of the things that I really loved was that Kaitlin still kept her personality when she was Rachel She stayed true to herself Jen Calonita did a great job of melding both girls into one.The cast of supporting characters was very entertaining There s Liz best friend and partner in being sneaky , Sky Mackenzie scheming co star , Austin cute boy at school , and Kaitlin s mom overpowering and bossy.Cute and fun, I recommend this book to anyone who wants a glimpse into the Hollywood lifestyle RATING4 Plot5 Characters4 Attention Grabbing4 Girlie Meter4 Ending21 TOTAL5 STARS