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Genet Beckett Burroughs Miller Ionesco, E, Duras Harold Pinter And Tom Stoppard Hubert Selby Jr And John Rechy The Legendary Film I Am Curious YellowThe Books That Assaulted The Fort Of Propriety That Was The United States In The S And S, Lady Chatterley S Lover And The Tropic Of Cancer The Evergreen Review Victorian Erotica The Autobiography Of Malcolm X A Bombing, A Sit In, And A Near Fistfight With Norman Mailer The Common Thread Between These Disparate Elements, A Number Of Which Reshaped Modern Culture, Was Barney RossetRosset Was The Antidote To The Trope Of The Gentleman Publisher Personified By Other Pioneering Figures Of The Industry Such As Alfred A Knopf, Bennett Cerf And James Laughlin If Barney Saw A Crowd Heading One Way He Looked The Other If He Knew Something Was Forbidden, He Regarded It As A Plus Unsurprisingly, Financial Ruin, Along With The Highs And Lows Of Critical Reception, Marked His Career But His Unswerving Dedication To Publishing What He Wanted Made Him One Of The Most Influential Publishers EverRosset Began Work On His Autobiography A Decade Before His Death In , And Several Publishers And A Number Of Editors Worked With Him On The Project Now, At Last, In His Own Words, We Have A Portrait Of The Man Who Reshaped How We Think About Language, Literature And Sex Here Are The Stories Behind The Filming Of Norman Mailer S Maidstone And Samuel Beckett S Film The Battles With The US Government Over Tropic Of Cancer And Much Else The Search For Che S Diaries His Romance With The Expressionist Painter Joan Mitchell, AndAt Times Appalling, Often Inspiring, Never Boring Or Conventional This Is Barney Rosset, Uncensored

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    A decent enough memoir by one of the great publishers in English Where would I be without Grove Press I do have a thing about books on publishing There is not one book that I can walk by that is not about publishing or being a publisher I think I read them all Although Barney Rosset is my favorite among the publishers, this is only very good in parts The chapter on Samuel Beckett is great, and his relationship with Olympia s equally great publisher, Maurice Girodias, is also fascinating What slows the book down are the chapters regarding his various battles against censorship which mind you, were important battles yet, legal arguments are legal arguments and not great literature Rosset writes beautifully, yet this book is really the work of someone who edited the manuscript Russet never finished the memoir, and it seemed when he was alive, he couldn t finish the book Or he didn t want to finish it Nevertheless, I m happy that the memoir exists It is an important voice in publishing history and although not a great work of art, it is still of great importance.

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    I was quite entertained by this book, but I wish it had been better constructed Rosset died in 2012, and this book is constructed from an unfinished autobiography In the early chapters, it feels like a standard biography here s what happened, here s who I knew and who I was in love with, etc But once he starts Grove Press, each chapter is about a specific Grove author or incident particularly his censorship battles over Lady Chatterley s Lover and Tropic of Cancer We read quite a lot about his first marriage to the great painter Joan Mitchell, but his subsequent wives and lovers are mentioned mostly in passing, as are his children It was also hard to figure out when different events happened Thankfully there is a timeline appendix But these are cavils because Rosset is an incredibly entertaining book If one is interested in American publishing, world literature, American cultural history especially of the 50s and 60s , there is much here of interest.

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    I won this book via Goodreads First Reads Giveaway I received a paperback copy.

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    Rating 5 of five ReadingIsResistance to the sense of powerlessness to the bullying, harassing, overbearing tinpot tyrants of all history My review of BarneyRosset s shining example of always resisting the coercions of power, the diktats of faceless bureaucrats, the dumbing down of the culture is neede now than ever He never stopped until he stopped forever Resist.

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    great book

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    Rosset gives you the highlights of his young life and then right into the world of publishing and fighting the censors And while many of the books he published are personal faves, and his cause is of course just, I m always amazed that the question that most attacks my mind about obscenity never comes up He does have a few good one liners like telling the jury that if their kids were to read a Henry Miller novel all the way through they should be proud, I m still not understanding why people are so afraid of potentially arousing material It seldom truly is And DH Lawrence nor H Miller never wrote anything I didn t hear in ferocious and crude terms from several bosses I ve worked for throughout my life Anyway this read is entertaining and light, each of the chapters could easily have been expanded into a serious book study on the topic Especially the Che Guevara, and his troubles with internal strife in the company leading up to the possible worker union at Grove That material that was almost too light In the end Grove press lost millions over all, but thanks to Rosset and others we never have to really think about the kind of censorship that was commonplace around the time of my birth Rosset also isn t too prideful to not include some sharp criticisms of his own behavior I always like someone who can self deprecate.