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According To Legend, Will Cody Later Known As America S Greatest Showman, Buffalo Bill Rode For The Pony Express At The Age Of Fifteen His Most Famous Ride, Recounted In This Lyrical Verse Story, CoveredMiles, RequiredHorses, And Took OverHours To Complete

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    In a rhyming story, Caroline Starr Rose has written the rip roaring story of the legendary Bill Cody who rode for the Pony Express in his teens, and it is told that he met a challenge one time out of need He supposedly rode 21 horses in 21 hours and forty minutes straight Joe Lillinton s illustrations fill the pages with never ending energy as young Bill Cody, later known as Buffalo Bill, rode and rode again The rule was that the riders changed rides at certain stations, but Bill got to the stations this time only to find there was no rider ready, so he changed horses often Trade a Morgan for a Pinto, Bronco for a Thoroughbred Racing, flying, ever riding, hurry, hurry on ahead The book will be great for anyone studying western history, Buffalo Bill or other western figures There s a great added piece from the author at the end.

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    Participating in classroombookaday, I am constantly hunting for picture books to share with students from a variety of genres therefore, I jumped at the opportunity to read and review Caroline Starr Rose s new historical fiction picture book Ride On Will Cody.Written in lyrical verse, Caroline Starr Rose beautifully tells the legend of young Will Cody who later gained notoriety as folk hero and Wild West showman, Buffalo Bill Her precise choice of words perfectly captures the extreme weather conditions and harsh terrain that Pony Express riders faced on their daily routes Joe Lillington s illustrations support the text by dramatically depicting the riders arduous journey.At the end of the book, the author shares historical research about the Pony Express and Will Cody As a teacher, I appreciate that students can read facts and gain a better knowledge of America expansion I received a copy of Ride On Will Cody from the author in exchange for our honest review.

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    4.5 stars We get grabby hands whenever there s a new Caroline Starr Rose book whose books are automatic must buys in our house , and we were so excited to get a look at this book Caroline s historical fiction is always well researched and soaked in imagery and lovely language She s able to amp up the tension and keep readers interested in a full story arc in so few words We also always love when an author s note inspires us to bring out the maps and trace a journey My kids also loved the colorful, entrancing illustrations, especially the page spread with all the horses Will Cody used.

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    This is an adorable picture book for all ages A poetic adventure that keeps you hooked There is a great info page at the end that helps you understand what the Pony Express was like A must read

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    Lively and colorful text matched with equally lively and colorful illustrations bring to life young Will Cody s legendary ride for the Pony Express Rose s end note provides excellent additional information for both the Pony Express and Buffalo Bill.

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    Simple picture book about the pony express perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and beyond Great illustrations, very exciting

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    This story is inspired by the legend of Will Cody and the Pony Express Will Cody is also known as Buffalo Bill.

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    great story with adorable art The history at the back it good too.

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    A rhyming ride across many, many miles, Will Cody the younger version of Buffalo Bill delivers the mail in the Pony Express Interesting backmatter

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    It was ok, but it is in rhyme