Rice Cooker Revenge Kami No Sekai Short Story Series 1

It sits there on the counter quiet and contemplative Who knew rice cookers could be so vengeful?Ryu must decide whether to stay or leave The Chef’s kitchen so he turns to an unlikely ally for help Shhh Listen To The Gods The Japanese believe the gods live in all things Trees appliances animals buildings — they all have a spirit living within them Maybe if you listen carefully you can hear them too

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    I received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewSJ Pajonas is one of my favourite authors and when I got the chance to read and review this book the first in her new short story series I dived into it as soon as possible I easily read this in one sitting and it was such a fun book It left a smile on my face and I am eager for the next book in this seriesIt is very different from Pajonas her other books while still being a typical Pajonas book if that makes sense? It's different in subject but the style and originality is the same Rice Cooker Revenge is about a rice cooker and a boy named Ryu who both work for The Chef Neither of them really like the Chef and they grow friends and devise a plan for revenge It was a fun and uplifting story It isn't long but it's long enough There's a begin a problem and an ending and that all without it feeling rushed It was the perfect length and while I often enjoy books this one made me happy which is rareOne of the things I like most is that we get not only Ryu's point of view but also that of the Rice Cooker and the Rice Cooker has it's own personality After finishing this book I wish I had my own talking Rice Cooker Ryu isn't in the best situation he lives with his brother and hardly makes enough money to eat every day He loves working in the kitchen and I easily related to Ryu as I love cooking myself as well He works hard but still doesn't get any recognizion from the Chef while he has some great ideas and a good work ethic Oh and this book really made me crave some tempura as they work in a tempura restaurantI had expected a bit world building about these spirits that live in things but there wasn't any of that And to be honest I didn't miss it for once it was enough just to know that there was a personality in the Rice Cooker and as nothing in the book explained it it just made sense that it was the way it was without me questioning anythingTo conclude I loved this little short story about the revengeful Rice Cooker It is fun and put a smile on my face it's one of those books that made me happy just because it's such a fun book Both the Rice Cooker and Ryu are interesting characters and I liked following their story and seeing them become friends It thought it was fun we got the perspective of the Rice Cooker as well And I can't wait to read the next short stories in this series