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10 thoughts on “Revel

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    I am a long-time fan of @indemaio on Twitter, so I was excited to see what he would be able to do in book form. What I found was a compelling mix of pithy, funny poems and short moving poems, like I knew from his Twitter feed, and longer expositive pieces that were real, raw, and visceral.

    The theme of love runs through the book, with occasional detours into pain and loss. The kind of love Indemaio is writing about is something that I've felt, but which I suspect many readers will find foreign. There is truth in this writing that requires faith on the part of the reader, particularly the young reader who has not yet had the opportunity to feel the kind of all-consuming love being explored.

    While you can probably read the entire book in just an hour, you will find that it takes days or weeks, because even the short poems invite study. Reading and re-reading. I hope it will be okay with the author if I quote just one short poem in this review, because it uniquely captures the kind of thought found throughout the volume:

    I'll Never Be the Same

    Since you left
    I sleep

    on your side of the bed.

    feeling like it's me
    who has disappeared.

    Think about that. First, there's the simple reality of it. Sleeping on the side of the bed where your lover is supposed to be. I've done that. You've done that. But now visualize it, and look at your side of the bed, and there is the absence. So it is you that is missing. And isn't that so true? That when you are in love and have lost yourself in another person, that person's absence takes away part, maybe all, of who you have become. Brilliant, poignant, and true.

    In a nutshell, that's what this anthology is—brilliant, poignant, and true.

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    Revel is a beautiful and wonderful works of poetry from Michael Indemaio. I bought this book because like three months ago I found excellent & profound quotes and short poems from twitter. So I started following @indemaio. I swear this author is a true poet that knows who to express the human feeling in a splendid and touching way thru his prose/words that he creates. I truly loved this book & all its poems.

    I would recommend this book to anyone. Especially is you love poetry. Michael Indemaio is worth reading and his words will take you away. I rate it more than 5 stars. Kudos to Michael Indemaio! =)

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    I fell in love with this book of poetry! Michael's usage of words on how he describes life and love were so simply put together in such beautiful rhyme and rhythm. His images were clear and concise where it felt as if you were there. The picture Michael paints of love with use words was inspiring and beautiful, even the darkest souls could find hope in his work that love is for everyone. I adored the way he choose to depict the good, the bad and the ugly and turned it all into sincere beauty of life.

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    Michael Indemaio's prose may be simple but they capture exactly what it means to be human- and there is something exceptionally beautiful about that.

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    I'm not a huge poetry person, but I just had to read this book after hearing my friends talking a lot about it and admire this book. It didn't disappoint in anyway. The poetry in this book is so beautiful and touch my heart that I kept going back to reread my favorites. Revel by Michael Indemaio is for those people who love poetry and also this book is a very good reason to love poetry because it is a genius work of the mind and heart. I strongly recommend absolutely everyone to read Revel at least once!