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Picking up the story after REVEALED Part One Mark Sakai must now complete his mission to bring Sanaa Griffin into his employ All the plans are in place and he just has to execute them but he’s paralyzed with indecision and regrets While Sakai tries to continue with his job despite his own cowardice Jiro relives his past failures and watches his brother succeed without him He didn’t think his life could get any depressing until his father surprises him with a new student But not just any student REVEALED is a collection of companion short stories to REMOVED Book ONE of the Nogiku Series Read REVEALED first or read it later but don’t miss this look into the other side of Sanaa’s story Approximately 15000 words Five chapters

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    I received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewI really enjoyed this second shot story in the Nogiku series Just like Revealed Oart One this one is told from both Mark and Jiro their point of view We see another side of the story then in Removed and it was so much fun to learn about Jiro and Mark I especially liked learning about Mark and Lucy their relationship and how it started as there is less focus on that in Released and RemovedThere where some flashbacks which confused me a few times when I thought they where still in the past while in fact they where in the present or the other way around But overal this story was quick and fun read I am looking forward to read the restTo conclude This was a fun and quick short story which gives us insight in Jiro and Mark and show their perspective during some events in Removed