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Meeting Sanaa Griffin in the dōjō is not the kind of first date Jiro had in mind In fact teaching her to sword fight is like a cruel joke He’s told not to get involved He’s told to instruct her and make her fight but that’s it No flirting no dating and keep it business Though she’s small and nervous Sanaa surprises him when he puts her to work and a slight but cautious friendship develops between the two Who is Sanaa really and why is Jiro expected to train her when he has so many other things he should be doing? Where does she stand in his life as lover friend or enemy?REVEALED is a collection of companion short stories to REMOVED Book ONE of the Nogiku Series Read REVEALED first or read it later but don’t miss this look into the other side of Sanaa’s storyApproximately 13000 words Five chapters

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    I received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewI think this might be my favourite Revealed book so far Jiro and Sanaa get to interact with each other in the dojo and it was interesting to see Jiro's point of view He's struggling with being Sanaa her teacher but actually wants and Mark has forbidden him to do It also showed how much Jiro is kept into the dark as well until the end I really liked seeing these scenes from Jiro his point of view as it really explains his behaviour It suddenly makes sense why he's so standoffish at first and why he's angry I also started to like seeing things from his point of view in this book and it was fun to see how he sees SanaaAlso it's been a while ago since I read Removed so it's almost like reading the book again but with a twist With how this novella ends I am really looking forward to the next one as I know what's going to happen next and am curious to see Jiro's point of view of it and how he experiences it To conclude I really enjoyed this novella it explains even of Jiro's behaviour now we see his point of view and I think his side really ads to the story and it's been a while since I read Removed so it doesn't feel repetitive at all I am looking forward to the next Revealed book