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Get immersed in the Nogiku world with Jiro Itō as he gets ready for a boring and annoying New Year’s Eve out in Nishikyō At least that’s what he expects his night to be like Jiro would rather drink with the geisha all evening and avoid taking anyone home but he has family business to attend to instead When the family business leads to an unfamiliar restaurant Jiro spies Sanaa Griffin smiling at him from across the room and his night turns around But Mark Sakai his uncle is not pleased with Jiro’s flirtations Mark has worked hard for over a decade to get Sanaa into position for her new life and he can’t have Jiro interfering Will a stern warning be enough to keep them apart?PART ONE of REVEALED is a companion short story to REMOVED Book ONE of the Nogiku Series The first chapter of REMOVED is included at the end of PART ONE Read REVEALED first or read it later but don’t miss this look into the other side of Sanaa’s storyApproximately 10000 words

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    Actual Rating 35 StarsI liked knowing what was happening before Jiro and Sanaa finally met It was refreshing to know Jiro's side of the fence as well as Mark Sakai's perspective before introducing himself to SanaaFull review to come