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Can she piece together the truth before Earth’s last city tears itself apart?It’s easy for Sanaa to ignore the first signs of trouble After all she’s living her dream with a job and life she loves But when she’s reassigned as a data analyst for a mysterious well connected man she starts to piece together the alarming reality Corrupt clans vie for control of the city desperate for a ticket off the dying planetAs war looms between the clans Sanaa’s new boss sends her to train with Jiro an expert swordsman Forbidden to share the dangerous secrets she’s learned with her family she confides in Jiro bringing them closer with every word strike and parry Together they realize that Sanaa’s boss is keeping secrets of his ownWhen the truth comes to light the war and Sanaa’s world could be changed forever To save her family and forge a new peace for her city Sanaa has no choice but to risk her life for the human raceRemoved is the first installment in the Nogiku Series a saga of post apocalyptic sci fi novels set in future Japan If you like tenacious heroines sizzling chemistry and unique post apoc settings then you’ll love S J Pajonas’ dystopian adventure

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    Earlier this year I was introduced to SJ Pajonas through Crash Land on Kurai the first book in the Hikoboshi series Knowing it was a spinoff of the Nogiku series I was somewhat tentative to dive into the story I feared I would not understand the story without having first read the Nogiku series This fear proved to be unfounded – Crash Land on Kurai was a wonderful read in and of itself – but I was still left wanting to read the Nogiku series There were comments and references made that left me curious to see how the series played out – not to mention the series sounded wonderfulThus I was eager to give Removed a read It sounded like a wonderful read and I couldn’t wait to get those answers I was hoping to receive before I continued through the Hikoboshi series A dystopian society based around Japanese cultures – it goes without saying that I was interested in finding out and that I wanted to fill in those blanksIf the truth is to be known I didn’t enjoy this one quite as much as I enjoyed Crash Land on Kurai Both were brilliant books but they had rather different tones Having read Crash Land on Kurai I was expecting something different from this one It is not that this book is bad – so very far from it – I simply believe I would have appreciated it had I not read Crash Land on Kurai first For those who have read the Nogiku series however I would certainly suggest going on to read the Hikoboshi series – it is promising to be even wonderful than what the Nogiku series is promising to beNevertheless as I said this book was a great read It took me a few chapters before I was really pulled into this story but once the ball was rolling it was extremely difficult to put down So much happened throughout this one so many things were revealed I could mention so many of the individual plot lines but I would have no idea where to start – so much grabbed my attention so much left me excited for There really are so many layers to this story leaving you with very high expectations for the rest of the series Do I believe the rest of the series will hold up? Hell yeah I do The way this one ends promises so many wonderful things many new twists and turns It’s not just the expectations from Crash Land on Kurai that have me saying this – Removed really does leave you with the belief this series is going placesWithout a doubt I fell in love with the storyline and characters Already I’ve been telling other people to pick up the book needing people to join me in my enjoyment Without a doubt I’m diving into book two I need of this world I need to see how things play outAfter just two books I’m positive SJ Pajonas is going to be one of those authors whose books I make a crazy grab for whenever I can Put simply – I’m hooked