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The war is just beginning on YūseiOn the road and gaining ground against Fujiwara Sanaa and her team find the local population hesitant to accept them Charm and bribes can only get the colonists so far and no matter what Sanaa does she is not welcomed amongst the men and women of Yūsei When Sanaa is denied help again she reaches out to a Northern clan the Odas and bargains for a secret technology that will give her an incredible advantage but comes at a steep priceBeing on the road means leaving Yamato undefended though and when enemies strike they leave everything in chaos With Sanaa and Jiro sacrificing all their time and effort to keeping their home secure they both must give up nearly everything to save the colonization their future together and reclaim Yūsei for its peopleFamily lines collide secrets are finally spoken and the freedom of Yūsei is in the hands of one woman determined to find equality and justice for everyone on the planetReclaimed is the fourth installment in the Nogiku Series a saga of post apocalyptic sci fi novels set in future Japan

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    I received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewI love Pajonas her Nogiku series and I was both excited and sad because this book is the last book in this series I love Pajonas her writing style and the slow pace really fits this story In Reclaimed Sanaa is trying to find allies but it isn't easy This book really is a struggle for her Sanaa loses so much and gains only a little although a few very important things My favourite aspect of this book were the animals there's a twist involving the animals which I loved It felt a bit like the series took a different direction with that but there were already some clues in the previous books I just never had expected thisOne of the things that troubled me a bit in this book was my lack of remembering names and the lack of having a map of the country next to me I am pretty bad with remembering names and it seems even worse when reading books with lots of side characters then names all sort of start blurring together and I had a lot of trouble keeping some side characters apart It didn't help there are two clan related people who's name both start with an M and half the time I couldn't remember who was who just that they belonged to a clan That was enough to follow the plot but it felt like I was missing pieces as I read the previous books so long ago Also there is a map of Yusei and make sure to look it up before you start this book Halfway I had enough and picked up my copy of book 3 and looked up the map so I could get my bearings There were some scenes where I lost track of where they are and in my opinion the map is absolutely necessary to keep track of where is whom and how everything is located in comparison to everything elseThis book is a lot about the characters and maybe even so than the previous books I actually liked Sanaa less in this book and on the other hand felt really sorry for her She goes through so much in this book and it was just hard to see her struggle It was too much at times and I just wish she would get a break as I got tired from her never sleeping or eating well I just wanted to cook for her and force her to eat as she was breaking her own body Pajonas also shows how that impacts her and she feels the effect of the bad eating and sleeping which I was happy with as it was realistic I've read a few books where the characters keep going on even though the should be falling apart so I was happy that wans't the cae here I just felt like it was a bit too much at times I wanted to have some happy moments as well but those are rare There is so much sadness and hardship in her life it just doesn't seem fairEven though it's the last book in the series there are a lot of new characters we meet My favourites where some of the animals the owl was so adorable and one of my favourite new animals in this book Then there are some new characters who end up playing a big role and some surprising twists where some characters are involved There are also some unfortunate turns with some characters which made me really sad everyone loses so much The whole book felt a bit sad due to Sanaa but also do to the events that happen There were some fun scenes but mostly I just felt bad for Sanaa or sad She sacrifices so much for this country and her people and she get's so little back She sacrificed almost everything she has and the ending felt a bit unsatisfactory as I felt like she still didn't get the ending she deserved She was still trapped but on the other hand I did like how realistic it was not all her problems are solved in one day Although it also leaves a few too many open threads but the main plot get's resolved Also a certain scene at the ending felt a bit too easy it still felt like it went a little too easy and like they didn't really need the help they were looking for It just felt a bit silly looking back that so many of the book focusses on one thing and in the end it seems like it doesn't matter ofcourse the characters don't know that but it just felt a bit off And I just missed the emotional bang at the end but maybe that's just me There was an epilogue but it doesn't really show us how things are now 3 years later it only shows one individual scene I guess I just wanted to see where things are heading? The ending is very realistic and that's also one thing I liked everything isn't neatly wrapped up and not everyone get's their happy ending The ending did fit the storyThe romance always has been one of my favourite aspects of this series and I loved that in this book as well I felt a bit sad that Jiro didn't pay attention to Sanaa at the beginning and didn't realize what she was going through but she did hide it well Their connection is strong and while the romance is pretty on the back burning there are still some very sweet scenes and I just love this couple They deserve so much than what they get from the world I also like how Jiro keeps standing beside Sanaa even when everything goes wrong and the odds are stacked against them he stays at her side I just loved that and what they have together is so preciousThere are some things added in terms of world building mostly related to the animals and the new city they visit in this books It helps build Yusei and gives us a complete picture of this continent and the people who live here There was also some focus on how the different people saw Sanaa her grandfather and Fujiwara I thought it was great that even the last book in the series still adds new things to the worldTo conclude I loved this book and it is a good ending but I just hoped for something concerning the ending Sanaa goes through a lot in this book it's hard to see at times and she ends up sacrificing so much I hardly recognize her when I remember her in the first book This book has a lot of sad events loses and changes that hit the characters hard It was a a bit depressing at times but there were also some happy moments I just wished for of those Sanaa and Jiro their relationship was great and I love how the stand strong together I just hoped for for them they deserve I had some trouble remembering who was who at times because it's been awhile since I read the previous books and made sure you have the map close by when reading this book There was a twists with the animals that I loved and it added an interesting perspective All in all I really enjoyed this book but I had hoped for a happier ending even though this is a good ending and staying true to the world and realistic at the same time I just hoped for for these characters as they deserve Most things were too hard but things at the end seemed a bit too easy This is a great series and I would recommend it to everyone who loves a good sci fi book with some romance thrown in that doesn't take over the plot but is one of my favourite aspects of the book