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Amazing E Book, Raven S Shadow Author Patricia Briggs This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Raven S Shadow, Essay By Patricia Briggs Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Seraph is a Raven mage and among the last of the Travelers Unwelcome among those who fear magic, the wizard clans have been decimated by the very people they ve sworn to protect But Seraph is spared a similar fate by the ex soldier Tier and together they build a life where she is no longer burdened by her people s responsibility.But now Tier is missing or dead and Seraph s reprieve from her duty is over Several years ago I read the first book in Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson series and I was hooked I immediately looked up other books by the author I went on to read each of the Mercy Thompson books, the Alpha and Omega series, and the Hurog duology, but somehow this one got buried deep under my to read pile I always intended to read it, but there was always something else that I needed to read first I am happy to say that I finally moved this book to the top of the stack and I m so glad I did This is one of the few high fantasy stories that Briggs wrote and I loved it I thought it was really refreshing that it features a whole family who works together and is devoted to each other I did have some reservations at first I wasn t sure about it when there was a twenty year time gap in the story I was afraid we had missed out on a lot of character development and story, but it ended up working out just fine, and those details were woven into the story I loved every one of the characters in this book and I m looking forward to reading the second book soon.Review also posted at Writings of a Reader This series is engrossing and heartwarming featuring middle aged Seraph and Tier, and their three adorable gifted kids A good duology for teens and adults who like character driven fantasy Not urban fantasy More like old world fantasy One heartwarming family of farmers and their friends take on The Path and The Shadowed, an ber evil human who feeds on pain and death It s told in 3rd person, and beautifully narrated by Jennifer James Bradshaw.Main protagonists A family of farmers with secret gifts They are the bird named Travelers gifted with special abilities by the two gods, the destroying Stalker and the creating Weaver Family members Seraph a mage Raven married to Tier the Owl, about ten years older than her, having served 9 years in the imperial army, he s a lie detector bard with gifts of music, memory, and charisma Their eldest son Jes, age 20, the guardian Eagle, an empathic warrior who shape shifts into a wolf, jaguar, etc , second son Lehr, age 17, the Falcon and 10 year old daughter Rinnie, the Cormorant Then there is another Raven mage who joins the family to defeat the enemy Henayah sp Her story unfolds slowly across both books.There is also an emperor, young, spoiled, and bored, but growing in courage and wisdom every day I loved how Briggs developed Phoran, the 27th emperor A forgetful beautiful Raven, an old healer named Brewydd, a courageous prostitute, a horse named Skew, a dog named Gurrah, and a few good men, young and old Good gender and age range.Contents No sex scenes Little or no swearing, if any Some violence and black magic, but not excessive, and it didn t feel too scary or too realistically painful It s mostly wizardly fantasy, but there are two sweet romantic relationships Nothing graphic or explicit.My only quibbles are minor and spoilers, so I will just say the beginning was a bit choppy in terms of POV shift, and it felt slow once or twice, when Briggs lost the feel of the storyline by explaining how the magic worked It starts a little slowly, too The sequel is even better than this one.I think this series is one of Briggs s best What a happy surprise It beats the Mercy series in terms of plot cohesion, characterization, and originality, even though I love Mercy, Adam, et al I also read the sequel, Raven s Strike So good I love these characters How about writing another, please Same characters Superb narration by Jennifer James Bradshaw I place her in my top tier of narrators Wow Audio Excellent narration An enjoyable read, a bit long winded and too slow at times The story unfolds slowly, after much character and world development It was not like her recent books, but there is a sense of her greatness in this book Half way through I wasn t interested enough to even consider reading book 2, but know I feel I must I really need to know where that dark figure went and what will become of these fabulous characters. Halfway through, I m surprised by this book It felt like it was going to head one direction, then it fooled me and went another direction entirely I m glad, since the first direction wasn t the way I wanted to head.This is only the second series I ve read by Briggs Like her Mercy Thompson books, this has some wonderful characterization and very smooth writing The setting is a much traditional fantasy one, though.I m enjoying it a lot.Now that I ve finished, I stick with the assessment of enjoying it a lot Briggs is quickly becoming an author I really look forward to reading. I loved the overall plot and the intricacies of the magic of the Travelers and the solsenti or regular humans There were so many abilities, and various ways of doing magic It was all extremely interesting and well thought out I also loved Tier and the children s characters They were all so loyal, protective, kind, and good that it was just heartwarming Seraph took me a lot longer to like due to her coldness which was necessary to keep her magic in check, but thankfully she found a way to shoulder her magic and allow herself emotions So in the end I just adored their entire family Also, the character of the Emperor who started out as an annoyance proved himself and his worth by the end I can see him becoming a great figure in their world and their history My issues with the book was the pacing, which is hard to understand as the plot seemed to unveil itself and it s mysteries at a continuous rate Yet there were several times when I felt it was just moving along too slowly My other issue with this book was the relationship between Tier and Seraph In over 20 years of marriage they never told one another that they loved the other And it s not as if they didn t until all of these hardships forced them to reevaluate their feelings They both have loved one another for the majority of the marriage but it was never said This just seems like something that should have come up much sooner than now regardless of her Travelers upbringing His humor, teasing, and general mirth should have made it an issue Either way, Patricia Briggs just gives readers another reason to see how great of a writer she is Her stories are detailed in their plots, smooth in their style, and seamless in their construction By the end I really enjoyed the book, which is sometimes hard for me since I rarely read pure fantasy books I truly enjoy her style and will definitely be reading the 2nd book in the duology, Raven s Strike. This was a tale of thirds Thank goodness the best third was the last the first two thirds of this book were somewhat boring The world building and story telling in the first two thirds left much to be desired However, it finished reasonably strong and I will continue on with the next book The main issue I had was a lack of connection to any of the MCs If you don t care what happens then the story doesn t pull you in and pull you along This was not by any means a bad book, just wasn t the best Briggs has ever written Three stars and hoping for better in the sequel. So thankful for my library for keeping Patricia Briggs s earlier releases around I felt like having discovered hidden treasure So crazy in love with this world I was spellbound by good mages and their magics Repulsed by wizards evil magics PB has always created such strong heroines, my kind of heroins Seraph was now one of my favorite heroines, along side Anna the Omega and Mercy Thompson Tier wasn t scary like Charles in the Alpha Omaga or as handsome as Adam Mercy Thompson s mate hasband He was a Bard, a retired soldier, and now a farmer, who could sing, tell captivating tales, farm, soothe, recruit, lead anyone to fight for the good and the right What I loved best Seraph and Tier had three children who were born with magics needed to save their world To defeat Evil I couldn t read fast enough to get to the conclusion in Book 2 Raven s Strike Sharing one of my favorite scenes91%Tier yawned Seraph frowned at him How many nights do you sit up plotting Boys, can you settle yourselves to being quiet Tier, you won t do any good if you fall over asleep You lie down here, and the boys and I will keep watch until the Emperor comes My love, if you make yourself comfortable, I ll lay my head upon your lap and dream sweetly for a year It s clear that Patricia Briggs can work the same magic for traditional fantasy that she does with her urban fantasy and werewolf stories for this reader I loved this story I must admit that there were parts that were slower and harder to read, and that s due to the intricacies of the worldbuilding keep in mind, I don t read a lot of heavy duty, traditional heroic fantasy so keep the urge to sneer under wraps if you ve read a lot of that and consider this book child s play Having said that, I thought the idea of the different orders of magic really interesting I loved how it all tied together and related very personally to Seraph, and the family she had with Tier And, I like that she kept the story focused on the characters and their journey, and not on the actual magical aspects The magic was part of who they were, and it affected the non magic people who lived in the world of this book I liked the messages about prejudice, and how some people are dismissed and marginalized, but they are the people who are capable of really doing something worthwhile in the world.Seraph is not the type of heroine who s in touch with her feelings and bright and bouncy, emotionally open I didn t mind that I liked that she was a to the point, contained, composed, but deeply feeling person Because of the dangerous nature of her magic, she had to keep her composure And it was clear that she did care about others, and loved her children and her husband, Tier, very deeply.Tier was a great hero I loved him from the first page He s so humane Even years as a soldier, seeing the worst, didn t change that about him He s a born leader, not through brute force, but an intrinsic charisma and his being a good person that you wanted to like For all that, he s formidable and strong He s the kind of hero I go ga ga over.Tier and Seraph had good chemistry Even though this isn t a romance novel, they have a great love, and I was hoping that things would work out for each other After twenty years, there was still passion, and they knew each other so well, and cared for each other Their love was a steadfast thing that empowered them, even if they didn t say the words to each other.Tier and Seraph s kids Jes, Lehr, and Rinnie, all play important roles I loved all of them But my favorite, hands down, was Jes He managed to be menacing and dangerous in a very appealing way , but sweet, at the same time His gift also could be a curse was very fascinating to me I was hoping that we d see a lot of him And I liked the fact that he found a connection with a woman who wasn t scared of him, like so many others were Jes, Lehr and Rinnie s gifts really came in handy in this story It was interesting to see how they came to realize what they were, and how they embraced them Although, they struggled with their natures as magically gifted people Raven s Shadow may not appeal to some fans of the Mercy Thompson books It s pure fantasy But, the things that I love about Patricia Briggs writing are there for me to enjoy Her writing has a simple, yet elegant beauty She tells a story that is full of the human element When I read her stories, I get so captivated in seeing how her characters unfold, and how they meet the issues that life gives them This book was no different I like how she gives you characters that have flaws and troubles, and you end up getting heavily invested in their stories, hoping for the best for them And, she s so good at writing about magic, and a good adventure yarn, to go with it.When I was a kid, I devoured all the fantasy I could find in the library But I fell out of reading fantasy for a long time I ve recently gotten back into reading it This was a good start It s focused on the characters, but it has the traditional heroic fantasy elements And in Patricia Briggs hands, it s very successful I d say give it a try, if you like the Mercy Thompson books If things seem to move slowly at times, hang in there I think you ll enjoy the end efforts Or, at least I did I look forward to reading Raven s Strike, the next book in this set. The Travelers are a lot like gypsies although some of them have mage like powers They destroyed their home city to save the world from the ultimate evil and now wander the lands fighting lesser evil as they come across it Of course, people not of their kind don t understand them And what do humans love to do with something they don t understand They try to destroy it It s working The Traveler s numbers are few and a new evil is rising.Tier was a soldier on his way home from war when he came across a young Traveler girl being sold to the highest bidder Not liking the looks of the men trying to buy her, Tier out bid them all Seraph is the last of her clan after a sickness swept through and killed all of her family Her brother dies before her eyes and the next thing she knows, the innkeeper is selling her to cover the costs of her stay At a time like this, all she wants to do is out run the life set before her.Fast forward twenty years later Tier and Seraph have been hiding in the mountains, farming, raising a family and trying to avoid the fates set before them The thing about destiny is, it doesn t just give up when you run from it.A new religion is rising and they are sacrificing Travelers and stealing their powers This same new order kidnaps Tier and threatens Seraph children and you do not threaten the ones Seraph loves.One of the things that made me love this book, besides the great world building and characterization, is that it is a family fighting evil It avoids the overdone troupe of the lone underdog taking on evil The one thing I did not like was the conveniently easy battle against their enemies, neatly wrapped up at the end Despite this it was still a good ending and I will definitely continue with the series.