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It's 1796 and not only is love between men taboo it is punishable by death Lt David Archer is an officer in His Majesty's Navy and a gentleman of Regency Society He is also hopelessly in love with his shipmate Lt William Marshall David is certain that his feelings if expressed would be met with revulsion Afraid of losing the strong friendship that he has forged with William he vows to never speak of or act on his desire promising himself to take the secret to his grave Although William is young his innate talent has allowed him to quickly rise above his humble background and gain a reputation as a promising officer The Royal Navy is his world and in that world there is no room for anything as frivolous as romance Then in a twist of fate the two men are abducted by a ruthless pirate who finds pleasure in toying with his captives Thrown together in close quarters and wondering if they will survive they're are faced with some difficult choices William struggles with his growing feelings for David and try as he might to dismiss them he can't When David makes the ultimate sacrifice to protect the man he loves the reason for it is clear and the passion that the men have denied for so long is realized for the first time Before the lovers can have any sort of life together they must first escape After that they face an even greater challenge is their love strong enough to survive a clandestine life under the ever present threat of the Navy's implacable Articles of War?

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    4 StarsFans of MM historical romances should enjoy this story which features an atmospheric 18th century setting and a sweet yet forbidden friends to lovers romance between two young English naval officersThe year is 1799 and midshipman David Archer is in love with his shipmate Lieutenant William Marshall Understandably due to the time and circumstances Davy has kept his longing for Will close to his chest for years fearing not only Will’s reaction but also fearing potential dismissal from a service he loves or worse possible death at the gallows for feeling what he feels for another man At the onset of the story Davy Will and their awesome Captain Captain Smith are abducted by a gang of pirates while conducting some navy business on shore Spirited away and held hostage on an unidentifiable ship the three men must use their wits and bide their time as they mostly separately plan an escape Absconding is easier said than done though particularly because their captor – the self titled Captain of this group of rebels known only as Adrian – is a vicious tormenting and abusive bastard who quickly sets his sights on poor Davy coercing him into unwanted attentions by threatening the safety of both Will and their Captain For weeks Will and Davy share a cramped cell planning tirelessly for a potential escape while also trying their best to keep each other safe and in positive spirits Eventually their proximity and their heightened emotions result in an explosive encounter that leaves them both feeling raw and exposed but also filling them with tenderness and affection than either man has ever known The men are held captive for most of the story and I’ll admit a lot of their experiences were angst filled with distressing scenes of physical mistreatment forced separation and ongoing off page sexual abuse I found all of this fairly upsetting but not insurmountable to overcome as a reader The fact that most of what was happening to Davy occurred off page helped make it easier to handle but I just felt so sorry for the poor kid sacrificing his own safety and wellbeing for that of his dearest friend and respected Captain What made it worse was that for a good portion of the story Davy was suffering alone with Will assuming Davy was just dining with the Captain whenever he was taken from their shared cell But Will’s ongoing support and unwavering friendship and eventual realisation of love never faltered even when he knew of the atrocities Davy had endured nor once they themselves had moved their relationship past the boundaries of friendship I’m seriously shocked people haven’t read this book but it sounds like some readers have taken issue with the fact this story was originally a P2P fanfiction story from the Hornblower TV series – a fact I only stumbled upon post read Never having watched the show this apparent point of contention didn’t bother me in the slightest and I was able to enjoy the story as if it was an original piece with an engaging plot featuring fresh lovable characters that I happily rooted for I enjoyed this immensely Davy and Will's beginning love story was a joy to read I'll most certainly be reading further with the series as time permits