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Can one woman challenge a corrupt President and a Russian conspiracy?A riveting thriller built on ruthlessly factual criticism of the Trump presidencyMadison Padgett is fighting to save her dying coal town Nothing will stop her not even allying herself with a president she loathes But she's blocked by Conrad Vega the young idealistic Democratic senator determined to save humanity from a global warming catastropheViolence explodes and Madison must challenge her own beliefs while racing to save a country plunging toward civil war unless the treasonous plot in the White House is exposedNow she must unravel a twisted conspiracy while her ideals of respect truth and hope drive her toward the ultimate confrontation If she fails America and all it stands for in the world will be destroyedExciting provocative and unabashedly liberal POWER IN THE AGE OF LIES is an action packed political thriller In an era of unprecedented dishonesty enter a new world where heroes believe in truth and fight for the rights of allReaders are sayingI had trouble sleeping last night after I finished this book It is a relentless thriller The characters are ripped out of today's headlines The author keeps the suspense building and building I really enjoyed this book even if it did scare me to deathPut aside Patterson Baldacci and Grisham and give Verant a lookI was totally sucked into the characters and the plot The future Verant sketches with California leading a break away resistance seems terrifyingly plausible If you are a fan of Nelson DeMille then this book is for you I turned off the light pretty late as I raced to the ending

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    I had trouble sleeping last night after I finished this book It might seem far fetched unless you turn on the TV every day It is a relentless thriller The characters are ripped out of today's headlines The author keeps the suspension building and building I really enjoyed this book even if it did scare me to deathI received this book for free in a Goodreads Giveaway in exchange for an honest review

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    I loved this book It was well written and the characters were believable Truthfully it would have been enjoyable if it wasn’t so realistic

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    If this novel did not lead right up to the 2020 election and take us within the minds and hearts of fictional characters I would mistake it for a journalist’s rendition of events That’s how accurately Verant has fashioned this political satire and how scathingly he has portrayed Mr Trump and the cadre of scoundrels with which he surrounds himself This book is a personal story of men and women who must come to grips with their differing positions both self interested and idealistic unite to save the nation and fall in love in the process It’s a thrilling read but once in a while I would stop with a chill and realize how familiar it all was Trump’s scheme to hold onto power and fill his pockets was not only plausible but in many ways has already happened As the author points out in 70 footnotes at the end of the book there are many points of immorality or even criminality that we have simply forgotten about as we deal daily with the vortex created by our elected national chaos maker in chief I recommend this book to anyone who feels engaged with current events – and I ALSO want to recommend you read it NOW A year from now will be too late though it will still be a well written and creatively conceived vision of how dangerous to America its citizens and democracy the Trump administration has been and could still be

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    I cried HAPPY tears during Madison's last speech that's how much I loved this book Madison is the heroine I want strong feminine smartThe plot is Russian espionage involving the White House It's very tight and exciting and ties with current news It's a really intense thriller like don't put it down after the first third You know when it goes crazy But what stands out to me are the characters they are so believable Madison is so powerful she can take control of the country's energy system then she's crushing on a guy and insecure and I believe every word Her big confrontation gave me goose bumps it was so intense Every character is interesting Conrad is complicated and changing and hot Hannah is fascinating I thought she was going to be the sexy girl but no One small complaint is I wish of her past was explained it's very vague TW Trump is in the book but it works really well even though I'm sick of him in the newsThere's a big romantic relationship that matters for the story it's not just stuck on There's some funny scenes as they dance back and forth The book isn't a romance but you want them to get togetherI loved it This is book where you cry and laugh and stay up late to finish DEFINITELY READ IT

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    This was an emotionally powerful read for me which I didn't expect from what is mostly a thriller I was completely immersed in the story and cared about the characters For me the plot and the politics were scarily believable but if your politics are on the right you would probably disagree as the book is very critical of TrumpAs a spy thriller the plot feels like le Carre or Clancy The first chapters focus on the main characters Madison Conrad and Hannah and the mystery builds slowly until real action starts about 13 of the way in The climax is very exciting every thread of the plot connects There's a romantic subplot which is important to the story There are LGBT charactersAs speculative fiction this is in the future 4th year of the Trump presidency California Oregon and Washington are controlled by the Free West which wants to secede from the US The Free West and the 47 the other states are approaching civil war It's very believable especially seeing the power of the giant tech companies who are supporting the Free WestOverall it's well written exciting and thought provoking I'll probably re read it

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    Enjoyable and thought provokingAs a not Trumper I found the denouement very satisfying I can only wish that true life will satisfy justice at a similar level An engrossing and engaging read Kept me attentive throughout

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    Really exciting story kind of scary with today's politics but I loved it

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    ReviewI won this kindle book via Goodreads giveaway I think democrats liberals and the such would probably enjoy this book than I did