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There S A Lot Of Building Going On In Playtown There Is So Much To Explore, Learn, And Discover Inside This Busy, Busy Book Diggers Are Digging Holes, Materials Are Being Delivered, And Roads Are Being Laid On Every Page There Are Fun Flaps To Lift Which Tell Children About The Picture Above, And At The Back Of The Book Is A Big Page To Fold Out That Reveals A Bustling Construction Scene


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    Another great book, but some issues were called out by a 4 year old My daughter loves Playtown and Playtown Airport, so when I saw this book come out I jumped on the pre order.Well after our first read, my daughter said after opening the flaps why are there words It turns out that some of the flaps are boring In previous editions of the Playtown series, the text was on the backside of the flap and there was a colorful picture the supplement the text Well in this book, when you lift a flap on some pages, you reveal boring text On another dual page, there are illustrations dying for a flap, but the author only alternates the flap placement The last page of the book is even lazy with pages acting like one giant flap Interesting yes, but left my daughter asking where are the flaps Lets be honest, lift the flap books are exciting for kids because there are FLAPS Not only is this book smaller, there are less flaps to open than Priddy s previous Playtown books.I guess if this is your first Playtown book, I certainly applaud the great illustrations throughout the book, howeverPlaytownandPlaytown Airportare way better in the eyes of its audience my 4 year old

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    I made the mistake of buying it before I read the other reviews Like others have said this book is not nearly as good as the other playtown books The flaps mostly have just words behind them and aren t interesting for 2 3 year olds Also, the scenes aren t as interesting, less animals and less funny interactions going on The other playtown books are really great and my son loves them, but I would avoid this one.

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    Would be great for kids that can read to themselves My 3 year old loves it, but it is very wordy and factual so it gets tedious to read over and over again as an adult All the flaps have multiple sentences underneath and there are a lot of flaps

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    The Playtown books have been a big hit with our girls and this was no exception It s pretty much what you expect, bright colors, clear clean art and lots of descriptions of construction vehicles and jobs Like other books in the series it tries to be inclusive with women drivers and construction works than you might expect and even a Sikh carpenter with a turban.It s not a whimsical as some of the other Playtown books no snakes lurking behind the flaps but is a big hit with our two girls.

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    We have the bigger Playtown Book and thought this book would be just as cute The Construction book was smaller, which isn t an issue, and the pictures are just as cute My issue with this book is the fact that once you lift the flap, there are no pictures underneath the flap, only words In the Playtown Book and many other flip books , there is writing on the other side of the flap and pictures underneath the flap My children love discovering what pictures are underneath the flap This book could ve been better and we are disappointed.