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FOUR STARS ARC Provided by Random House Publishing Group via Netgalley in Exchange For an Honest Review This next installment was a bit better for me.Although this was me for the past couple of nights on my couch I actually don t think it was the book this time.I think all the nights of staying up late are finally catching up to me PLUS, I have this incredibly soft and cozy blanket that I wrap myself up in It s lights out as soon as I whip out that blanket LOLSebastian is turning out to be very swoon worthy He s falling hard for Aria and has an overpowering need to protect and care for her Aria, is so head strong and independent She tries to push him away but she s unable to deny her feelings for him as well.I m still not quite sure what her story is with her family and what the deal is with her dad Sebastian seems to have a history with Aria s neighbor, Janet, an alcoholic, who Aria befriended and has been sort of taking care of There s a lot going on in this one and literally my head is spinning now.I m wondering where this story is going because there are several different plots taking place But I m enjoying the books enough, and I want to know how this will end. 4 I ve Got You Stars ARC provided by Netgalley Sebastian Aria continue to see each other, Aria is still confused as to what they are to each other, where they stand He is still tender, sweet and cuddling her one minute, then wild, wicked, dominant, intense the next He also gives her the best sex of her life Even though her life is a mess right now, he makes her smile, and makes her feel safe, she hasn t felt safe in a really long time Aria swore she would never be taken care of by a man again, but she loves the comfort she feels in Sebastian s arms I loved how Sebastian takes care of Aria, I liked we finally get a look into Sebastian s past, find out some about the memories haunt him I look forward to gettingof Aria s past, finding out her real identity D He s breathing slowly, steadily I can feel my own breathing syncing up with his It s a strange feeling, this being so in tune with another human being It s not something I m used to and I m not sure how I feel about it With Sebastian, for the first time in a very long time, it s not my safety I m afraid for From the moment I walked into his office and he told me that I was getting my job back, I haven t been able to see anything anyone but him All that matters is the warmth in Sebastian s eyes when he looks at me and the way he makes me feel good about myself and my life She s beautiful, so beautiful that it makes me ache a little Makes me want in a way I haven t let myself want in so, so long I like that I knock her off kilter in much the same way she does me You need someone to take care of you I want to be that someone Control is a funny thing The tighter you hold on to it, the less you actually have It s only after you loosen your grip that you come to understand what it means to truly be in charge Of your lover, of yourself Of your life I don t know what you want from me You know exactly what I want What s that Everything you have to give And then . Title Play Me Hard, 3Series Play MeAuthor Tracy Wolff Release Date 2nd December, 2014Rating 4 pinkie promise StarsCliffhanger Yes HEA view spoiler N A hide spoiler 5 StarsAria and Sebastian have just spent a passionate night together, and both are at a loss for how they feel about each otherMaybe that is why I m having so much trouble with Aria Because I don t know where to put her, how to classify her She s sexy as hell every movement she makes, every word she speaks, shoots straight to my dick And her attitude is a total turn on How can it not be when she s smart and sassy and doesn t take shit from anyone Even me Especially meWhile neither knows what where they stand is obvious both want , then just a one night stand In this installment we see Aria beginning to turn to Sebastian, and while she doesn t want to admit it to herself she needs him and wants him So far Sebastian has seemed like an open book, a knight in shining armor and honestly I have loved him for it He has been open with Aria about his feelings for her, he takes care of her, hast crazy hot sex what s not to love Well, we all have secrets I really enjoyed this installment, it was fast paced, had a lot of story and previews of what s to come After reading this I am very excited for book 4Control is a funny thing The tighter you hold on to it, the less you actually haveARC kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 3.5 I think I know you better than I did three days ago Stars.Novella three picks up literally where two left off Sebastian and Aria are starting to understandabout each other, their pasts, and what makes the other tick Not a huge amount of development in the storyline until right towards the end of this installment.A certain Ethan Frost makes an appearance as well, being a long time friend of Sebastian s, they have a few things to discuss, and it was nice to see a little of him, while waiting for book three in his own series to be released.Control is a funny thing The tighter you hold onto it, the less you actually have.As I said the main developments seem to happen later on in this novella, but I am hopping straight onto book four, to see where Tracy takes Sebastian and Aria, after theBIGrevelation at the end of this one You always have a choice with me, Aria ARC generously provided via Netgalley, in exchange for the above honest review. 3.5 Knowing More Stars In the third installment, Sebastian and Aria spend time together discovering alittleinto their past They both sense that this attraction they feel towards one another is not just a passing fancy They each bring a passion, a heat, a fire to one another While they have only known each other a few days, they know what they have is different I don t know what you want from me, I finally tell him Everything you have to give And thenWe also meet one of Sebastian s best friends, Ethan Frost, and his fianc e, Chloe Girard He has a vendetta and needs Sebastian s help We also find out that Sebastian has one of his own.We also getof Aria s past Her secrets are slowly coming forth We see her family and her fears.Get prepared because the ending comes and OMG..you better have book 4 ready cause it s a major cliffy BR with Jxxx PinkLady ARC kindly provided by Random House Publishing Group Loveswept, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. 3.5 stars I m lost, confused, intrigued Going forward because going back isn t an option And neither, it seems, is standing stillEver since taking Aria under his wing and into his seductive domain, Sebastian hasn t been able to think straight Their chemistry is intoxicating Their power exchange is exhilarating And the sex leaves them both absolutely exhausted But if there s one thing Sebastian does know, it s that he needs to protect this strong yet vulnerable woman Because she has depths that are unknown even to her Aria has worked hard to establish herself as anything but submissive That isn t who she is, or who she wants to be So why does it feel so sweet to give up controland so intense when Sebastian takes care of needs she doesn t even realize she has But he has needs of his own and secrets that run just as dark and deep as Aria s.Play Me 3 Play Me Hard, is the third installment in the Play Me series, Sebastian needs to care for Aria, showing her that she isn t alone, that she can trust him enough to give her what she needs not just with their sexual encounters Unsure of where they are going or what they are even doing, ever assumption she has made is wrong, as Sebastian continues to be the gentle dominant man who wantsthan she is willing to offer him Aria remains a big mystery to me, we get a glimpse of her family, but nothing to really explain much about what happened fourteen months ago But the ending of this just totally threw me for a loop, as Sebastian s past comes face to face with him and he isn t prepared for it just yet As I was reading, I was speculating which way the story would go and I have to say it surprised me, it wasn t something I was expecting This is still engaging enough to make me want to continue so off I go onto the nextARC kindly provided by Random House Publishing Group Loveswept, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. 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OMG how can u leave it like that ahhhhhhhh dont it 2 me this book ended so good an so bad at the same time i need 2 knowabout sebastian an whats happened an then we have aria there is so much there as well but i liked how aria soften up 2 sebastian she needs someone 2 care an take care of her an he is the guy he really took care of her one thing in this series is that they r smokin hot 2gether i just want them 2 b happy but shit is goin down i just know it i needNOW xxx No One Ever Said Love Is Easy In The Third Installment Of An EBook Original Serial From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Ruined And Addicted, Aria And Sebastian Discover That Building Trust Might Be Harder Than They Ever Imagined My Name Is Aria Winston I Ve Fought Desperately To Escape The Seedy Underbelly Of Las Vegas Now I M On My Own, In Control Of My Own Life And My Own Destiny Just The Way I Like It Until Sebastian Caine Changes EverythingEver Since Taking Aria Under His Wing And Into His Seductive Domain, Sebastian Hasn T Been Able To Think Straight Their Chemistry Is Intoxicating Their Power Exchange Is Exhilarating And The Sex Leaves Them Both Absolutely Exhausted But If There S One Thing Sebastian Does Know, It S That He Needs To Protect This Strong Yet Vulnerable Woman Because She Has Depths That Are Unknown Even To Her Aria Has Worked Hard To Establish Herself As Anything But Submissive That Isn T Who She Is, Or Who She Wants To Be So Why Does It Feel So Sweet To Give Up Control And So Intense When Sebastian Takes Care Of Needs She Doesn T Even Realize She Has But He Has Needs Of His Own And Secrets That Run Just As Dark And Deep As Aria S Play Me Is An Erotic Serial Intended For Mature Audiences Aria And Sebastian S Story Continues In Play Me Real 3,5 Stars.It took me some time to warm up to the story again, and for the first 40% it was a little tedious But after that the plot got very interesting and it picked up.So many things happened that had my head almost spinning. First and foremost, Ethan Frost makes a cameo appearance, bringing with him a plot line powerful enough, that may end up being a key point for the rest of the series.The sex of course was also a focal point in this intallment, and pretty hot if you ask me As for the next one, i hope for some insight on their past Aria s family story and Sebastian s actions that involve Janet, after such an ending, you have to wonder what is going on.THOUGHTS ABOUT THE BOOK Sebastian has a big secret We had a bigger glimpse into Aria s everyday life Ethan and Chloe, were a great surprise Janet So many questions ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review Thank you