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Wimps of the World you can work out without being embarrassed Here is Pilates broken down and made simple for those who want to get fit without becoming a gym rat The bestselling Wimps series shows the way to Pilates success with the help of a certified highly experienced instructor easy to follow instructions and a wealth of detailed encouraging photographs of ordinary average guys and gals mastering the techniue Begin toning and reshaping your body with basic mat exercises for the stomach back legs and arms plus powerhouse moves that work each area together Choose from a menu of different options that relieve everyday problems including the tension that builds while sitting at a computer all day There's even a no time to workout workout Pilates is truly a body changing experience and with this reassuring presentation no wimp need miss outAbout the AuthorJennifer DeLuca is Director Senior Instructor and President of BodyTonic Inc in Brooklyn New York Jennifer has been a Certified Teacher of the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning since 1995 and has trained with Joseph Pilates's famed pupil Romana Kryzanowska and other renowned instructors Jennifer and BodyTonic have been featured in magazines such as Self Allure Glamour New Woman and TimeOut New York

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    I bought this book off the BN clearance in 2004 or 2005 and have never been able to let it go The information is clear simple and basic Although my body has changed a lot 3 babies a lot over the years I'm still able to benefit from the exercises and adapt to my changing needs based on the guidance from the book No matter my constraints over the years something in this book has helped me when I needed to find ways to add movement in my life I rarely do the full mat workout but even a quick hundred based on this book refreshes me Perfect for beginners or bodies that need adapting before doing the full movements