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Als Q En Margo Negen Jaar Oud Zijn, Vinden Ze Een Dode Man Die Avond Klimt Margo Het Slaapkamerraam En Het Hart Van Q Binnen, Maar Hun Levens Gaan Daarna Verschillende Kanten OpNegen Jaar Later Klimt Margo Opnieuw Q S Kamer Binnen Ze Neemt Hem Mee Op Een Nachtelijk Avontuur Om Nooit Te VergetenDe Volgende Dag Is Ze VerdwenenMargo Blijkt Aanwijzingen Te Hebben Achtergelaten Die Alleen Q Kan Ontcijferen Ge Ntrigeerd Gaat Hij Op Zoek Naar Het Mysterieuze Meisje, Geholpen Door Zijn Vrienden Ben En Radar, En Lacey, Een Vriendin Van MargoMaar Wil Margo Wel Gevonden Worden beatlemania is nothing compared to what i feel for john green right now this book was the perfect palate cleanser between all the dark apocalyptic stuff i have been shoving in my face i have been reading so much dystopian YA that i forgot there were other options i bought this ages ago, because i read looking for alaska, and everyone was giving this one high marks, but i kept passing it up in favor of kids whose school is trying to eat them and kids vs bears and kids in a world without cheese which is the scariest dystopia i can imagine right now, but i forgot just how scary real life can be and john green reminded me and obviously, this isn t a horror novel, but i was reading this with so much apprehension, heading towards an uncertain ending, genuinely concerned for the characters view spoiler seriously that scene with the dead raccoon my heart was in my throat the whole time, i kept thinking NO YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DO THIS SO EARLY IN THE BOOK YOU ARE NOT GOING TO KILL HER OFF AND HAVE THE REST OF THE BOOK BE ABOUT THEM DEEEEEALING WITH HER SUICIDE DON T YOU DARE but it was such a tense scene, i was turning each page with dread, and then i missed my subway stop, so thanks a lot, john green hide spoiler I enjoyed Paper Towns but did not love it as much as Johns other work The ending was not as fulfilling as I hoped.3.5 5 stars Xx Nothing ever happens like you imagine it will, she says But then again, if you don t imagine, nothing ever happens at allI already said this in a status update but I am so glad I reread Paper Towns I first read it years ago back before I d heard of vlogbrothers, back when John Green was only known by a handful of readers, way way back before The Fault in Our Stars And I loved itIt is so hard to leave until you leave And then it is the easiest goddamned thing in the worldThen TFiOS happened and I began to question my feelings for John Green s writing I know millions loved his tragicomedy about teens with cancer, yet I found it cheesy and contrived, with unrealistic characters who wallowed in their own pretentious philosophy sorry fans, but that s how I felt And I began to wonder if perhaps his books had always been like that and I d somehow missed it If perhaps Paper Towns wouldn t be the way I remembered it.You see, here s some truths about John Green He s an intelligent writer He loves philosophy and he embraces nerddom And, under it all, he s a romantic In TFiOS, I believe he took these things too far It felt like a book that set out with a mission to be deep, clever, to deliver a multitude of messages, to prove that teenagers are quirky and intelligent Augustus, especially, seemed built around intelligence and quirkiness to the point that he didn t feel real he felt like a caricature of a philosophical teen.But coming back to Paper Towns made me realise that I hadn t changed JG s style had Unlike TFiOS, these characters feel real I felt like I was observing real teens living real lives, even though the plot does contain some fantastical elements But it s because Quentin and his friends feel like teenagers Many of them are still smart it wouldn t be a JG book if they weren t but they re realistic, silly, horny, and as ridiculous as we all ultimately are.I laughed out loud so many times I highlighted so many quotes and then couldn t decide which ones to include in my review I enjoyed the depth of the novel that emerges gradually behind the silliness The lessons about teen love and growing up and wanting to escape In TFiOS, I felt like JG created caricatures In this book, he takes caricatures and stereotypes and peels back the layers of them to reveal the people underneath Which is, ultimately, the underlying theme of this bookWhat a treacherous thing to believe that a person isthan a person Years have passed People have changed And this book is still as good as it always was.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Store 2 5 Stars What a treacherous thing to believe that a person isthan a person Oh boi This motherfucking book Let me talk to you about this book I HATED THE GUTS OUT OF IT I have never given this kind of low rating to a book, I guess it s time And I would have given it less stars but I gifted it half a start because of something I will talk about below Here s what I wrote when I started this book two days ago I have heard the worst fucking things about this book This isn t the book I was going to read today but A Court of Wings and Ruin hasn t arrived yet, and I have NO other book to read except Greek books ugh so I m starting this If I don t start it now I m afraid I will leave it get dust on my bookshelf forever so yah Wish that I don t hate it as much as I m waiting to hate it. So you can see I went into this book a tiny bit prejudiced But I wasn t wrong to be and I don t think had I not being prejudiced once I started it I would have liked it I m entirely certain that if I hadn t read this book now, it would have collected dust in my bookshelves for the rest of my days And I m glad I got rid of this now because when I look at books in my bookshelves I haven t read it gives me anxiety Anyway, now let s start with the tea Quentin Jacobsen has spent a lifetime loving the magnificently adventurous Margo Roth Spiegelman from afar So when she cracks open a window and climbs back into his life dressed like a ninja and summoning him for an ingenious campaign of revenge he follows After their all nighter ends, and a new day breaks, Q arrives at school to discover that Margo, always an enigma, has now become a mystery But Q soon learns that there are clues and they re for him Urged down a disconnected path, the closer he gets, the less Q sees the girl he thought he knew.My past with John Green is not as big as other people s I had readThe Fault in Our Starsa gazillion years ago so I don t remember jack shit andTurtles All the Way Downa few months ago which I truly enjoyed John Green has the reputation of writing pretentious books so yeah, he didn t disappoint with this one This is an old book and it showed Mostly on the part that it entailed little to no diversity Also some good old misogyny But it is to be expected with a book published in fucking 2008 Let s start with what I liked about this book, won t take much time The road trip I gave this book half a starbecause of it It was fun and entertaining but also unrealistic but this is John Green for ya Lacey and Radar They were cool The quotes Some inspirational shit Yeah This lineMargo was not a miracle She was not an adventure She was not a fine and precious thing She was a girlIt was the only part in the book that showed Margo to be just a regular girl, not some mythical creature out of this world I m very glad it was also included in the movie but let s talk about all these thingslater on.And the tea starts Let s start from the first 30 pages What the fuck was that about A little 9 8 year old whatever tf girl is doing an investigation on a crime and she goes to the crime scene and the detective or whatever asks the fucking 9 8 year old whatever tf girl if she s with the school newspaper and if she s not, he will answer her questions and then the 9 8 year old whatever tf girl goes to the house next door and a GROWN UP woman tells the 9 8 year old whatever tf girl that the man killed himself because of his divorce and because he was troubled Who tells a 9 8 year old whatever tf girl these things Which adult in their right mind does that I don t know why I m stuck at this for so long, but those details weren t included in the movie and I m very glad of it Margo Oh man From now on when people ask me which is the most annoying character for you, I will say her name Margo Roth Spiegelman Margo Roth Spiegelman Fucking MARGO ROTH SPIEGELMAN I didn t even need to look up her name to write it right It s stuck in my head for the rest of my life The perfect girl The myth The legend Margo Roth Spiegelman The Mary Sue to end all Mary Sues The most entitled bitch to have ever walked the Earth Margo Roth Spiegelman I didn t care if she would be found I knew she would be doing something stupid and inspirational or whatever She didn t deserve the attention she got The characters I didn t like any of them Not even Q Basically from the beginning till the end I didn t care about any of the characters fates I just wanted the book to end because I was extremely bored and unsatisfied The plot What was even the plot The romance NO The pace The pace was just slow after a certain point So many clues and then some high school stuff and someclues and some shit Ben kept saying andclues and then the road trip and then it s over I was rolling my eyes so hard when Q left his fucking GRADUATION in the middle to go find the entitled bitch when she didn t even want to be found And I hated that his friends followed him This is where this road trip was unrealistic for me This would never happen in real life And that s why they changed it in the movie too I loathed the fact that Margo, after not talking to Q for 10 years or something, she was so confident in going into his room in the middle of the night and asking him for his car and 11 favors Like come on The dude was head over heels in love, otherwise no one would have done that It s once again unrealistic I just didn t wait for this book to be over It was slowly killing me from the inside I would rather have eaten dog shit than read this book It was this bad for me.And now let s discuss the movie adaptationListen to my incredible story for a bit When I read books which have been adapted into movies or tv shows I ALWAYS WATCH THEM NO MATTER IF I WANT TO RIP THE BOOK IN TWO I ALWAYS WATCH THE MOVIE OR THE TV SHOW THAT IS INSPIRED BY IT ALWAYS So, after hearing this, you will realize I didn t watch the movie because I liked the book, but because I always do And it s also an excuse for me lately to watch movies, because if I don t watch a movie in the cinema, I never do at home I mof a books and tv shows kind of gal, what can you do So, let s start The movie made the story and the characters a little bitinteresting It cut out the boring parts and added some very funny and nice scenes that lacked in the book I liked that they didn t lose their graduation for the road trip to find Margo, because it was totally bollocks I liked the changes they made with that aspect of the book I liked the casting, I think it was spot on Except Margo and not because Cara isn t good enough for the part but because of her weight Margo is supposed to be curvy and she got bullied by Lacey because of her figure And I hated that they didn t keep this part in the movie because there wasn t any real reason after all for Margo to be hating Lacey And just don t erase curvy people Margo was supposed to be the most perfect and popular girl in the entire school and she was curvy Just let that part in, damn it Also, this movie s description must have been THE FRIENDZONE OF THE FRIENDZONES Honestly, why make Q s love for Margo unrequited When it was the opposite in the book I didn t understand this change It was unnecessary and it didn t add anything to the plot But, to sum it up, the movie was a good enough adaptation for this book But I didn t like it Because I didn t like the book Duh.In conclusion, this book was a nightmare for me, from start to finish I didn t earn anything from this book, not lessons, not a new ship, not new favorite characters, nothing I just wanted it to end I know it s a popular book and I m very sorry for this negative review, but not all books are for everyone And till the next one K BYE The following is quite a lot of dribble that I felt the need to get off my chestHmmmwhat to say I m kind of perplexed by this book I know I never want to read the name Margo Roth Spielgelman ever again, that s for sure The characters apart from the previously named were fantastic and very believable The dialogue between the friends was great and funny as I have come to expect from John Green The first quarter of the book was highly enjoyable and then it deteriorated for me I think this book suffers from it s own storyline spoilers It veers from an amusing and interesting start to the baffling obsession of Quentin in his quest to find the will not be named again girl after they had one night of vengeful fun I found myself wondering if this was seriously what this book was about after Quentin starts a desperate search for said girl who left home, is 18 yes a legal adult and has studiously ignored the crap out of him for 9 years apart from that one night Not to mention she has her own head firmly stuck up her own arse What is with all the convoluted clues left for Quentin Talk about self important Anyway, I read through it all hoping it all had good reason, but it turns out it was just a giant exercise in navel gazing That s all good and well, but, in future please do somethinginteresting with your great characters John Green, thank you. Mirroring is a concept in psychology where a person can know himself better by soliciting feedbacks from other people who he interacts with either at home or at work Last weekend, I attended a company sponsored teambuilding session and the facilitator used this I got some good feedbacks that confirmed what I already knew but also some revelations Those included in the so called blindspots quadrant.In this novel Paper Towns, John Green indirectly used Margo Roth Spiegelman for Quentine Jacobsen or simply Q to understand love and life and to know himself better as a person, as a man Not by giving him direct feedbacks but by making him experience the things that he would not have dared doing Who would have dared driving your parents car in the middle of the night, pushing it with your friend few meters away from the house so as not to awake them with the sound of the engine Then going to the houses of the people who wronged your friend just to avenge Then your friend disappeared, with no intention of returning and not wanting to be found, the following day Leaving a note after a hug and a kiss I Will Miss Hanging Out With You That was after leaving catfishes in the underwear drawer of a friend ha ha Who would have thought of having this plot in the first place What makes this novel engaging is the prose it is downright sincere and true to its voice youngish, quirky, innocent yet full of life lessons Green does not push down his philosophy on growing up down your throat He lets you enjoy his story and life realizations just naturally follow I am sure that Green s idiosyncrasies must have been reflected somehow by his many male characters Q, Radar and Ben but Margo permeates in each page of this novelYes The fundamental mistake I had always made and that she had, in fairness, always led me to make was this Margo was not a miracle She was not an adventure She was not a fine and precious thing She was a girlI applaud Green for creating a character like Margo that can rally boys to transform themselves into men without disregard to the pains of growing up After all, we all went through those pains not having a prom date, losing your first love, unrequited love, unknowingly pissing off some of our friends, etc and we all learned from them As we grow old, we tend to ridicule young people experiencing the same pains and call them trivial and proudly say something like you ain t seen nothing yetBut for them, those are parts of their lives That s where we were That s where they are now Like Margo s paper towns, we need to take care not to blow down the delicate houses and make them fall apart And yes, even one of my blind spots has just been cleared by this novel I never thought that a middle age man like me would still enjoy a YA book Where were these books when I was growing up I was pretty disappointed in Paper Towns I am a big fan of John Green but found this book plodding and boring I hated the Margo character and thought that Q was a big whiner His obsession with Margo, who he didn t really even know, was really annoying I realize that this was one of the messages of the book, that we all assign traits and personalities to people we hardly know, but it was still hard to take, page after page I still love John Green and his blog, still consider myself a nerd fighter and would give just about anything to see him in public, but can t give Paper Townsthan 2 stars. Why so many good ratings for this book It could basically be called Looking for Margo, or Paper Alaska, because it s the same formula, again and again How many books can he write about an unbelievable teenager secretely loving another unbelievable teenager Everything was so absurd, Quentin s parents, the road trip, Ben, the black Santas All the metaphors are perharps what made me lose it completely The book that Quentin reads, Song of Myself, all the thoughts he had about it are so painfully forced down the reader s throat I ve read somewhere that John Green was in love with his own brain, and I cannot agreeThe rant of the detective about balloons was so badly executed I thought it was a joke It s not poetic, it s ridiculous And Quentin is so self absorbed, bashing Ben when really he should take a good look at himself And Margo God I had such a hard time finishing the book It was this bad. Oh dear lord, I found this book immensely irritating.I ve only just finished reading Looking For Alaska which was an okay book and thus it was immediately apparent that this book was EXACTLY LIKE LOOKING FOR ALASKA It had the same geeky male character The same kooky aka annoying female character The same male best friend And whilst this was okay in LFA, reading the same characters again was annoying And it seemed like they were on the same journey as in FA, except obviously there s a divergence in the second half Call this book the Alternate Universe version of LFA, if you will Also, I just found elements of this book preposterous view spoiler Margo running away, so far away Considering she has no troubles at home, there doesn t seem to be a strong enough reason for an eighteen year old to suddenly decide to run away except that oh, she s oh so kooky and larger than life and a small town girl etc etc John Green explains why she does, but I still have trouble accepting it To me, she only did it because she was self centred and looking for attention I didn t feel anything for her character.Q was also really annoying, pining for a girl he barely knows, instead in love with her from the friendship they had as a child, rather than the girl she is today I m willing to bet all my money which is not much that John Green bases the male protagonist on himself, and that the female character is the type of character he fancied at school, and it sort of plays like he s the dorky, awkward girl in love with the popular, unattainable boy Q s need to abandon everything to find this girl who, btw, never showed any sign of affection before their pranks together , is entirely self indulgent and illogical And whilst at times he sounded like a teenage boy, other times he sounded a decade or two older.The fact that his friends also decide to follow him on a road trip to find her doesn t make sense They do it on graduation day Why would anyone ditch graduation which they seemed to look forward to to find a girl who a doesn t want to be found and b they don t even like Everybody loves a roadtrip, sure But these are limits These implausibilities made this book really hard to finish hide spoiler