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    More crazy Paddington capers as the Brown family go on holiday to France I ve only given this one four stars, instead of the usual five for Paddington books, as there are a couple of parts where the author completely skips over stuff that would have been great to actually see happen, most notably at the airport I felt a bit ripped off by that time skip Still, it s all worth it for the final chapter where our intrepid young bear decides he wants to take part in the Tour de France Hilarious

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    More fun with Paddington, as he and the Brown family go on holiday to France My favorite part of this book is when Paddington rides a tricycle in the Tour de France, a tricycle he has taken apart, cleaned, and reassembled himself Unfortunately, there are a couple of parts left over after he puts it back together But he sets off on the trike with marmalade sandwich in its basket , and it turns out that the brakes won t work without the missing parts But, as usual with Paddington, everything turns out all right.

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    Something I picked up to read before bed, short chapters, so low effort, and I used to love the Paddington stories when I was little I m very gratified to find that I still love them just as much, and that they re written in such a way as to be just as delightful and entertaining to adults as to children Also, the illustrations are an infinite joy I look forward to catching up with all the other Paddington books.

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    Oh, it is so much fun to go on vacation with Paddington There s never a dull moment He loves to try new things and has such a zest for life His plans go awry, but it s okay because Paddington is a bear who always lands on his paws.In this book we go with him to France It is not bustling Paris, which I am familiar with from pop culture, but Brittany, on the northwest coast of the country Paddington s adventures take place in the rugged, beautiful countryside of that region He cooks over a camp fire, fishes, bikes and enjoys a village fair Illustrator Peggy Fortnum captures his determined efforts to master life as an outdoorsman.However, along with descriptions of Paddington s exploits, are lovely passages about village life in Brittany Author Michael Bond writes, The stars were shining in a cloudless sky, the sound of gay music from a nearby caf filled the air, and at the end of the street leading down to the harbour they could see the lights from the fishing boats as they bobbed up and down in the water p.66.This backdrop also allows Bond to place Paddington s story within the culture specific to Brittany For instance, he takes part in a pardon, which is a traditional Breton ceremony So, I was able to learn about the region s customs,even if some details of the observations are dated because the book was written in the 1960s Some of the larger cultural events of France are also featured in the book, in particular the world famous Le Tour de France Still, even though Paddington was on vacation in another country, I learned new British words as well For instance, roundabouts are the British word for merry go rounds and braces are the British word for suspenders Any object within Paddington s grasp has the potential to cause a comic disturbance and such is the case with the braces I ll leave it at that It was in this section of the story that I believe I discovered why the Paddington doll from my childhood came with a change of clothes, that included a raincoat, hat and galoshes.There are a great many funny and sweet moments in the book, from the planning and packing to the final moments of the vacation As always, Paddington manages to annoy people, but importantly he forges lasting friendships, in particular with a kind village baker A tip of my hat to Paddington for making the most of his time abroad It always amazes me how he is able to make that gentlemanly gesture under the most trying of circumstances He is Monsieur Le Bear.

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    This is the fourth book in the Paddington series and although I really liked it, it wasn t quite as good as the first three However, if I had read this one as the second book about our little friend from the Darkest Peru, it would probably have gotten stars The thing is, by now you are used to Paddington getting in all the trouble possible to get into So even though this book is about Paddington going to France, there isn t much new in it.Still it is amusing to read about Paddington preparing a typical French meal for the Browns snails , Paddington playing the big drum in a band and getting lost because he can t see the other musicians , Paddington trying to put up a tent and Paddington going to the bank and discovering how little interest you actually getMy favourite small part of the book was a half page or so about Paddington and dictionaries Paddington is put in charge of making the itinerary for the trip and he s not quite sure how to spell it But it s impossible to look it up in the dictionary he looked through all the E s and couldn t find it n the whole, Paddington wasn t surprised He didn t think much of dictionaries and he often found that when he wanted to look up a particularly difficult word it was nowhere to be found 13 His way of spelling it eyetinnery My favourite story was about Paddington participating in the Tour de France He borrows an old three wheeled cycle and because it s old, he has to take it apart and polish and oil it and put it back together Unfortunately there are two parts left over when he is done assembling the tricycle but that doesn t discourage Paddington from entering the race So he just sits on his bike which has a basket on the handle bars with marmalade sandwiches of course and wait for the other racers and join them when they come only to discover that what was missing is what makes the brakes workLuckily Paddington charms everyone around him and everything ends well with only minor injuriesIt s about time that I mention the drawings of Peggy Fortnum in my reviews She makes small excellent and very charming black and white drawings to illustrate the various stories and they add a lot to the books My favourites in this book are the two of Paddington riding his bikeSo not much new in this book but still an enjoyable read There is something very relaxing about sitting inside on a cold day with a blanket and a Paddington book in front of the fire

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    I m really enjoying the Paddington books This series is full of adventures, misadventures and humour I love most animal stories and Paddington is cute, fun and full of life Definitely recommend this series to younger audiences.

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    Grade A

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    These help me fall asleep, quality content

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    So much a favourite bear Lots of laughter

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    I think Paddington is my soulmate, he like to do lists as well.