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Throughout the Presidential campaign Bernie Sanders galvanized voters with his progressive platform and vision for America In the book Sanders shares experiences from the campaign trail and outlines his ideas for continuing a political revolution to fight for a progressive economic environmental racial and social justice agenda that creates jobs raises wages protects the environment and provides health care for all

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    ”A great nation is judged not by how many millionaires and billionaires it has or by the size of its military budget It is not judged by the greed of its largest corporations It is judged by how well it treats its weakest and most vulnerable citizens A truly great nation is one that is filled with compassion and solidarity” What I love about this photo is the obvious excitement of the crowd his saggy real person pants and the fact that this man isn’t made for TV or even radio His passion is infectious and he made people believe that real change is possibleI owe Bernie Sanders an apology I didn’t support him I had tunnel vision I didn’t think America would get behind someone who had declared himself an open socialist I thought some of his ideas were too far to the left I was comfortable with Hillary Clinton I thought she had done what she needed to do to be the next president I liked the idea of finally having a woman as president and not just a woman but a very ualified woman The stigma of being really the only first world country to never have a woman as the head of the government is reaching the ridiculous stage Many third world countries have had women heading their governments The establishment got out of the way for her Joe Biden decided not to run Other nationally known Democrats also decided to wait for the next cycle or the next one after that if she won Bernie Sanders got the fantasy in my own mind memo from the DNC but he crumpled it up because as he hosted events exploring the possibility of running for President all he heard wasRun Bernie Run I had my first flicker of discontent when the scandal involving the DNC rigging the process for Hillary Clinton came to light I was still feeling a little irritation that Bernie was winning states and extending the process When I observed his events all I saw was a sea of young people crazy about himwhat the fk did they know? How many of them are even registered to vote or will even get out of bed to vote on election day? Young voters are notoriously unreliable By them supporting him it made me even firm in my support of Clinton So after gazing upon the smoldering ruins of a presidential election I decided that the very man whom I had rejected may have actually been the man who could have won this election and started moving the country in the right direction From looking at the voting data many of those young people who were fired up about Bernie did not come out and vote for Hillary or voted for an alternative candidate as a form of protest We will see how costly those protest votes prove to be At the same time though I despise protest votes after sifting through the evidence it does seem clear that there was a conspiracy to keep Bernie from winning the nomination People had a real reason to be pissed off To Bernie’s credit he does not really talk about this in his book This book is about issues His campaign was about issues He did not parse his words Hillary Clinton has been through enough campaigns to know how carefully she needs to word every answer she gives She might avoid controversy with her tap dance answers but it comes across as canned and importantly lacking sincerity So I want to publically apologize for not giving Bernie Sanders the credit he deserved for trying to run a progressive campaign about the issues Part of my penance was to read his book not that it was drudgery far from it I actually laughed out loud at times and importantly he handed me a long list of talking points to discuss with my numerous Republican friends I’m not going to get into all of them because the book is a terrific source for addressing every major issue the United States is and will be facing but he also gives us viable solutions to each and every one of these issues As I was reading this I was reading parts of it out loud to my wife and she asked me at one point isn’t it depressing to read about everything that is wrong with the country? I’m a solution based personality so even though there are a lot of scary things wrong just knowing that there are valid ways to fix those problems was actually inspiring As Bernie saysit isn’t too late ”How does it happen that the wealthiest family in America is also the largest welfare recipient in this country? Wal Mart makes huge profits by paying their workers wages that are so low that the workers not only ualify for but need public assistance just to get by Many Wal Mart employees rely on Medicaid for health insurance for themselves and their children paid for by the taxpayers of this country To feed their families many Wal Mart workers receive food stamps paid for by the American taxpayers And to keep a roof over their heads many Wal Mart employees live in subsidized housing paid for by the taxpayers of America”How much does the American people pay Wal Mart in welfare? 62 billionWal Mart made 15 billion in profit in 2014 If they had paid their workers a living wage of 15 an hour it would have cost them 5 billion Not an insignificant amount but they would still make a 10 billion profit How much of that 5 billion investment in their employees would actually be used to buy goods in their stores? Probably a large % of it I don’t think the American taxpayer should finance Wal Mart’s huge profit margin The Walton family makes money than the bottom 130 million Americans combined Bernie addresses our prison system We have 25% of the entire world’s prison population What? Say that again The United States incarcerates 25% of the prisoners in the entire worldWe’ve all heard the term “too big to fail” in regards to insurance companies and banks Since I’m into confessions in this review I too was fooled into thinking that is true If a company is too big to fail than it is too big It doesn’t mean it can be as stupid and reckless as it wants to be and wait for the American taxpayer to bail them out An Attorney General recently said that bank officials were “too big to jail” because it would destabilize the world economy Come on man that is what we do better than anyone else in the world I am much interested in seeing the white collar prick go to jail for ethics violations than the poor black kid for dealing drugs He talks about the long working hours of the American worker longest for a first world country with averages of 47 hours a week 40% of the country work over 50 hours a week This is despite all the advances in technology that allow everyone to do in less time He talks about the health care problem and the need for everyone to be on a single payer system He discusses the massive amounts of student debt He exposes the worst tax avoiders in the United States and the massive amounts of money that is held offshore to avoid US taxes The rich are getting richer off the backs of the rest of us and we are nearing the breaking point It is always so funny when Republicans accuse Democrats of wanting to redistribute wealth or engaging in class warfare but they are pointing the finger in the wrong direction It is the top 1% who are engaged in class warfare and who are redistributing all the wealth to themselves The uestion I keep asking is when is enough money enough?So our “crazy” guy was Sanders and their “crazy” guy was Trump Who would have thought that this was the election where people were so desperately wanting change that they were willing to go for the “craziest” guy? Would Bernie have beat Donald? Broken beer bottles razor blades rusty chains brass knucklesI’m taking Bernie Keep helping us look for a better America Bernie If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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    Sometimes I just watch Bernie Sanders videos to help me deal with what is at times crippling depression about politics Reading this is my Christmas present to me a form of escapism of retreating from a very grim dystopian picture into an utopian world where elections are fair and this guy is the nation's dad and everything isn't going to be some nightmarish Boschian ‎march to hell Here's a picture of Sanders in Oklahoma visiting the Woody Guthrie museum Because of course he did America I hate you right now Alas photographer unknownBut a many a starving farmerThe same old story toldHow the outlaw paid their mortgageAnd saved their little homesOthers tell you 'bout a strangerThat come to beg a mealUnderneath his napkinLeft a thousand dollar billIt was in Oklahoma CityIt was on a Christmas DayThere was a whole car load of groceriesCome with a note to say'Well you say that I'm an outlawYou say that I'm a thiefHere's a Christmas dinnerFor the families on relief'Yes as through this world I've wanderedI've seen lots of funny men;Some will rob you with a six gunAnd some with a fountain penAnd as through your life you travelYes as through your life you roamYou won't never see an outlawDrive a family from their home W Guthrie 1939 In 2017 I'm starting the one biography about each US president project Well technically I'm starting it tonight as my super exciting New Years Eve 2016 Cold Season Snot Farm Cough Fest Loogie Hock Extravaganza It's a very exclusive party Anyway reading a bio for each president in order seems like a good way to put American history in context and to harden some suishy timelines in my knowledge of the world Or at least a good way to memorize the order of the presidents for Trivial Pursuit purposes Sigh and how I wish this book would've been the one to cap that project As lord knows I won't be reading The Art of the Steal any time soon maybe I'll just end the project with a survival manual or something similarly practical for the days to come instead Kidding Sort ofIf you followed Sanders in his presidential bid as closely as I did andor if you generally spend a fair amount of time reading about American politicians and their approaches to social problems particularly in the realm of in politics and how it relates to trade policy the US's embarrassment of a criminal injustice system our absurdly unfair tax structure what makes it into the nightly news and how it is and it is spun the perpetual chipping away at voting rights our evil healthcare overlords the affected admiration and sincere shafting of veterans by the right and the general dooming of our planet because fuck it let's move to condos on Mars then there won't be a lot of new information here And anyway so much of it is such common sense that it frustrates me to no end how successfully the picture has been distorted for millions of Americans most successfully by the orange haired magician troll How does he cast such powerful spells with such tiny tiny hands?However this is exactly the book you should give to those blue collar relatives who voted Trump out of a desperate need for relief from the difficulties this society has inflicted on them in pursuit of greater profits for the rich Give it to them about a year or three from now when they start realizing they got tricked Again Another great and brief and funny one especially for people who still think of Sanders as some half senile cult leader commie is Jon Stewart's introduction of Sanders' campaign from back in the late days of The Daily Show a highly recommended use of three minutes of your time I might also suggest you show your pissed off relatives the post election Wisconsin town hall where Sanders wins over a room full of Trump supporters in like an hour and a half Frustrating So is this like The Man in the High Castle where if I meditate on a park bench long enough I can go to the alternate Bernie reality instead of Biff Tannen's Pleasure Paradise? Oh dang did I just Godwin's law my own review?? Sorry being snarkily trivial about major shit is one of my most prized defense mechanisms these daysWe really mucked this one up guys Could we learn from it this time please? Assuming we live long enough to reflect?Kidding Sort of Fun Fact Guthrie also hated the Trump family and even wrote a song about its original patriarch Also what is now called Trump Tower wasn't built until Guthrie was long dead And I mean by over a decade What's that saying about the history and the repeating? I suppose that Old Man Trump knows just how much racial hateHe stirred up in that bloodpot of human heartsWhen he drawed that color lineHere at his Beach Haven family projectBeach Haven ain't my homeNo I just can't pay this rentMy money's down the drainAnd my soul is badly bentBeach Haven is Trump's TowerWhere no black folks come to roamNo no Old Man TrumpOld Beach Haven ain't my homeI'm calling out my welcome to you and your man bothWelcoming you here to Beach HavenTo love in any way you please and to have some kind of a decent placeTo have your kids raised up in Beach Haven ain't my homeNo I just can't pay this rentMy money's down the drainAnd my soul is badly bentBeach Haven is Trump's TowerWhere no black folks come to roamNo no Old Man TrumpOld Beach Haven ain't my home circa 1950

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    It's been decades since I've faced racial and ethnic hatred up close but when these things happen they scar you Hence my fear at the proliferation of swastikas following our election I don't like feeling this kind of fear and education helps lower my heart rate as I stay engaged I read Our Revolution because I needed educating and if that is your goal this is the book—whether you are a Bernie true believer a Clinton supporter or a Trump voter whose motivation was to take a sledge hammer to a system that is not working and is ignoring millions of peopleThe first section of this book is a methodical educational walk through recent politics—absolutely excellent clear eyed and optimistic particularly the Burlington story which comes near the beginning of the book no matter who you voted for If you can ignore your particular biases you will receive an education in oligarchy which has been the direction of politics for a long long time—whoever has money gets their wayThe political power of the oligarchs goes well beyond their campaign contributions and ability to influence elections As a result of their ownership of media think tanks university chairs and political front groups they influence American public opinion and domestic and foreign policy in ways that few realize 190The second section of this book is a manifesto about what exists now and how to create something else for all of us who want fairness the ability to make a living safety and acknowledgement There is a lot of detail heavy facts—so much knowledge that I wondered how Sanders can contain it without having his head explode as mine kept threatening to do But education is not easy And it can be pretty scary to learn the why and how of oligarchy At times I felt panicked and overwhelmed But I would rather feel those things than not know There are reasons behind Sanders's campaign talking points about the top 2% owning all the wealth being a bad idea about why raising the minimum wage is a good thing and how it can be done and the section on reforming Wall Street is an alarming Paul Revere type eual opportunity indictment of Democrats and Republicans that left me gaspingI found myself personally stirred up—remembering times when employers had claimed financial reasons for underpaying me or when people who made three times my income balked at my hourly freelance rate; I recalled a senior colleague a man with a trust fund telling me in all seriousness that our pay should be determined by what we need and since he had three homes and two kids he needed than I did When I said I would like to own one home rather than rent and have the option to do things like go to the theater and the doctor he seemed to think my desire for growth did not euate to his need to support his existing lavish lifestyle—and this is the normal mindset in our country I learned in Our Revolution that the most common human tendency is to not only grab as much of the pie as you can but actually believe you need it and it's better if you have it What an illusion I finally got educated about trade; I'd just thought I was stupid and uninformed but I learned that this may be because the news media have a vested interest in not covering trade agreements In short this book is grad school of substance behind Sanders's familiar talking points Read in depth simple to understand discourses on topics you want to know about or skim and skip some sections once you get the gist—I did this increasingly toward the end of the book and my one criticism is I wish there were an index and bibliography or endnotes so that I could easily go back to certain topics after writhing on the floor and recovering from the information overload maybe a year from nowWhat makes this book so optimistic is that Sanders has experienced beating the odds He's seen the people who voted on both sides and I mean really seen them They filled his rallies At all of these rallies where we were filling up large arenas people were not walking out during a long speech they were not I think bored They were listening If there is a lesson I learned from this experience it was that Americans are hungry for an understanding of what is going on in our country and how we can improve it 147 And his section called Turning Workers into Owners pp 259 262 was completely new and exciting to me Why don't we do these things? Lots of other places have and they workWe have our job set out for us but Sanders and others believe that if we stop sitting it out if we take our politics personally and become involved accepting that NOBODY on top no elected official is going to fix our life we can change but it must come from the ground up My opinion It is critical that we stop blaming and acknowledge that we all want the same things fairness a chance to succeed in life a safe home Sanders has some very good ideas about how to accomplish those things Number one Wake up

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    Bernie Sanders wants to change the world His book Our Revolution is part memoir and part manifesto Humanity is at a crossroads We can continue down the current path of greed consumerism oligarchy poverty war racism and environmental degradation Or we can lead the world in moving in a very different direction The first section of the book is the story of his campaign for US president in the 2016 election in which he lost the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton This section went on too long and got bogged down with Bernie constantly repeating everything his campaign was up against and his thanking every individual who helped him along the wayThe second part is his agenda for how we could transform the country with detailed statistics and ideas for changes This is where Bernie's passion and earnestness really shines and you can understand why he gained so much support among those upset with the political establishmentI listened to this on audio with Bernie narrating about half of the book and the actor Mark Ruffalo reading the other half While I agree with much of Bernie's agenda and his perspective on the myriad of the problems we're facing it was a struggle to finish this book because Bernie is so strident and relentless that it felt like getting an 18 hour lecture by an angry uncle I had to take freuent breaks to make it to the end My husband listened to part of it with me and he described it as a really long op ed piece A Short List of Our Problems Stagnating wages for the middle and lower classes; jobs outsourced to other countries; the rising cost of health care; the rising cost of college; politicians corrupted by lobbyists and big money; corporate tax dodgers; crumbling infrastructure; not enough support for veterans; not enough support for families; not enough support for seniors; institutional racism; the prison industrial complex; a broken immigration system; xenophobia; war; and climate change Bernie addresses all of these issues in his bookEven though the audio version became a bit tedious I would still recommend Bernie's book to those who are interested in reading about his ideas His book sounds a lot like his campaign speeches some clips of his speeches were included in the audiobook and it has good details for those who are politically minded One last thing Bernie wrote so favorably about his state of Vermont and he made it sound so appealing that now I want to move there Meaningful PassageWe can overcome the insatiable greed that now exists and create an economy that ends poverty and provides a decent standard of living for all Yes We can create a vibrant democracy where knowledgeable citizens actively debate the great challenges they face Yes We can create a health care system that guarantees health care for every man woman and child and that focuses on disease prevention and keeping us healthy not outrageous profits for insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry Yes We can effectively combat climate change and transform our energy system away from fossil fuel and into energy efficiency and sustainable energy We will not be able to accomplish those goals if we look at democracy as a spectator sport assuming others will do it for us They won't The future is in your hands Let's get to work

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    Worthy reading for anyone interested in the political climate of 2014 2016 and beyond democratic socialism or that cool cat Bernie Sanders Written with feeling humor and intelligence the words of a modern politicians I actually respect ring true and strike the heart of any reader hoping for a better tomorrow No matter your politics this one is worth checking out

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    This review and others can be found on BW Book ReviewsFull disclosure I wanted President Bernie I was all for him as the president and I really wanted him To this day I'm convinced he would have made a perfect president and a better person to go against Trump He was my favorite since he deviated so much yet kept on the same track And what he wanted actually had a plan Maybe you guys disagree with me which is fine but that's my personal bias going into this bookI listened to this book while at work My hourly job that is below the living wage me clinging to benefits that I have and rarely use since I'm never given the opportunity I mean I'm Bernie's target audience for this 2016's election was the first election I really was involved in While I knew some things about both of Obama's campaigns they didn't really matter to me This one was the first election I was fully aware of I knew the issues I followed the campaign trail This was the first election I could vote inHowever I hadn't been able to vote for Bernie because of Kansas law To vote in the primaries here you have to be registered under the party I'm an independent because while I am a very strong liberal I also have a few conservative views and I don't want to assign myself to a partyOr that's how I was before this book Now I've realized that both parties are corrupt and I need to be carefulThis book is really important Not just for the Bernie supporters but for people who just want to hear another view and is upset with the state of things right now There's something wrong That's what Bernie and Trump's campaigns told us and perhaps why Hillary wasn't elected Something's rotten in the state of Denmark and going with the status uo isn't going to work Even though Trump is the status uo and then some for the Republican party I digressSo what is this review really? It's a jumble of thoughts about myself and how this book related to me Not a deep analysis of the issues even though I'd like to do that Bernie's message impacted so many people because we can see that there's something wrong with how we live today in America The rich are getting richer and the middle class is going away I mean he spoke to me and my worriesMy parents are using their retirement money on my undergrad That's so much money that they could have used for their actual retirement but they invested it in me Yes they wanted to do it that way I knew they would But it still hurts me because I worry so much about how I'm going to take my degree and use it Then how am I going to pay them back to make sure they live good lives as they get older?While perhaps you might not agree with some of the things he said you can still hear that he genuinely cares about the way things are going in the United States and he wants to fix them in the way he thinks will work best I don't even agree with some things he talks about but I agree on the key issuesThis book explained his thoughts in a way that was easy to understand You could follow his line of reasoning in his own words pulling from the most recent data that he could and showing exactly what he has done while in Congress I highly recommend it no matter what party you come from or neither party so long as you feel upset about the way things are Bernie offers great alternatives and things that you can think about

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    “Humanity is at a crossroads We can continue down the current path of greed consumerism oligarchy poverty war racism and environmental degradation Or we can lead the world in moving in a very different direction” As Americans we consider our country to be one of the greatest in the world Our values move in a generally forward direction but our priorities for caring for the most vulnerable of our society have somewhat slipped behind the rest of the world Bernie Sanders’ 2016 platform is one of the most progressive in modern history and he lays out important issues plaguing the current state of America I was overwhelmed with various emotions reading this book sadness for the millions being left behind anger regarding the domination of greed in our government and fear of the future after what could become decades of neglect Regardless of your political views these issues affect all of us and future generations to comeview spoilerDefeating Oligarchy Through Citizens United wealthy oligarchs are threatened by what normal people can accomplish in a democracy and thus they use their wealth to influence politicians while protecting their assets making America a less democratic society There is a massive and coordinated effort by partisan politicians to suppress the votes of minorities the poor the elderly and the young Decline of the Middle Class America has the most income and wealth ineuality than any other major country on earth The gap between the very rich and everyone else is wider than at any time since the 1920s The top 110 of 1% owns as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent 99 percent of all income goes to the top 1%Healthcare Reform The healthcare industry makes billions a year in profits while many Americans get by on inadeuate coverage or many suffer and die unnecessarily Why is it that we are the richest country in the world but we cannot afford universal healthcare for all our citizens? A universal healthcare system exists in every major country except the US “Unlike every other major country in the world all of which negotiate prices within the pharmaceutical industry here in the US drug companies can charge any price they want” The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most politically powerful industries in the countryAffordable Higher Education “Since 1995 higher education in the United States has become increasingly expensive The national college graduation rate has not grown at the same speed and other countries have caught up and even surpassed the United States in their supply of graduates”Combating Climate Change Dr James Hansen one of the most respected climatologists in the world states that 350 ppm is the max level to preserve a planet similar to that on which civilization developed and to which life on Earth adapted Sadly we have already exceeded 400 ppm Millions will be displaced by rising sea levels extreme weather and flooding Tropical diseases will spread across across parts of the world and the scarcity of basic human needs can lead to warfare over limited resourcesCriminal Justice Reform Across the country too many blacks and minorities are subjected as victims under a system that often treats innocents as criminals “We have less than 5 percent of the world's population yet we have a uarter of all prisoners We now have people in jails and prisons than does the Communist totalitarian state of China which has a population four times our own”Corporate Media and Democracy Today a handful of multinational corporations Comcast Disney News Corp Time Warner Viacom CBS own much of the media and control what Americans see hear and read “For the corporate media the real issues facing the American people poverty the decline of the middle class income and wealth ineuality trade health care climate changeetc are fairly irrelevant For them politics is largely presented as entertainment” hide spoiler

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    I was planning a long review where I explained how wonderful Bernie Sanders is how he cuts through all the BS and is constantly bringing attention back to the basic issues A nation will not survive morally or economically when so few have so much and so many have so little how it's frustrating that he has to remind everyone that his ideas are not extreme ones Is it really so crazy to think that minimum wage workers should make 15hr or is it crazier that taxpayers subsidize the profits of the Walton family—who own Walmart who hoard wealth than the bottom 40% of America over 127 million people—by providing welfare assistance for their employees that aren't paid enough to survive on? how he's one of the only politicians who seems serious about saving the planet from the fossil fuel industry If we do not address the global crisis of climate change transform our energy system away from fossil fuels to sustainable energy the planet that we're going to be leaving our kids and our grandchildren may well not be inhabitable how he's somehow the only prominent politician who admits that our politics are systemically undemocratic We are talking about a rapid movement in this country toward a political system in which a handful of very wealthy people and special interests will determine who gets elected or who does not get elected That is not what this country is supposed to be about That was not Abraham Lincoln’s vision of a government of the people by the people and for the people how he is able to prioritize between destroying other countries and preserving our own Millions are unemployed and our roads and bridges are falling apart It we can spend 6 trillion sending people to war we can spend 1 trillion to put Americans to work fixing our nation's crumbling infrastructure or how maybe all you need to know about him is that he's a decent guy and that's a really remarkable characteristic in the current political climate There is too much shouting at each other There is too much making fun of each other but you already have opinions about Bernie Sanders Instead I'll use the rest of my space here to collect a few of my favorite Bernie moments^After winning his first mayoral election in Burlington Bernie celebrated by picking up trash in a public parkWhen Bernie wouldn't yield^This goofy smileWhen his brother cast the final electoral vote for him and they both fought back tears^Of course we can't forget the time when a bird endorsed Bernie SandersOkay okay I guess this is a book review so I should talk about the book It's a good book I mean if you like Bernie Sanders you will like this book If you don't you won't The first uarter or so is a uick and dirty memoir of his life but mostly focussing on his 2016 primary run The rest of the book is a run through of his major policy positions If you get the audiobook the memoir portion is narrated by Bernie himself The rest is narrated by Mark Ruffalo who sucks at it He basically sounds bored during a lot of it and he chuckles at strange times If you're part of the top 1% you should buy the audiobook to listen to Bernie read his part then buy the print or e book and read the rest of it yourself

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    But transforming America is than just elections It's about changing our cultureWhile I would love to give this book a higher rating for the ideas Sanders espouses this book just doesn't do them justice The first half of the book is a too long recap of the election process We spoke here this many people showed up these campaign people helpednot really much insight hereThe second half is where the meat of his arguments rest and unfortunately even here the book could have used some editing He throws out a lot of facts and figures all good solid information but he really only begins to get some solid development of his case near the book's endThis book would have been so much better had I read it in reverse Even worse I read it amidst the Trump Inauguration hoopla and just kept thinking to myself Oh what could have been

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    After a lackluster year of reading finishing 2016 listening to 'Our Revolution A Future to Believe in' by Bernie Sanders was pure joy for me I can't say that I learned anything I hadn't already known as I've been an admirer and follower of Senator Sanders for than a decade But he speaks to my heart AND my mind and reminds me of what I believe to be true about the world and my place in it Plus Senator Sanders narrates the first half of the book himself which made the book that much enjoyable If you are interested in Bernie Sanders' political and social views I highly recommend that you listen to this audiobook It's inspiring hopeful and uplifting