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No one is like Daemon BlackWhen he set out to prove his feelings for me he wasn’t fooling around Doubting him isn’t something I’ll do again and now that we’ve made it through the rough patches well There’s a lot of spontaneous combustion going on But even he can’t protect his family from the danger of trying to free those they loveAfter everything I’m no longer the same Katy I’m different And I’m not sure what that will mean in the end When each step we take in discovering the truth puts us in the path of the secret organization responsible for torturing and testing hybrids the I realize there is no end to what I’m capable The death of someone close still lingers help comes from the most unlikely source and friends will become the deadliest of enemies but we won’t turn back Even if the outcome will shatter our worlds forever Together we’re stronger and they know it

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    Oh noOh nononoNooooooooooooooooooJust give me a momentI need to calm downSorrywhere are my manners???Hello Readers Why am I in this condition???I'll have to start from the beginning Yesterday morning Okayall of youstay calmstay cooltake deep breathsHere we goDAEMON BLACK IS BACKYesyes I know it's TRUE HmmmmmmmmmmmI'm just a foola fool in love with youOuchdid someone just chuck a shoe at me???YeahyeahI'll stop singing and get back to the storyThe Storyline The story starts exactly where it was left off in OnyxAdam is dead and Dawson's backBut nothing is the same anyKaty and Daemon's whole world has gone topsy turvyDawson maybe back but he is only a shell of the man he used to beThe DOD still have Beth and Dawson's going crazyHe is ready to do anything to get Beth backAnd that means rushing to the DOD headquarters if he has toBut Daemon had already lost his brother onceHe's not going to lose him a second timeSohe is constantly baby sitting his brotherAnd then Daemon decides to take Katy out to dinner on a date while Dee babysits DawsonButDaemon gets a call in middle that Dawson's somehow made a run for itTelling Ordering Katy to go homehe goes after DawsonBut Katy being Katyfollows Daemon and finds the brothers in the middle of a fight “Here was the problemDawson wouldn’t stopDeep down Daemon knew and understood why and would do the same thingIt was hypocritical to the umpteenth degree to demand someone else do otherwiseThere had to be a compromiseAnd there was one “ Let us help you”And so Katy promised that they would help Dawson to find BethBut Dawson’s not their only problemBlake is back tooYes Readersyou heard me rightBlake’s back and he wants their helpHe knows where Beth isIt’s the same place where his friend Chris is being keptHe needs their help and they need hisAnd Deethe sweet bubbly girlhas turned into a cold and unfeeling bitchShe wants to kill BlakeDawson will not let anyone kill Blake as only he can lead to BethAnd then there are the Elders who can outcast Daemon for being with a humanAnd then there is the chance that all of this is a trap A big trap for Daemon and Katy set by the DODReadersyou must have heard of the saying ‘Between the devil and the deep blue sea’ “We’d been blackmailed—trapped againand what could we do? Refuse to go along with Blake and be turned over? Or trust someone who had already proven he wasn’t worthy of such a thing?Godwe were screwed to the tenth degree”And so Readerswelcome to the crazy world of OpalAnd welcoming you is Daemonof course “He immediately started charming my mom until she was nothing but a gooey puddle in the middle of the foyerHe loved her new haircutShe got one?I guessed her hair did look differentLike she’d washed it or somethingDaemon told her that the diamond earrings were beautifulThe rug below the steps was really niceAnd that leftover scent of mystery dinner—because I still hadn’t figured out what she fed me—smelled divineHe admired nurses worldwideand by that pointI couldn’t keep my eye rolls to a minimumDaemon was ridiculous”Yessigh That’s Daemonridiculously charming “Slowly he looked at meand then he bent downplanting his lips on mineThe kiss was unexpected—deep and forcefulStunned I just stood there as I pulled backnipping at my bottom lipTastyKitten Then he spunplanted his right hand on Blake’s shoulderknocking him back into a locker “See you around” he saidsmirking”Yessigh againThat’s Daemonridiculously possessive “I loathe BlakeHe used me and was ready to turn me over to DaedalusHe killed AdamThere’s only a teeny tiny bit of me that can actually tolerate himHow can you even be any bit jealous of him?”“He wants you”“Ohdear Godhe does not”“WhateverI’m a guyI know what other guys are thinkingTold youridiculously jealous Daemon spoke in his languageThe lyrical quality of his words made no sense to me“What did you say?” I asked“There’s really no translation for it” he said “but the closest human words would beyou are beautiful to me”Andridiculously romanticTHE PERFECT PACKAGEAnd together they make the perfect couple I was soso in love with this bookAnd thenthe unthinkable happenedWarning Readers—CLIFFHANGERCLIFFHANGERCLIFFHANGERBe prepared for your heart to be torn outHell noI am NOT adding any spoilers Why??Because I suffereda lotAnd I want you to experience the pain which I felt Does that make me evil???MwahahahahahahaYou bet it doesTa TaReadersEnjoy