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In the beginning was the darkness and in the darkness was a girl and in the girl was a secretIn the domed city of Yuan the blind Princess Isra a Smooth Skin is raised to be a human sacrifice whose death will ensure her city’s vitality In the desert outside Yuan Gem a mutant beast fights to save his people the Monstrous from starvation Neither dreams that together they could return balance to both their worldsIsra wants to help the city’s Banished people second class citizens despised for possessing Monstrous traits But after she enlists the aid of her prisoner Gem who has been captured while trying to steal Yuan’s enchanted roses she begins to care for him and to uestion everything she has been brought up to believeAs secrets are revealed and Isra’s sight which vanished during her childhood returned Isra will have to choose between duty to her people and the beast she has come to love

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    45 starsGrowing up Beauty and the Beast was my favorite Disney movie C’mon a chick that likes to read a spooky castle evil townies a Tauren love interest plus some homoerotic household goods? What’s not to love? So it’s understandable that I was a little nervous that this book would take those wonderful childhood memories and shit all over them It didn’t It took everything that I loved about that movie and made it darker Stacey Jay took Belle and said “Fuck what you think you know about this character” She took Beast and said “Fuck what you think you know about this character” She switched up their roles while somehow remaining true to their story and then dropped them into a futuristic world on a dying distant planet She took that single creepy rose and transformed it into a pulsing seething thorn filled garden with a dark heart I can’t say that I enjoyed every second of this book but that’s because I wasn’t meant to I was meant to be angry I was meant to be frustrated I was meant to be sad Like in the original story these characters are than just skin deep Even the support cast had depth that I don’t find in most MCs these days They kept me on my toes kept me unnerved Do I like this dude or is he just a ginormous twatwaffle? I DON’T KNOW I CAN’T MAKE UP MY DAMN MIND BECAUSE HE WON’T STAY IN THE BOX I’M TRYING TO PUT HIM INAnd then you have Beauty and the Beast themselves or in this case Isra and Gem I was rooting for them from the second they laid eyes on each other Those stubborn assholes But you know what? I got it I totally understood why it took them so long to figure their shit out and that’s part of the beauty of this book Even when they pissed me off I loved them was rooting for them Another beautiful part of this book was the writing Some books are a chore to read Some are fun to read Then you have books like this those that are so well written that you forget that you’re even reading So fantastc twist on a classic fantastic characterization fantastic writing fantastic pacing WINBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

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    Of Beast and Beauty really did surprise mePrior to starting this retelling I was absolutely certain that ‘‘the Beauty’’ aka Isra in this story would be ‘‘the Beast’’ but I soon discovered that I was on the wrong track There is no Beauty and there is no Beast which is what makes this fairy tale retelling so intriguing and memorable Isra’s kingdom is falling apart The only thing that keeps it from crumbling is the roses But the roses are greedy; they are hungry and they want to be fed but to feed the roses means to commit sacrifice The women in Isra’s lineage have all given their lives to protect the people of the kingdom and preserve the latterNow it’s Isra’s turn to willingly give her blood to the malicious roses I adored simply adored the new elements Stacey Jay incorporated in this retelling She kept everything from the original story but distorted the elements to make them darker and added surprising twists If this book were a word of the dictionary it would definitely be a synonym of ‘‘originality’’ One thing I didn’t appreciate that much is the love triangle If you remember Belle has a suitor – Gaston – that tries to win her heart but never wins and Belle is in fact annoyed with his trying to win her over from the very beginning WELL in this retelling Isra is close to falling in love with Bo and actually kisses him in the first eighty pages I was really shocked by thatCharacter wise I considerably liked every one of them even Bo euivalent of Gaston and every supporting character too Because they all show distinctive ualities and personalities They are the ones who make this retelling a beautiful one and very much enjoyable to readThe world building is sadly horribly bleak We are given information on why the kingdom is in danger of dying and why there are Monstrous and Smooth Skins and how the curse that has befallen the population can be lifted but this book lacks in settings and distinctive events There is little action; it’s principally about Isra falling for Gem and their inner lovey dovey thoughts I’m exaggerating it’s actually sweet but there sure is a lot lot lot of romanceThere’s so much to love though and that’s why I think you should give it a try Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google

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    Actual rating 35This book is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast where Beast is the captive and Beauty is neither a beauty nor a paragon Isra is not Belle she is Rapunzel she is Sleeping Beauty She is a princess in a tower locked up safe coddled and infuriatingly protected from the real worldI wanted desperately to love this book but it just didn't turn out as well as I had hoped I absolutely love alternate versions of fairy tales and let's face it those of us who have watched Disney's Beauty and the Beast are hooked for life This is not a bad book this is nowhere near a bad book It just ultimately failed to hold my attention somewhere along the way The characters were brilliantly portrayed the writing is poetic lyrical and descriptive without being purple prosy or sounding like it was overachieving Despite all its strengths Of Beast and Beauty's plot was not engrossing for me overall Among what I felt were its weaknesses were the unrealistic portrayal of romance and a storyline that was initially fascinating but progressed too slowly and ultimately lost my interestThe summary of the book makes the plot sound simple than it actually is The actual plot is a lot complicated involving enchanted roses the mystery of the Domed City the mystery of the Covenant It deals with issues with beauty within versus beauty without It uestions the characters' own belief in beauty and whether the outward appearance is an accurate reflection of the soul It deals with internal securities of anger inborn prejudices The book ties everything together well the world is well portrayed particularly that of the desert The desert bears their scars The land spread out below us is all but barren The desert floor is baked hard The wind can barely move it There are no dust storms here The ground cracks like eggshells the pieces moving farther apart with every month that passes without rain The trees are dead and the few cacti that stubbornly push their way up from the scarred earth cast gnarled shadows crooked fingers Did I mention I love the writing? I need to mention it again because I absolutely LOVED the writing It's among the best in the YA batches that I've read this yearI wished that there had been details on the domed city of Yuan To be honest that was part of my interest in reading the book For me Beauty the Beast Asian related setting SOLD I'm Asian there's a distinct lack of Asian related books so I am admittedly biased The thing is I never really got a feel for the culture and description of Yuan Yes there are Asian names references to Asian culture doing one's duty etc but they're just names ideas The city itself the culture the people their customs weren't well built and never really felt real in my mind The desert the harshness of it the bleak lifelessness of the setting was so much clearer than the actual city containing thousands of people an entire cultureOur heroine is blind conseuently we see how she feels and senses things; her perceptions and heightened senses relative to her lack of sight was beautifully describedwhen it was described I was actually a little disappointed at the lack of descriptions when we see things from her point of view the book is written from a first person perspective with alternating narrators It just doesn't feel like Isra is a good portrayal of a person who is actually blind The best scenes in the book from her point of view was from the introductory chapters when we see her running through the dark feeling things sensing things Aside from that we get very little sense that she is someone lacking sightCharacter development is an absolute must for me within a book and man this book did it so well A little too well sometimes Gem Isra Bo are all wonderfully complex characters imperfect flawed human Bo's character surprised me most Initially I felt like there was a setup for us to hate him and so like a good little book reader I did Frustrating as he is as much as I disliked his patronizing condescending ass most of the time he shows himself to be not completely lacking in kindness and compassion It isn't right that she should live life in darkness I don’t care what my baba said I will not see my ueen suffer any than she must by virtue of her birth I will see her eyes light up with wonder I will see her smile as she looks at me and knows I am the one who restored her Gem and Isra are so alike yet so different Not just by the nature of their appearance although there the difference is obviously vast Isra is a Smooth Skin human in appearance yet flawed not the ideal beauty by any means but mainly in her own mind Gem is a Monstrous taller and broader than the average Yuan citizen by far covered in orange and golden scales They are as different as night and day one royalty one a monstrous outcast not even allowed into Yuan hunted and despised Yet both are prisoners of their own mind both are angry both are full of self doubt and loathing for what they feel are their personal weaknesses They hate each other having grown up believing nothing good of the other kind believing in preconceived notions of goodness and beautyIsra is sheltered within an inch of her life due to her position as royalty and due to her disability and the taint of her late mother's madness Her character frustrated me sometimes she is so angry so hurt inside yet she keeps it bottled up and ends up or less a doormat of a ueen Isra is so utterly passive at times and I can feel Gem's frustration as he suffers in dealing with Isra and her endless list of insecurities She does not step up as a leader she lets people tell her what to do how to dress how to act Isra is a fucking UEEN she needs to grow some balls Isra is a puppet of a ruler; she can barely muster up the energy to stand up for herself much less run a country Her passivity and her fatalistic state of mind is completely incomprehensible to Gem because she is so ready to surrender to everyone and everything and he is unrelenting 'Do itdo it Kill me'Her words make my blood burn 'You're so ready to die?' I demand in her language 'My people would do anything to live Anything' I do so love the characters but their romance felt much too soon too forced too fast They are well in love before a third of the book is through From literally wanting to kill each other to falling in love in that short of a time is incomprehensible to me Their interactions in between weren't conducive to romance they bond yes but each have their personal purpose in using the other and their growing feelings just felt completely obligatory overall Their love is also overwrought with angst and the romance is a much too prevalent part of the novel where I felt like the plot should have been the focus The most accomplished lover in Yuan kissed me long and deep and continues to do his best to seduce me and I feel nothing but vague curiosity and pronounced anxiety Now a beast from the desert stands too close and I am dizzy with wanting him I crave his calloused hands on me MehOverall excellent characters lovely writing a lot of angst to each his own but the plot didn't hold my attention overall

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    This one was a very low 3 stars for me I probably would have rated less than 3 but I didn't think it would be fair to the book because it wasn't badly writtenBut I was so BORED the entire time I was reading I kept waiting for whatever awesomeness was supposed to happen that made seemingly every other reviewer fall in love with itIt never happened for me I didn't hate the characters but I never fell in love with the idea of Isra Gem together Part of that reason may have been because of the image that got stuck in my mind of his physical descriptionGem was described as this lizard like creature Now I'm not sure what the author intended but I kept picturing some scaly Creature from the Black Lagoon Only with sharp pointy teeth It just ruined any chance that I could get behind the kissing scenes I'm sorry I'm sorry I know that it's wrong of me to judge a character on their looks Especially in a Beauty and the Beast retellingI feel so ashamed but I couldn't help it It grossed me out and I couldn't get past it I'm thinking I would have been fine if they hadn't done all the sexytime stuff internally screamingTHE TEETH Watch the TEETH IsraOk obviously a lot of readers weren't bothered by this which probably means I'm even shallow than I originally thought Which is sad I mean if my husband had scaly skin shark teeth I'd really miss himNow while I did think this was a really different and interesting take on Beauty the Beast the plot seemed to drag too much for me to find it truly interesting However it does have an incredible backstory setting with this cool sci fifantasy feel to itSo while it wasn't perfect for me it might be perfect for youAlso reviewed for

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    Read for the 2015 Reading Challenges #28 A book with antonyms in the title 45 This is definitely a must for any Beauty and the Beast fan like me We all know that story so expect this book to be a romance centered a lot on the character development and love aspects not too deep into the fantasy world it creates but involved in a very fantastical atmosphere improved by the beautiful writing It has the classical BB elements but overall it follows its own rules A fresh retelling for what at least for me is the most beautiful love story ever told I will show her that loving her is my greatest truth Lo primero a recalcar sobre este libro es la escritura Bellísima Muy ligera y fantástica ue daba ganas de seguir leyendo Lo segundo ue voy a recalcar es lo atrapante de la historia Como ya sabremos solo por el nombre este es un retelling de La Bella y la Bestia y como ya sabemos esa es la mejor historia de amor creada por Disney y no no estoy abierta a discusión XD Muy personalmente yo considero ue también es la mejor historia de amor de todos los tiempos pero como eso involucra a muchísimas más películasserieslibros estoy de acuerdo si difieren Pero de Disney? Si la mejor No sh sh shhhh ya te dije ue no esta abierto a discusión ya let it go XDEntonces a ue me refiero con ue algo a recalcar para mi es lo atrapante de la historia? Bueno ue yo no soy la mayor fan de las historias de amor Así ue cuando un libro se centra tanto en eso y me gusta es un punto a su favor bastante grande Of Beast and Beauty es un retelling ue uiere estar aparte de su historia original pero también dar el mismo mensaje y Stacey Jay la autora lo logra increíble Porue un retelling de BB ue no tenga la moraleja de ver mas allá del aspecto físico pierde completamente su propósito y mi atención Tiene muchos simbolismos del cuento original pero los transforma en algo más oscuro y le da una vuelta muy peculiar a otros tantos dándole un factor sorpresa muy bueno al libro Básicamente en este mundo hay ciudades viviendo en domos para desligarse del desértico exterior donde viven los Monstrous Pero las divisiones no son tan simples como eso Definitivamente una historia con más capas de las ue pensé y con personajes más complicados de lo esperado Tiene pocos personajes importantes pero todos están muy bien desarrollados sobretodo Isra y Gem nuestros protagonistas Y como toda historia de amor solo funciona si te crees el romance ue conlleva y en mi caso me encanto Disfrute mucho sus escenas juntos aunue me hubiera gustado un poco más de desarrollo para pasar de enemigos a amigos y luego a un toue más romántico Pero las escenas funcionan y gracias a la escritura de Jay se leen lindisimas La historia tiene un prologo impresionante A mi me encanto pero ahí se viene el error del libro o lo ue para mi hizo ue no le diera las 5 completas Te cuenta cosas Cosas ue la protagonista no descubre hasta la mitad o mas del libro así ue para cuando lo hace no te impacta mucho porue tu ya lo sabias Pero Jay se guardo varios giros ue hacen del final uno tal vez no excelente pero bastante dinámico Lo recomiendo mucho si buscas una fantasía ligera y una buena historia de amor a la segura Of Beast and Beauty cumplirá eso y un poco mas O para cualuiera ue al igual ue yo este en busca de ese retelling perfecto de La Bella y la Bestia yo aun sigo buscando pero este es un gran aporte Si buscas una fantasía mas densa o mas profunda este no es tu libro te recuerdo ue se centra bastante en la historia de amor y no tiene un world building muy grande pero lo poco ue esta ahí funciona Beauty is wherever you find it and Beast is there when you need to defend it Estoy muy feliz de haberlo comprado en físico porue definitivamente lo releería en un futuro D y la portada es perfecta Y ahora cantemos juntos Tale as old as timeTrue as it can be Barely even friendsThen somebody bends UnexpectedlyJust a little changeSmall to say the leastBoth a little scared Neither one preparedBeauty and the BeastNo les dieron ganas de llorar a mi si ’PD YA MALDITA SEA aunue sea una foto de Emma Watson como la Bella sauen maldito Disney ue no ven ue desde hace como 3 años sacaron la noticia del live action???

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    Continuing my Beauty and the Beast Month and that's right that's right Another five star Beauty and the Beast read And this one COMPLETELY different from the last one and yet eually compelling in its own way Visit my website to see all of my Beauty and the Beast reads Though I have to say this wasn't as much of a Beauty and the Beast retelling as I thought it would be That is NOT a knock on the book so don't consider it a critiue I was simply expecting ties to the original fairytale and if I'd known that it was really barely related to it at all I probably wouldn't have picked OF BEAST AND BEAUTY for my Beauty and the Beast month I also think readers need to be aware that the similarities are very very slight because if you go into this book expecting Beauty and the Beast you might be a little disappointed Which is too bad because this is an AWESOME book for being just what it is Let me tell you why WHAT I LOVEDThe heroine Isra is such a compelling protagonist She starts out so weak that's frustrating but the reasons for her weakness are understandable so you don't dislike her You simply feel so much desire to see her grow and become strong Her journey of growth is so painful but by the end she emerges as such a pillar of strength and hard won wisdom that you cannot help but love her Gem the hero is likewise a well drawn character He's not as weak as Isra to begin with but he has a lot of growing and changing to do to I love that he is a tortured hero without ever feeling angsty When you consider his situation and his motivation the tortured aspect just feels like a natural result rather than a plot device It's surprising to me how romantic of a figure he became too considering how very strange looking he is But the author makes us relate to him through his perspective then makes us fall for him from Isra's perspective and it just all works really well The plot oh my gosh the plot of this book was crazy Sometimes I'll admit it seemed really slow REALLY slow This is a thoughtful book and much time is spent in the internal head space of the characters While there is plenty of action over the course of the story it's not exactly an action packed book It's one you've got to stick with and read with some care But MAN Once I adjusted to the slower pacing I was surprised by how completely gripping the plot was I simply COULD NOT figure out how a happy ending would even be possible And it's not Not entirely Don't get me wrong we do end up with a HEA But it's hard won let me tell you At one point I found myself crying so hard by a turn of events I couldn't uite make myself keep reading for several hours Though I then went on to finish the rest of the book in a uick compulsive gulp Yes this story is a heart wringer for sure But it's really beautiful as well I loved the combination of fantasy and sci fi elements Wasn't certain it would work together harmoniously but it ultimately did The world Ms Jay created was truly uniue truly original WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE AS MUCH Really my only complaint other than it not being all that much of a Beauty and the Beast story which isn't really a complaint so much as an observation is that it was sometimes a bit ponderous But I'm not sure I should even call that a complaint because everything that happened was important If the author cut or sped up things too much the story wouldn't have worked as well as it did So my only caution to potential readers is simply to go in to the book expecting it to be a little heavy or a read than your usual romantic YA fare But it's worth the work I promiseWow I feel so lucky with my reads so far this month All of them have been good and the last two have been truly great Here's hoping the trend will continue Don't forget that at the end of the month I'll be picking my favorite read for April and offering it and at least one other book in a giveaway to one lucky mailing list subscriber if you'd like to win a couple of awesome Beauty and the Beast books be sure to sign up for my mailing list today

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    Beautiful writing and a gorgeous ending Review on blog

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    The BatB checklist☑ BeautyIsra is not the conventional Beauty For one she is blind but her narrative didn't really feel like she is blind I mean dude she rappells from her tower to the garden way below Daredevil is the only blind person I know who can do that Second she wasn't a beauty at least for the entire first 70% or so I was under the impression that she isn't conventionally beautiful bordering on hideous what with the reaction of the people around her Then in the last 30% tadaaaa she is super beautiful after all nobody just told her All that self pity in the first part of the book is annoying but she goes through major character development☑ BeastWill we ever get a BatB retelling with a literal Beast? A beast that REALLY takes some getting used to look at and be with not some hunky dude with animal body parts Gem is like that just you regular well mannered handsomewith scaly snake skin retractable claws and sharp teeth Gem just didn't make me swoon he is kind of bland for a male MC and Jay certainly wasn't very consistent with his characterization He's supposed to be an experienced warrior but doesn't act like one Then mentions being the shame of his family but doesn't reveal why The romance between Isra and Gem does not ualify as insta love thank goodness for that They had an ambivalent relationship at the start they get along one minute but then the bitterness of their people's history always rears it's ugly head Turns out all they needed is an impromptu out of town trip in the desert without food and water for them to finally discover the wonders of making out in the dark☑ Rose in a glassOr rather a whole rose garden city in a glass dome This in my opinion would've been the best feature of the book if Jay took care to show us Yuan and the desert with detail but in Of Beast and Beauty's case world building is haphazard and inconsistentIt's certainly a interesting concept to concentrate all life in domed cities while everything else outside of these cities withered and died but Jay centers her story in Isra's tower and garden This is I guess the limitation if your primary 1st person narrator is blind I have yet to read another Stacey Jay novel before I can say for certain that she needs a lesson or five in world building from Sanderson sorry just had to mention him☑ CurseThe first few pages of the book narrates this but we know how curses are vague and wordy as fuck✖ Anthropomorphic cutlery decor and furniture Sorry guys no love for you in this book As far as BatB rettelings go this was just so so and god knows I have been searching for a favorite BatB story The concept is interesting and the writing uite easy to read but Jay fell a bit short in execution☆☆☆

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    Rating 45 StarsEvery good fairy tale has a few critical elements We have our heroine and our hero their epic tale of romance the obstacle in their way and most likely there is a curse to break as well “Beauty and the Beast” is easily the best of these fairy tale stories far romantic than “Snow White” much darker than “Sleeping Beauty” and all together satisfying than “Cinderella” With Of Beast and Beauty however Stacey Jay has managed to mix together all of the correct ingredients and just a little something ; a secret ingredient if you will And thus I am finally elated to proclaim that Juliet Marillier’s Heart’s Blood is not my only favorite “Beauty and the Beast” re tellingthis one is too Our HeroineIsra the blind ueen of this tale is unlike any protagonist I expected For one I love that right from the start Jay manages to twist this classic tale around so that it is not a woman caught in a man’s castle but rather a man caught in a woman’s And yet despite being the ueen of her domed city Yuan Isra is powerless In her world Smooth Skins live in glass domes to escape both from the harsh conditions of the outside world and from the mutations that take place there giving the people who live there the name “Monstrous” All Isra knows is that the Monstrous are cruel and dangerous and that to live safely every few decades a ueen must willingly sacrifice her blood to the roses that bloom in the gardens and keep their dome intact Nevertheless despite knowing her fate Isra is not content to merely sit still in the tower her father has confined her in Instead she escapes each night to roam through her city yearning to feel the wind on her face though she cannot and yearning even to see When she catches a Monstrous Gem in her city walls one night Isra is terrified and curious For all her airs and graces at her core Isra is just a girl one who yearns for friends and freedom What I love about her is not that she is courageous – for she is – but rather that she is perseverant and no matter what refuses to go down the wrong path Further her blindness is not the detriment most people believe it to be It enables her to see with untainted eyes and this this I loved Every love story is made better by characters who look beyond appearance and not only does Isra’s blindness make her romance stronger it also makes her bolder in her vision for a better world Our Hero Gem the “Monstrous” who breaches the city walls and winds up being Isra’s prisoner was possibly a character I liked better than our protagonist First and foremost I have to mention that his narration was perfect I love that Jay chose to add than one point of view in this tale as it helped to see the situation at hand from both perspectives Isra and Gem’s people have a long and estranged history Although they both were once the same race the new and magical land they came to sought to help them through mutations which many of the people were frightened by Thus seeing Gem’s perspective – his starving people their different customs and traditions – only added to the world building Further I love that Gem is so unapologetically honest When he first sees Isra he’s there to kill her to take her roses and food and help his people Even as the two get to know each other he still thinks of ways to kill her – alongside ways to help and comfort her Jay never crosses that awkward line of insta love and instead allows their romance to develop right alongside their conflicted feelings Gem especially is flawed and the fact that he is even flawed than Isra at times makes him seem all the human despite his scaled body An Epic Tale of RomanceI do actually think this is a beautiful love story Not only is the pacing perfect but the reasons behind it – true understanding not lust – are evident too Further there is no concrete “Beauty” and “Beast” in this tale Both Isra and Gem have their own aspects of beauty and bestiality to their personalities and the fact that either of them could fulfill those roles is utterly satisfying And yet what really made me fall head over heels for this romantic pair was the fact that their physical attraction was explored as well Jay doesn’t hesitate to explicitly state that Gem and Isra are physically attracted to each other as well I feel as if most literature either goes one way or the other – true comfortunderstanding with a few chaste kisses or pure lust Of Beast and Beauty manages to strike a balance between the two however which I appreciated If there is a dearth of anything in fiction it is of a teenage girl acknowledging that she wants sex so I particularly enjoyed seeing Isra approach their relationship in a light in which she felt comfortable wanting physically and especially seeing how that empowered her in many ways Obstacle in their Way Obviously there are many hurdles for these two to cross And yet perhaps most taxing emotionally is the truth of their pasts For both Gem and Isra their union is foolish and unethical despite how right it feels Not only do their people hate each other but their people would hate them if the truth emerged as well Further Isra has a duty as ueen to at least marry before sacrificing her life for her people I was pleasantly surprised that Bo the man she is supposed to marry is given his own slices of narration as well From Bo we finally see that Yuan is than merely a kingdom it is a cage to all sorts of people not just Isra Additionally his perspective allows us to see the true political rulers of Yuan Isra is just a sacrificial doll at the end of the day and this only raises the stakes and heightens our bond with her A Curse I won’t deny it – the original curse in “Beauty and the Beast” is a little lame I’ve seen it employed in various ways in multiple re tellings which is why I love that the curse in this novel is of a different darker nature Granted Isra and Gem must fall in love but are so many deeper subtler nuances to this as well For one the curse began when the first people began to build a divide between themselves – the Smooth Skins – and the Monstrous From that initial fear and hatred grew an even scarier and deadly curse – one that demanded blood As the book unfolds so does the full entirety of the curse and what it has done to both Isra’s life and Gem’s It has affected everyone in different ways over the centuries and as the full implications of that are felt it is shocking One of my only ualms about this plot device is that the majority – if not all – the information about the curse is revealed in the prologue of the novel Of course seeing Isra discover this information and relate it to her own sheltered life is what makes the novel so intriguing but it also manages to take away a little from the overall reading experience Nevertheless I have to hand it to Jay – she can build a complicated world a complex romance and even twisted curse I love it Of Beast and Beauty is a must read for fans of romance world building and fairy tales As a fantasy fanatic I loved the inclusion of magic the uniue take on this classic tale and most of all this breathtaking romance Although I’m a little skeptical to try Jay’s other works seeing the mixed reviews they’ve gotten I am eager to see what she comes up with in the future If it’s as brilliant as this you can bet I’ll be clamoring after it for sure

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    This book was absolutely nothing like I expected Even the blurb didnt give away the fact that this was a futuristic sci fi and not a high fantasy And it wasnt much of a Beauty and the Beast retelling either There was not much left of the original tale The only similarities I saw was that their love could break a curse but even the details of that were very different Besides the drastic change in story and setting one of the major changes is the fact that there is no clear beauty and no clear beast They were both a little beautiful and both a little beastly and I really loved that about it The whole point of the story is that we are all the same we are all human in the end regardless of the differences we see at first glance “Beauty is wherever you find it and Beast is there when you need to defend it” This book wasnt the type of book that made me want to yell with excitement or made my heart race It had a lot of darkness but being a standalone novel it didnt have time to dwell on it It had to bring a resolution sooner than in a series so I am left mostly with feelings of peace warmth and happiness It was a love story not an adventure The setting and story itself reminded me a great deal of books such as Under the Never Sky and Cinder But the atmosphere feelings of peace HEA and the focus on the power of undying love reminds me of For Darkness Shows the StarsIsra and Gem were amazing characters who had been through so much had been put through so much by others and still found the courage in themselves to love without reservation They were brave incredibly kind and capable people whose love was real and tangible beautiful and selfless And it saved the world And although that leaves me with incredible warm and fuzzy feelings my blood is not pumping I am not holding back any emotions that want to burst out I am her monster and she is mine But right now none of it matters