Now Write Science Fiction Fantasy and Horror Speculative

Featuring speculative fiction writing exercises from Harlan Ellison R Piers Anthony Ramsey Campbell Jack Ketchum screenwriters of The Twilight Zone and Star Trek The Next Generation and many  The fifth volume in the acclaimed Now Write writing guide series offers a full toolbox of advice and exercises for speculative fiction writers hoping to craft an engaging alternate reality flesh out an enthralling fantasy quest or dream up a bloodcurdling plot twist including Harlan Ellison R on crafting the perfect story title Jack Ketchum on how economy of language helps create a truly frightening tale Piers Anthony on making fantastical characters feel genuine and relatableAmong the other writers incluided are Steven Barnes Peter Briggs David Brin Sara B Cooper Brian James Freeman Joe R Lansdale Bruce McAllister Vonda N McIntyre William F Nolan Michael Reaves Melissa Scott Michael Dillon Scott Vanessa Vaughn and othersThis collection of storytelling secrets from top genre writers—including winners of Nebula Hugo Edgar and Bram Stoker awards—is essential for any writer looking to take a leap beyond the ordinary

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    I used to have this big complex about buying books on writing My father had always told me that good writers write and if I spend all my time reading about writing I'm never actually going to write anything And he was right to a degree A teacher friend who also writes quite a bit pointed out to me the other day that just because I am a teacher doesn't mean I stop reading books on teaching I use those books to further my craft and to discover ways of doing things that I had never thought about before That statement changed the way I feel about writing books I now see them as a way to further my craft That being said I am not sure that Now Write was a very good example for me to read Not that it was a horrible book it wasn't I just feel like the title was a bit misleading The majority of the essays and writing exercises in this book seemed geared for screenwriters and horror fiction writers SF and Fantasy had a very small showing with a few essays on world building and character creation The writing prompts I could have actually done without For the most part they are the same old exercises and prompts anyone familiar with creative writing has seen I would have rather had the author discuss the process behind their work in a conversational tone than have had them come up with an exercise that doesn't always make the most sense As I said this was an OKAY book on writing I just don't know that it was an OKAY book for MY writing