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A vacation fling No complications No connections And no regretsTrauma surgeon Jae Sun Kim has just lost the job he wanted than anything else in his life Looking for a way to hit the reset button he takes a scuba vacation He didn’t plan on seasickness or a dive master who is sex on the beach personifiedShane McCormack’s tendency to drift away from complicated situations has landed him a job as a dive master in Belize which isn’t as glamorous as it sounds But with the big three oh looming asking his parents to bail him out again isn’t an option The job isn’t without its perks though and as soon as he figures a way to keep that hot but arrogant ass of a doctor from tossing his cookies over the side of the boat he plans to flirt the control freak out of his brittle shellThe close quarters on the ship generate heat than either expects but a vacation fling is all that’s in the plans An unexpected adventure leaves them changed in ways that make it impossible to go back to their old lives The risks they’ll both have to take could leave them with nothing but scars or the best souvenir of all

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    holy shit that was excellentfun and sexy with some solid body blows in the emo departmenti especially liked the tasteful disposition of angsty tropes which somehow in their elegance failed to make me feel like an objectified monkeyturdasian MCand the sex is like nuclearthere's too much of it unless you read this over a period of days halfway through i was wondering whether to switch to another book until my dick stopped feeling so fapped outbut it felt organic heh and integral mmhmm it felt like it mostly advanced the story and i really liked that even if i was a little bored and beat up after my sixth orgasm in as many hoursrecommended