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She S Not Who She SeemsGracie Travers Has A Secret She S Not The Down On Her Luck Drifter She Appears To Be Once America S Sweetheart, Gracie Needs To Keep Below The Paparazzi S Radar Until She S Thirty Then She Ll Get Her Money And Get Off The StreetBut One Small Mistake Brings Deputy Sheriff Austin Trumball Into Her Life He S Attractive And Oh So Dangerous If He Learns Who She Really Is, Her Anonymous Days Are Over Worse, Austin S Hard To Resist, And Their Connection Is Terrifying Soon He Makes Her Want What She Can T Have A Lover, A Family And A Home Of Her Own

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    What a fantastically written novel Sullivan engages both your imagination and your emotions The intricately laid out and completely captivating plot keeps you hooked on the story and coming back for Sullivan develops her story in a slow, methodical manner, allowing readers time to guess and wonder throughout while becoming wrapped up in the lives of the characters Her descriptions bring this realistic world to life like no other Everything remains truly realistic throughout This is one of those rare stories that really and truly highlights the goodness in humanity The characters are remarkably real, yet genuinely good people, even if their lives aren t easy I literally felt my heart break at one point Not only are the characters genuine and heartfelt, they are also very well developed I loved getting to know them throughout the novel I also appreciated how the characters never stopped growing They weren t static but rather real individuals that you find out tidbits about throughout.This is definitely one that stands out in the sea that is the contemporary romance genre My copy of this novel will definitely become dog eared and well loved in short order I absolutely loved it and would recommend it to all lovers of contemporary romance Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.

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    Two women with secrets they re desperate to preserve and two men, whose own childhoods are scarred and thus inform their adulthood, meet and begin the unraveling of the secrets that each harbors For the secondary couple, resolution occurs quickly, putting additional pressure on Deputy Sheriff Austin Trumball to man up and go after what he now realizes he can t live without But will he be too late Gracie Travers, not her real name, insists on confronting the parents who spent her trust fund monies, if only to see if there s any money left After discovering they haven t changed but have compounded their lack of love by deserting her yet again, she asks for help from Austin only to realize that what she needs is not something he can give her So she leaves again, determined to make her own way in her own way.What a surprise when he reappears at the very press conference she had vowed never to hold, but which she now believes will give her the restart to a life she controls But will she take him back More importantly, has he really changed

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    What happens when you re a child star escaping from the industry and parents who forced you to act Gracie Travers has lived on the street for years, never settling in one place long, until she picks the pocket of a cop Austin Trumball instead of arresting her, buys her meal and tries to help her all the while not recognizing the former TV star.Can these two make a go of it What does Gracie need to do to avoid her past catching up with her and having the normal life she s always dreamed of Can Austin learn that although it looks like he escaped a terrible childhood without injury, he too must face his past in order to move forward Pick up this book and read to see what happens to these two I know you won t be disappointed.

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    Superromance Essence imprint is about romance with but I think in this case this isn t even really a romance novel, or at least not the usual Harlequin Mills and Boon type you might be used to Yes, there is romance, but it is abstracted from the story and subdued to the narrative This is really a story about how messed up people can get by abuse and neglect, and how they revisit that violence on themselves and those around them Its touching, if quite saddening I found it no light hearted fluffy read and is quite confronting in several places It made me think very seriously about how important the role of a parent is and how grateful I am not to be one I d make a terrible father It s a responsibility I can do without.Sullivan s style is a bit unusual in that she actually leaches out the emotion of some of the scenes by telling, not showing , having a character review it after the fact, or glossing completely over what should have been the climax of the storyline For example, here s Finn s scene with Melody yes, spoiler view spoiler The perfect man isn t so perfect, after all Never said I was His hands roamed her body, his nervous energy proving to be entertaining in bed He touched a particularly sensit Oh, that s, um, so good Finn chuckled and it was altogether too self satisfied, so she turned the tables on him His laughter turned to deep moans and Melody felt a satisfaction of her own that she could do this to Finn.Half an hour later, they shared a shower, washing and drying each other hide spoiler

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    No Ordinary Home is a sweet contemporary romance by Mary Sullivan Although it is an angst free read, that is not to say the characters do not have problems to overcome These issues are handled quickly which adds to the story s overall enjoyment.No Ordinary Home opens with Deputy Sheriff Austin Trumball crossing paths with Gracie Travers as he and his friend Finn begin their much anticipated vacation Against Finn s strenuous objections, Austin takes Gracie under his wing and she hitches a ride with them to their next destination There, they meet up with Finn s childhood friend, Melody Chase, and everything is quickly complicated when she recognizes Gracie and threatens to write an expos that will thrust Gracie back in the media spotlight she has spent the past six years avoiding.The characters are well developed and they all have their share of emotional baggage Gracie is hardened by her years spent on the road but her edges begin to soften as she finally finds the courage to face the past she has been running from Melody is trying to come to terms with new information about the reasons why she and her mother spent so many years evading the father she never knew Finn is mostly well adjusted but he has a few hang ups that threaten to destroy his burgeoning romance with Melody On the surface, Austin seems to have escaped his dysfunctional childhood, but as he and Melody try to plan for their future, his issues become apparent.The main storyline focuses on Austin and Gracie while the secondary story arc features Finn and Melody Finn and Melody s portion of the story is resolved fairly quickly but Austin and Grace s issues are a little serious so it takes longer for them to work through their individual problems There are a few tense moments between Melody and Gracie, but they take the time to work through their differences as well.No Ordinary Home by Mary Sullivan is a heartwarming novel of love and friendship The characters are facing real life problems that readers can relate to ans the characters are well developed While they might not be as easy to like in the beginning of the story, their personal growth helps turn them into well rounded, likable individuals by the novel s conclusion All in all, No Ordinary Home is lovely, easy to read story that fans of contemporary romances are sure to enjoy.

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    Harlequin Superromance Just like most of the romance novels, you know what the ending will be, but you have to read about the journey Gracie picks the wrong pocketAustin, a cop She has a story but doesn t want to tell it all She is just 2 days away from getting a large trust fun, but she is homeless and hungry.

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    This is the first book that I have read from Mary Sullivan and I will be reading .This is a book about the developing love between Gracie and Austin and their adventures along the way.I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    Sullivan combines excellent characterization with a nicely written storyline Gracie is well drawn and likable and Austin comes across as strong without being overbearing In addition, the story is well paced RT Book Reviews, 4 stars.

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    Good story but very wordy So much of the same stuff repeated over and over.

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    Free from Goodreads Decent, but not fantastic.