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The Dreaded BB Turned Out To Be Far Superior Than Expected Mrs Jeeves Was Hot, Hot, Hot Not Your Typical Widow, Mrs Jeeves Had An Enterprising BB Which Was A Little Hub Of Happiness Life Is Meant To Live She Made Sure She Lived It Peter S Life Was Centered Around Work It Had Been A Long Time Since He Had Been Home To See The Family The Timing For His Visit Was RightClaire Couldn T Wait For Peter To Visit She Had To Twist His Arm To Stay At The BB She Could Sense He Wasn T Really Keen On The Trip Her Father Was Suddenly A Changed Man Soon After His Arrival At The BB Claire Was ImpressedDistance Was A Very Big Factor For Peter And Mrs Jeeves Following His First Visit They Became Friends They Grew Closer As They Communicated Peter Had To Make A Decision Though He Had Fallen Head Over Heels In Love Visits Were No Longer Enough He Had To Make Things PermanentWhen He Stepped Out Of The Car On His Last Visit The Decision Was Made

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    Mrs Jeeves is a widow with a BB Peter arrives as a guest and falls head over heels This romantic tale is a vibrant and mesmerizing page turner Can Peter and Mrs Jeeves make it work I was rooting for them all the way Loved it

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    When a book involves a BB there is always going to be a lot of fun This one certainly had me chuckling Mrs Jeeves is my cup of tea She is full of fun, outgoing, mischievous and definitely a favorite What really stood out throughout this book is the strength of a relationship It is woven right through the book I really enjoyed reading about the antics of each of the staff members at the BB Life certainly is not dull Most of all, these characters are so real I could identify with quite a few Mrs Jeeves really stood out We all know a strong woman Someone who can hold her own and live life as it should be Enjoying every moment whatever life throws at you This was such an easy read The writing flows and pulls you right in You won t put this one down in a hurry

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    I couldn t put this book down Mrs Jeeves character is so full of fun She isn t typical at all The write up of the novel is what drew me It made me wonder When you mention the word widow you immediately think of a woman who is a little older As for Peter, well I had the same thoughts I would prefer a hotel But after reading this I am glad he chose the BB This novel is full of fun Lots of laughter Oh there are moments when you take a deep breath and wonder what is going to happen But things right themselves and the happiness is back I can definitely recommend this book I thoroughly enjoyed it from the very first page to the last Such a feel good read right through

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    What a fab read I started reading this book and could not stop I didn t want to put it down The fun and games had me laughing my head off It is so good to read about happy people People enjoying their life Making the most of every single day The characters in this book are so natural and genuine The you read, the it feels as if you really know them There are a few sections where my heart was in my throat Bridgitte Lesley has the nack of creating a sudden emotional and fast paced section and slowing it down again This book is very well written and is packed with all sorts A pleasure to read I would recommend this one for sure

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    I am hooked on Lesley s delicate writing style There s no need for gore and ribald descriptions for a true romance to work This story is a gentle romance with building intrigue I thought I knew where it was heading, but then I didn t.There was so much in the way the characters spoke and acted that reminded me of my younger life Just like a real family And the cameo shot of running a BB in South Africa made me feel at home The relationships between Alison, Peter, Claire and their family and friends read as genuine So authenticity shines through the pages.I thoroughly enjoyed this little book Truly a love story, and a really cosy read as well.

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    ridgitte writes wonderful true to life story lines and have enjoyed all of her books so far Her writing talent is amazing with romance and love always taking me to the end of her books with much enthusiasm In this book life is meant to be lived She made sure she lived it Highly recommended Well done

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    This is the worst written book I have ever read, but I admit, I did finish it I was fascinated that this book got onto a list of uplifting books, and equally fascinated that the author cracked the code of what people want to read Repetitive and I mean extremely repetitive, poorly written, unrealistic and boring Hope it doesn t go in a time capsule.

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    What a wonderful and happy story this is This is definitely a clean, cozy romance which could happen to almost anyone if they are lucky enough Mrs Jeeves, the owner of the BB has a hidden side to her At the BB she is ultra conservative but hidden inside is a fun loving woman with a marvelous voice which for a dare she parleys into free food for her BB Claire is suddenly out of a job and turns to Mrs Jeeves who takes her in acting like a Mom then anything else Meanwhile Claire s father Peter who has raised Claire as a single father her entire life comes to the BB for a vacation And the rest as they say is history I will definitely be reading of Bridgitte Lesley s books what a breathe of fresh air My Lady Love

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    I did not roar with laughter Most poorly written book I have ever read No imagination Everyone roared with laughter or chuckled on every page Seriously, several characters in the same paragraph many times Short choppy sentences and dialog was not properly labeled and punctuated

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    This book was terribly written, and the editor should be fired. it was such a disappointment, after reading all of the positive reviews I will not be reading anything else by this author, nor can I recommend this book to others sorry