Moonlights Ambassador Aileen Travers 3 PDF ì

Aileen has always been certain of a few undeniable facts—black raspberry is the only ice cream flavor that matters vampires can't be trusted and her loyalty once given is unquestionable When a late night visitor shows up needing her help she agrees without hesitation It's not long before a pounding at her door reminds her that nothing is ever as straightforward as it seems Now with her friend missing Aileen realizes her simple favor leads to consequences she cannot avoid as she finds herself drawn further into a world she’s done everything to escape As loyalties are tested Aileen will need to decide how far she will go in the name of friendship Because bodies are dropping and the trail leads right back to one she holds dear Will she stand fast in her beliefs or will she be forced to betray another? One thing is clear—her choice may lead to her salvation or her doom

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