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In the inquisitive spirit of Montaigne and with the confessional scrutiny of St AugustineMILE HIGH REDEMPTION describes in personal language the path to conversion from religion to responsibility and integrity Clark's third book is a conscientious exploration of our most cherished commitments one which relentlessly probes the legitimacy of the very Evangelical forces which seek to define him We are not only drawn in we see Clark's changes as he grapples with the pressures and aspirations of Christian salvation Professor Phillip Fandozzi 23 yr director of Liberal Studies University of MT We are privy to a sustained youthful reflection on the nature of miracles vice friendship idolatry eternity homosexuality reverence God and even human salvation Read and treasure this book Andrew William Smith BA MA English Reared in an Evangelical community Clark draws upon his unique experience which includes an early career as a construction journeyman and business owner followed by ten years on the bench in the judicial system and ultimately with PhD in hand the fundamental commitment to the philosophical life as a philosophy professor and author currently at the University of Montana MILE HIGH REDEMPTION displays the philosophical spirit at its finest Warm and genuine always engaging and at times hilarious MILE HIGH REDEMPTION brings to life the intense drama within the youthful struggle to achieve the courage to be