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Matching Configurations Is The Second Sequel To Quantum Roots, A Light Sci Fi Adventure Story That Features Everyday Olan Chapman As A Hero Vigilante Who Defends The Weak And Helpless Victims Of Today S Society Like The First Two Editions Of Quantum Roots, Matching Configurations Is Based On A Growing Belief That Creation Forms From Recycled Energy, And People Evolve From Recycled Quarks The Book Contains Humor Than Science, As Chapman Returns To Earth As Someone He Once Was, And Manages To Elude Director Of Paranormal Affairs, Lt General Alexis Grumman, Who Keeps Both Feet On The Ground, While Her Young Lover, Jeremy Wade Goes Cloud Bound In A Supersonic Motor Scooter That Flies Book Has Some Content Not Suitable For Readers Under

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    A fun rocket through timeAuthor Kyle Keyes takes science fiction to a new level one interspersed with copious laughs and good hud parody MATCHING CONFIGURATIONS is volume 3 in his Quantum Roots series, and for this reader this book is the first encountered and most assuredly will be followed by exploring the other two volumes On his site the story is summarized Olan Chapman returns as Calvin Cannonball Cooper, a vigilante from yesteryear who uses powder guns, throwing knives and cannonballs to neutralize the bad guys of today s society History books fail to mention Calvin Cooper, but this defender of the weak and helpless, went down with Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett and William B Travis in that 1836 slaughter we remember as The Alamo Acknowledged or not, Cooper lives again each time Olan Chapman dons a cavalry outfit, found in a New England attic overlooking the sea The novel is based on a belief that any quark assembly that spins through a series of worm holes, must format with a matching configuration triggered on this side of the Time Wall The flavor of Keyes writing, as evidenced in opening chapter, pervades this wild ride of an hilarious tale The intruder slipped into the masquerade party unnoticed, an easy feat in a noisy room filled with zany people and daffy costumes Mickey Mouse was there, and Donald Duck As was Bugs Bunny, Bat Man, the Green Lantern and a host of other rubber faces The intruder wore a black head stocking to cover a black mustache and two evil eyes, spaced too close together His name was Muhammud Dym Lyt Farouki He had a picture of a camel painted on his car top, and a Luger tucked in his black waistband He was here on a holy mission to kill women and baby infants I don t see any children, he whispered to a woman dressed as Xena Warrior Princess This is an adult party said the woman Allah will be angry, replied the intruder I m sure you can find your way back to your camel, said the woman World wars have been started with less fuel The intruder pulled the Luger and aerated some mildewed ceiling tiles Bedlam continued The terrorist walked calmly to a roped off dance floor and targeted a be speckled senior dancing with his wife He shot the senior through the head Screams filled the air as blood squirted to the floor Party goers stampeded to the exits of this fire house second floor, only to find the stairwell doors locked The terrorist fired shots into the ceiling All fell silent Keyes is a fine writer and has found a niche in the bizarre realm of science fiction time travel one with a terrific twist of humor and fun.

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    This author is creative and witty, but has unfortunately allowed a few stereotypical and sexist descriptions to seep through what would otherwise be a brilliant book.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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    Matching Configurations quantum Roots 3 by Kyle Keyes is science fiction novel A well written story with creative characters and a storyline that is sure to take you away to another world This is a great book if you want a laugh and escape.

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    Matching Configurations Quantum Roots is book 3 in this book series by Kyle Keyes I ve not read the first two books by this author, so I can t say whether they all interconnect seamlessly or not I will admit that what drew me to this book was the humor that the author alludes to in the blurb I will say this this book does have a healthy dose of humor sprinkled throughout The situations and moments that happen throughout this book are engaging and enjoyable I giggled than a few times at the ridiculous moments that arise The storyline IS engaging and has some really good moments But this story isn t perfect The time traveling hopping back and forth is really interesting One minute we re in the present and then the next moment we find ourselves thrown into the past reliving a historical moment So this book is a mix of crazy historical fiction moments with touches of science fiction thrown in because it s not like time travel just happens I find the main character, which changes to different characters personalities to be quite interesting The other characters that the author gives us, side and a couple who take on a bigger role in the overall story, have their interesting moments, too My issues with this book are that there are some serious editorial issues There are conversations that the characters have texting conversations and it s hard to follow whose talking texting and when exactly it s happening I found it confusing trying to follow along While I enjoyed the time traveling aspects of this story, I would have liked it if there had been notifications of when it happens Chapman becomes than just one or two different characters, and it gets a bit hard to follow along The author throws a lot at the reader and following it all flawlessly can be a bit of a challenge This is a fun and enjoyable story, but I have to say that it needs a bit of work to really make it a good book I don t think that it s necessary to have read the previous books in this series, so I can t speak on that I am going to rate this book 4 out of 5 stars I enjoyed the humor and the historical time jumps So if you like humor then this would be an interesting book to pick up.

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    Matching Configurations quantum Roots 3 by Kyle Keyes is science fiction mixed with a hefty dose of humor While some of the content is not really suitable for anyone under 18, the story is written well, and can certainly stand on its own, although it is a sequel The time travel aspect is a bit confusing at times, going back and forth, but of course, that adds to the fun nature of the book One minute you are reading a science fiction element, and next you are in the past in a historical moment This takes some getting used to as you adjust to the pace and structure The main character also seems to morph into different people, and again, this can be rather confusing to keep track of and digest While an enjoyable read, some of the writing is a bit sexist, which may be off putting to some However, for a rollicking and unusual good time, this is a great book if you want a laugh and escape.

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    Whilst it is probably not absolutely necessary to read the first two in the Quantum Roots Series before reading the third instalment, but it will probably help you get into the flow of the narrative and understand the primary concepts that run through all three Plus, if you do read the first two novels, you will already be well acquainted with our hero, Olan Chapman, and the hilarious Federal Agents, Jeremy and Alexis.Not since Hot Tub Time Machine, has humour and time travel come together so well, with Matching Configurations being Kyle Keyes funniest instalment yet Keyes has once again managed to make quantum physics fun and exciting, with his engaging plot, non stop action, and brilliant characters Science fiction has never been so funny.

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    Hello I am once again here to review a book in this ongoing series that is part Science Fiction, part Comedy It is the return of the ever eluding Olan Chapman who has a special characteristic about him that makes him Wanted by our two romantically linked hero heroine duo Jeremy Wade and his boss, lover Alexis Grumman Now I know from the Second part that Grumman is much older than Wade which enhances their sexualized combo for readers like me as I grew up with Dynasty s Alexis who had a similar affair with Dex Olan Chapman is forever transitioning into differing characters from American lore and his deeds are considered to be positive but not quite because his victims would be murdered by his very own hands And that is deemed as villainous and negative and therefore the Feds are trying to loop him in for questioning and perhaps conduct experiments on him as to why he always changes form Is it a psychological disorder or one of supernatural means This question floats around in Wade and Grumman s discussions when they sit down to examine their findings.I ve fallen in love with this series over time I find the humor to be addictive and reader inducing I was able to finish this book because of it I always enjoy the exchanges that Jeremy does with his lover boss Alexis I have overlooked their age difference due to their humor I mean, there s nothing wrong with the age gap it s just that sometimes I feel sorry for Jeremy when Alexis speaks to him as if he s a little, little boy instead of the man that he is lol I have to tell you that this book ends on a feel good note but it also leaves you hanging on an edge because well, the outcome of it is reason enough for the author, Keyes, to write Part 4 There was not a great amount of violence with this one as part 2 did But there is an inclusion of Islamic terrorists that made it flow with current events.I would recommend this comedic book to all the geeks and nerds out there like me I think the subject matter is one for discussion among us as well as for laughter s sake I finished this book in three days but could have been shorter if I was not so busy with personal matters I am grateful to this book for its humor because it made it a fun task to over with I started this series with part 2 but I will try and get Part 1 to find out what really caused the elusive and Scientifc Law defying Olan Chapman to become the way he is, how he is able to change form like a shape shifter and why he does what he does by entering a situation at a dire time to set a good man free and put a villain to death.

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    Some of the content in this book is not meant for under 18 readers Despite being the second sequel to a series, the light science fiction adventure can still be enjoyed as an independent book and makes for an easy read Keyes provides a good amount of humor to the science, which will make you enjoy the book tremendously The story is creative and witty with a bit of sexist and stereotypical descriptions The character development is recommendable as Keyes develops some lovable characters who are easy to identify with The book is quite a page turner, considering the fast paced nature of the narration and the well developed story After reading the book, you will want to read the previous two books as it piques your interest.

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    I have previously read the first two books in the Quantum Roots series so I was super excited when the third in the series was released Matching Configurations sees us back with Olan Chapman, the atypical hero as her returns to Earth as someone he used to be As a lover of science, I have always loved the time travel elements and quantum physics references in the novel, but they aren t so heavy that someone with no knowledge won t be able to follow the plot There are moments when you will laugh out loud as Kyle Keyes has a real gift for humour, and there are definitely are a few moments that are a bit risqu But overall a great read.

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    It is so good to see the continuation of a really decent story progress through into further books I enjoyed Kyle s first two Quantum Roots , and couldn t wait to re visit Alex and Jeremy to see how the plot has thickened The relationship between the two agents is highly entertaining and really drives the narrative for me I enjoy the style of these books, the underlying theories are fascinating, and any readers interested in time travel, doppel gangers and de ja vu will revel in Kyle s ideas This book feels like it has adult themes, and explores Olan s escapades with elements of humour and darkness A thoroughly enjoyable time romp.