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The Stoneybrook Library Children S Room Is Holding A Readathon To Raise Money For New Books And Mary Anne, Who Loves To Read, Is Helping Out By Finding Good Books For The Kids To Read But Things At The Library Get Really Scary When Small Fires Break Out The Police Know The Fires Have Been Set But By Who And Why Would Someone Want To Burn Down Stoneybrook S Library Especially When There Are Tons Of Kids Around For The Readathon This Is One Serious Mystery That Mary Anne S Not Going To Let Go Unsolved

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    Who s the fire starter WARNING If you have read Claudia, Queen of the Seventh Grade, OR Abby and the Best Kid Ever, you will already know who the fire starter is We won t spoil it here though That being said, this scintillating novel is a gripping tale of fire, fury, and friendship Go ahead and get rid of the back part of your seat Why You re just gonna need the edge for this one Not since Tom Wolfe s Bonfire of the Vanities has there been such a good book about fire Not since Hercule Poirot have we seen such a brilliant and devious investigator as Mary Anne Spier Not since Lee Child s Jack Reacher series have we experienced such action packed, pulse pounding, edge of your seat we told you you wouldn t be needing the rest thrills Five stars Jack Shepherd and Tanner Greenring we loved it P.S Tanner gave it four stars because we actually think it deserved four and a half

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    I was feeling nostalgic and revisited my favorite book series when I was a kid Cute mystery.

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    this is my first time reading this book I think we re finally getting to a point where ghostwriter Ellen Miles has exhausted every remotely acceptable story she has to tell, and she just keeps writing mysteries out of her ass in this prime example that totally proves my point, mary anne volunteers at the children s room of the stoneybrook public library to help out with a readathon someone starts a few fires at the library by burning books and throwing them into trash cans turns out it s not either of the likely culprits a resentful library employee who stands to gain the land if the library burns down, or the book censors that are protesting the distribution of the exact books that get burned it s sean addison, brother to corrie, child to horrible parents mr and mrs addison see Claudia and the Sad Goodbye for character history why because he didn t want to do the readathon yeah, I know, it doesn t make any sense.highlights this piece of ann m martin style writing while I love old movies, I m not a nostalgia nut I also love rock and roll and the latest TV shows only an unhip old lady would think that it s cool to say that they love rock and roll this is a 13 year old in 1994, for goshsakes and the latest TV shows as opposed to actually namedropping said latest TV shows mary anne, inspired by claud s penchant for sharing snacks maybe the world would be in better shape if our vice president shared some Cheetos with the heads of other countries miss ellway the mean library employee looks like a librarian stereotype tall and thin, straight thin lips, straight thin gray hair, thin pointy nose of COURSE she does speaking as a librarian, this is what we ALL look like old white ladies with starched collars and powdered buns when talking about their experience infiltrating the censors group to get information about them, claudia mentions that they are all fashion victims oh, claudia.lowlights nitpicks the whole premise of the book is that mary anne is feeling sorry for herself, complaining about missing logan since it s some sports season don t ask me which one, because I just don t care , dawn still in california , and mallory STILL sick so she fills her time with volunteering at the library but seriously, I hate being in mary anne s SENSITIVE narration brain reading the paper, mary anne sees an article about a bus driver who won the lottery, and it cheers her up because she can fantasize about what she would do with a million dollars she uses being sensitive as a way of making everything about her MARY ANNE IS THE WORST, GUYS I know the addison family is all messed up because the parents don t want to be around their kids so they overschedule them for everything we ve been over this once again, see Claudia and the Sad Goodbye but seriously, sean burning books makes NO SENSE how will this get him out of the readathon it doesn t seem like he s trying to burn down the entire library, so how does he expect this to work miss ellway s family had donated the land for the library under the stipulation that if the library was ever destroyed the land would go back to the family HUH is this a thing I don t think any of the andrew carnegie libraries had that stipulation.claudia outfit Claudia was wearing a big white shirt over a bright pink jumpsuit Her earrings, also bright pink, were in the shape of flamingos On her feet were pink high tops stacey outfit Stacey was wearing a red miniskirt, a red and white striped shirt, red heart shaped earrings, and short black boots burned books Deenie A Light in the Attic The Adventures of Tom Sawyer a biography on abraham lincolnsnacks in claudia s room reese s peanut butter cups n.s pretzels n.s mms n.s popcorn n.s chocolate covered pretzels in a box marked kaligrufy pens jelly beans n.s ring dings n.s ruffles n.s bagel chips n.s onion dip n.s.

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    the book opens with mary anne crying her eyes out, watching roman holiday she says that she is feeling blue she s lonely because dawn is living in california, logan is busy with a volleyball tournament whaaaa , the weather is gray gloomy she thought that inspiring herself to cry a lot by watching an emotionally wrenching movie might make her feel betterbut it doesn t she s still sad, frustrated that she has to wait 45 minutes until the next babysitters club meeting starts she even flips through the newspaper which is apparently delivered in the late afternoon how it that helpful , but it doesn t contain much of interest mary anne does mention some letters about book banning remember this man, BSC foreshadowing is always so clunky.at the end of the meeting that afternoon, mrs kishi comes in asks if any of the babysitters might be interested in helping out in the children s room at the library for a few weeks they re holding a readathon are expecting the room to get a lot use than usual mary anne immediately leaps to volunteer she suspects that having a new activity will take her mind off the issues that are making her feel moody.her first day as a library volunteer, mary anne is impressed by ms feld, the main children s librarian ms feld seems happy engaged has a magical ability to do like ten things at once without becoming flustered or fucking anything up the newest children s librarian, however, is miss ellway you can tell she s a crabby old spinster just by the fact that she uses miss instead of ms mary anne says that miss ellway is short with the kids, sighs dramatically whenever she is asked to do something, even has cold, flinty facial features just proof for my theory that mary anne is a judgmental asshole.mary anne likes ms feld a lot, does her best to avoid miss ellway, has fun helping the kids choose books learn how to use the card catalogue some of the kids, like charlotte johanssen byron pike, are especially excited about the readathon others, like sean addison nicky pike, seem less enthusiastic nicky spends a lot of time complaining about having to read a bunch of books, mostly spends his time at the library running around playing instead of looking for books or reading mary anne tries to spend a little extra time choosing books that will interest the reluctant readers, but faces limited success.meanwhile, a group of folks that sound kind of westboro baptist church ish have been gathering outside the library to protest demonstrate every day they have created a list of books that they feel need to be removed from the library because they are poisoning children s mind these include books like tom sawyer, bridge to terebithia, deenie, etc can i just say that i read deenie bridge to terebithia when i was like seven years old, they pretty much ended my childhood i was traumatized for years not that i think they should be banned.so, mary anne is chillaxin in the library one day when all of the sudden the fire alarm goes off mary anne starts rounding up the kids by the emergency exits, but mrs kishi bursts into the room tells everyone it s okay, the fire is out mary anne is still shaken up though becomes even so the next week when there is another, larger fire in a trash can near the children s room this time, the fire department has to come put out the fire all the children have to be evacuated the babysitters cub decides that a mystery is afoot they re the ones to solve it.they are casting about for potential suspects when claudia suddenly volunteers the information that the land the library is built on was a donation to the town of stoneybrook by one mr ellway, who stipulated that the land would be returned to his family in the even that the library was ever torn down or otherwise destroyed the ellways have steadily been losing their wealth since mr ellway donated the land miss ellway is the donor s granddaughter the babysitters all think miss ellway is nasty mean, they wonder if perhaps she is trying to burn down the library in order to get at the land.can i just say that this makes no sense miss ellway works at the library, so if she really wanted to burn it down, it seems like she d have a way easier time going in after hours sometime setting a serious fire than just lighting a book on fire in a trash can in the middle of the afternoon second of all, i am skeptical about the legality of this whole contingent donation of land thing if the library did burn down, investigators determined the cause to be arson, would the land really just be handed back over to the ellway family i mean, the town builds library funding into its annual budget, there s every chance that the library also receives federal funding it seems needlessly complicated from a budget standpoint to just be like, okay, the library was destroyed in an arson, so now this town just doesn t have a library my understanding is also that a library can t just be re built in a building or plot coded for commercial use, because a library is not a commercial facility.anyway, it s obvious that this whole maybe miss ellway did it is a big fat red herring moving on.the babysitters do a little underhanded detective work calling the fire station pretending to be mrs kishi s assistant to learn that both fires were started when someone set a library book on fire they get the titles of the books both books are on the banned books list being handed out by the demonstrators OMG, maybe the book banners have graduated to burning books even though mary anne is in the library constantly has never seen any of the book banners actually inside the library.the babysitters do a little detective work some of them talk to the book banners one of them admits that she was involved in a protest that burned books once upon a time they did it because they thought it would be a good way to bring publicity to their book banning cause but they found that all the publicity they got was decidedly negative, so she decided never to burn a book again the babysitters are kind of, damn, it took some balls for her to admit she had burned books beforebut OMG, she has burned books she must be our bad guy mary anne, however, is convinced that the woman is telling the truth that she is not burning books who knows why mary anne thinks this she always seems to function on just gut instinct when she finds a book of matches in nicky pike s jacket pocket, she also wonders if he is the culprit, but claims to believe him immediately when he denies it starts crying.by the way, this thing about mary anne finding matches in nicky s pocket happens in like chapter six pretty early on mary anne immediately says that she the other babysitters believe that nicky is innocent but throughout the rest of the book, every single time the babysitters find another clue about the fire, mary anne says, this just proves that nicky didn t do it not that any of us really suspected him this happens literally at least five times, maybe dude, if you really don t think he did it, stop saying, now this REALLY proves his innocence no doubt about it NOW anyway, there is another library fire in yet another trash can, there is also a fire at stoneybrook middle school, which damages the school library a little a fire at the middle school nicky is definitely cleared now suddenly mary anne has her deus ex machina moment the only way any of these mystery books ever get solved she realizes that all the books that have been burned are on the fifth grade reading list for the readathon that a book has been burned each week on a wednesday afternoon from this, she somehow deduces which book is next to go a biography of abraham lincoln where the conflagration will happen a trash can near the children s reference section the babysitters stake it out on wednesday afternoon catch sean addison in the act, lit match in hand, bottle of lighter fluid in his pocket he cries explains that he didn t want to do the readathon his parents pushed him into it so they wouldn t have to spend time with him which was also the problem with the addison parents back in book 26 when claudia ran her basement art class good to see that the addisons haven t worked that out over the course of fifty books the babysitters are hopeful that sean will now get the help attention he needs.at the readathon awards announcements, they skip over the third grade winner because they claim it is special both charlotte johanssen rosie wilder two huge readers are vying for that award rosie seems confident that she has won it but the real winner, the kid who won the most books, is nicky pike he gives a little speech about how he won it for mary anne because she inspired him to read even though, wasn t he already really into reading, that was part of the reason the triplets always picked on him, as established in book 9 when he was running away to dawn s secret passage all the time he says he did all his reading at home so mary anne wouldn t know how many books he d readeven though part of mary anne s volunteer job was to help oversee confirmation of the books the kids were claiming to have read how did nicky manage to just never have her overhear anything about that, especially when they hung out together at the library constantly whatever it s supposed to be heartwarming, it s actually fucking lame makes no sense, but at least now the book is over, so who cares

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    I freaking loved this one back in the day, and I love it now because library As a kid there was nothing in this world better than going to the library, and it s something I still love doing today I have my own personal library at home, but that doesn t keep me from checking out mountains of books or the occasional Kindle read from my two local libraries So to get a BSC book that was super library centric Heaven It was so silly that the girls suspected Miss Ellway though, for obvious reasons If the woman wanted to burn the library to the ground, she d have just set a large, proper fire and been done with it Of course it was natural to assume that it was the protesting horde outside, for obvious reasons The fact that it turned out to be Sean, one of the kids participating in the Readathon, always blew my mind As an adult I think that Sean might be a little sociopath and he may have grown up to be an arsonist.Let us just assume that Sean is doing time for burning down a couple of abandoned houses He ll be out in another 5 7 years, pending good behavior, where he ll then set a series of trashcan fires just to feel the rush It ll be back to the Stoneybrook Motel for ol Sean here, until he s tried and sent back up the river for another stint He ll eventually be released after a few months back in the can, and then he ll live with his sister Corrie, while trying to get his life back together He ll never be able to make it on the outside though, too much time behind walls and bars.He ll set one last glorious fire, the highlight of his career, burning down an entire wing of Stoneybrook Middle School SMS to you before the blaze is put out Good luck in the big house, Sean I m sure the BSC will visit you on the regular.That was elaborate and pointless I need a life.

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    I really don t know why I ve always liked this one so much, but for some reason I just do I couldn t help but laugh at the absurd way they treat poor Nicky Pike, though THIS piece of evidence lets Nicky off the hook for sure this time NOT THAT ANY OF US STILL BELIEVED HE WAS GUILTY, OF COURSE Then ten pages later they repeat that all over again, even putting him down on a suspects list but assuring us, the reader, that they don t REALLY think he s a suspect Poor Nicky.

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    Who s setting fires in the library That s what Mary Anne and the BSC want to know after several trash can fires disrupt the Readathon, an event where elementary school age children compete for most books read The fires appear to be bizarre, ritualistic burnings of books Suspects include a creepy librarian and a group of concerned parents in favor of banning books with objectionable material view spoiler The culprit turns out to be Sean Addison, a child who feels that his parents have been neglecting him and that they make him and his sister, Corrie, participate in events like the Readathon to get rid of them.I guess I have to give the book points for an unexpected twist ending, because Sean was mentioned in passing about twice in the book before the endgame, generally mixed into a longer list of kids Some children, like Nicky Pike and Rosie Wilder, got actual screentime in the book, but not Sean it s like the book was going out of their way not to put them crime in any kind of meaningful context I wouldn t mind if it had been a child like Charlotte Johannsen or Jamie Newton, someone we know well from other books the rest of the series can be the context, not necessarily this volume But Sean has barely been mentioned before, ever There has never been a storyline about him He s briefly noted as Corrie s brother in Claudia and the Sad Good bye That s about it I understand the series reluctance to make one of our regular goody goody kids into an arsonist, but come on Give me SOMETHING There s an unexpected ending, and then there s an out of nowhere ending The twist shouldn t be predictable, but it should seem so in retrospect.That said, I do like that it s a kid Setting small fires is a creepy and weird thing for a book to do It s good that he s treated kindly afterward, and he s not a villain I would have liked to see some detail about his background and the kind of interventions he s getting, and for the baby sitters to be a little downbeat about it, not celebrating catching him, because it s a child Still, they made nods to all that, so it s not totally jarring hide spoiler

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    Who could be setting the fires at the library Is it a book banner A library staff member from the family that donated the land for the library Or someone else Find out in this mystery volume found in The Baby Sitters Club

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    Uh oh, someone is setting fires I was quite surprised to see the reason behind it though Not a bad mystery.

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    Mary Anne s self centred personality grates on me a bit, especially near the beginning of this book, but apart from that this was an okay book Not bad and not fabulous The foreshadowing was a bit clunky here and there, and the eventual solution of the mystery seemed random and a little bit of a cop out I won t say to avoid spoiling.