Mamachari Matchmaker Kami No Sekai Short Story Series 3

This bike longs to be owned by a family with kids but is bought by a quiet cosplaying young woman instead How will Mamachari help Eriko to find true love? Shhh Listen To The Gods The Japanese believe the gods live in all things Trees appliances animals buildings — they all have a spirit living within them Maybe if you listen carefully you can hear them too

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    This story was delightful I loved the relationship between Erica and the green bicycle Erica is twenty two years old and she’s at a point in her life when she realizes she needs to ditch her childish ways and become a mature adult but she is floundering All the fun begins when Erica buys a charming bicycle with a life of its own that can communicate with her At first she doubts the bike’s intentions as you would a new friend but their relationship builds and at the end the bike becomes an integral part of her future family Luckily the bike has a sweet and supportive personality and it doesn’t take long for it to become the perfect friend for Erica who desperately needs something or someone to build her confidence and help her find a boyfriend The bike almost represents the ideal best friend so it’s a perfect companion for Erica who reminded me of many young Japanese girls who find it difficult to grow up because they are introverted and need constant reassurance The bike is happy to provide advice in a very protective and assertive way and this provides humour as well as depth to the storyline Erica also loves reading manga Japanese comic books and she is interested in cosplay a hugely popular performance art in Japan which is embraced by many young Japanese people as well as lots of foreigners If you have an interest in otaku cosplay or the kawaii culture then you’ll love these elements in the story I think this story would be very successful if it were translated into Japanese and it would also make an enchanting anime animation produced in Japan Give it a go and you’ll discover it’s an uplifting and inspirational story that doesn’t take long to read and I have no doubt you’ll enjoy it as much as I did