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When Young Alec Of Kerry Is Taken Prisoner For A Crime He Didn T Commit, He Is Certain That His Life Is At An End But One Thing He Never Expected Was His Cellmate Spy, Rogue, Thief, And Noble, Seregil Of Rhiminee Is Many Things None Of Them Predictable And When He Offers To Take On Alec As His Apprentice, Things May Never Be The Same For Either Of Them Soon Alec Is Traveling Roads He Never Knew Existed, Toward A War He Never Suspected Was Brewing Before Long He And Seregil Are Embroiled In A Sinister Plot That Runs Deeper Than Either Can Imagine, And That May Cost Them Far Than Their Lives If They Fail But Fortune Is As Unpredictable As Alec S New Mentor, And This Time There Just Might Be Luck In The Shadows

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    January 12, 2019 only 0.99 today I d advise you not to read it but it s your puny life And your puny money So feel free to waste both as you please and stuff We are the Fearless MacHalos and we don t Only Read UF Crap we Read Fantasy Crap Too Buddy Read WatFMawdORUCwRFCTBR DNF at 50% Because zzz. Serial DNFing Mode SDM engaged Crap damn bloody shrimping hell I have not one but three, as in one, two, three Freaking DNF Non Reviews FDNR to write This is it This is the end I know most of you out there somewhat love to watch me suffer through crappy books and take perverse pleasure in reading my DNF reviews, but I can t do this any I m not getting any younger even though you d never think it if you saw me in the lovely, juvenile flesh , and I can t lose precious time writing never ending reviews for PoC view spoiler please tell me you remember what this one stands for You don t How sad hide spoiler

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    LOve LOVE this book It s a great adventure fantasy book in the old tradition of escaping baddies and looming dark magic I love the relationships as well There s a connection between 2 male characters that I believe may turn romantic in the subsequent books, but honestly, it s so great and subtle and TRUE to them that wherever it goes I will be into it, and I wouldn t label it Gay persay, like say Melisure which I love as well Definitely picking up books 2 and 3 in the trilogy, damn Kindle for not converting older books faster

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    Why I Bought the Book Lynn Flewelling was a key invited speaker at Yaoicon last year I have to admit, I d never heard of her before, but the seminar she led with Ginn Hale, Astrid Amara and Marie Sexton made me interested in buying at least this book, the first in the Nightrunner series to see whether I liked her style of writing.Plot Sixteen year old Alec of Kerry is a bit of a bad situation He was stalking a wild cat for its fur when he wandered onto private land and was caught As well as being tortured for information he doesn t have, there s talk of selling him to the slavers Fortunately for Alec, one of the men in the cell with him turns out to be Seregil, a spy and con man who rescues Alec and invites Alec to join him on his journeys Alec readily agrees and it isn t long before the two are thrown into danger and excitement.One thing to say about the plot is that it grips you and never lets go through the entire book The pace is swift as the two men, plus assorted comrades and friends, move from one exciting situation to another Along the way the author provides information and background on the places that Alec and Seregil visit, deftly combining religion, history, social and economic details to create a wholly realistic and vivid setting for the reader.Characters Alec is a complete sweetheart Innocent and naive at the beginning but with a willingness to learn from Seregil and a strength and determination to succeed Next to Seregil, he comes across as a little slow witted, but that s not actually the case and as the book progresses so does the reader s understanding of his intelligence He s very much a boy on the cusp of manhood Old enough to understand the ribald jokes but still young enough to blush He s very attractive but not yet self aware enough to understand that or use it to his advantage His feelings for Seregil are that of towards a mentor he respects and admires him and longs for his approval When that is witheld, or when he s shut out for any reason, the young boy comes out in Alec in fits of surly anger and sulking It was all rather endearing Seregil is both a contrast and a complement to Alec He s much older with a wealth of experience to call on but this can sometime lead to over confidence on his part He s charming and handsome with a bit of a silver tongue, and yet finds dealing with Alec sometimes baffling as he often cannot read Alec s moods and as a result says the wrong thing As a pair they work well together and although there is no sexual attraction or feeling between them at the moment, I can see how it may come to grow as Alec gets older The other characters are all fully fleshed out and I found myself liking characters such as Micum, Seregil s good friend, and Nysander, Seregil s wizard mentor and friend as much as I did Seregil and Alec Even the most minor characters, such as the captain of the boat taking them to Skala, were three dimensional.Overall I greatly enjoyed this book which managed to combine an intriguing and arresting plot with fabulous world building and very sympathetic characterisation I was immersed in the story and rather displeased that I had to make so many breaks in reading due to other commitments Some squeamish readers may not be fond of some of the macabre elements to the story but these didn t bother me in fact they rather enhanced the story For fantasy fans this really is a must read, especially those who like high fantasy Romance fans are going to have to be patient as that aspect of the series doesn t begin until well into the next book I m happy to wait for that and what a wait it will be if the next book continues along the same vein as this one I highly recommend Luck in the Shadows with a grade of Excellent I ve already ordered the next two books in the series and can t wait for them to arrive through my letterbox

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    Rating 3.5 of fiveWINKING THERE IS WINKING When did the w verb infect our literary landscape When did this cheesy, arch, absurd act best done to prove to children that adults are condescending idiots become acceptablenay, de rigueurin otherwise sensible genre literature MUCH LATER Now that I ve got that off my chest, I ll attempt a review This series is billed as LGBT fiction by several sources It s clear from the get go that Seregil, our main man, is gay it s obvious that Alec, his new young apprentice and the first such he s ever taken on, is in love with him and that Seregil returns the feelings with interest Like carnal interest There is no sex between them for the whole 400 plus pages of the book, and Alec has a memorable scene with a young woman who assumes he is already Seregil s lover He denies it hotly, but makes no demur that such a thing is impossible In fact, shortly thereafter he and Seregil dash off to do action adventure stuff and Alec says nothing, does nothing differently, and continues to act like Seregil s young lover, just without losing his culture and religion specific modesty.Honestly, that might put some m m readers off, but I found it refreshing Seregil s relationship with his long term partner in crime is presented plainly as a long standing love affair, but Micum party of the second part is married and has teenaged daughters and Seregil is accepted by Kari Mrs Micum as part of the family Alec, the interloper and a lad raised without any sense of belonging, is unquestioningly accepted into the fold on Seregil s behalf and treated to the enfolding warmth of acceptance for himself.So this isn t sexy romantic timesit s important than that It s not flashy because it s real The sex one chooses to have isn t considered very important in this society Flewelling creates for us Skala, Seregil s adopted homeland, just couldn t care less about a person s sex life, they accept all shades of the spectrum as normal, judging a person by their character Yet Seregil s homeland, Aur nen, doesn t appear to be so enlightened nor is Alec s Northern homeland apparently very open, given the physical modesty instilled in him there His social awkwardness seems to be an artifact of his lonely upbringing as the son of a nomadic hunter As soon as he s afforded opportunities to learn new and exciting things, he eagerly soaks them up Alec is, in other words, the perfect mate for a man of Seregil s spying trade, semi noble birth, and insatiable intellectual curiosity What happens in the bedroom will have to wait for another book, and I for one am okay with that It is like real life this way, the discovery of a kindred soul deepening into an irreplaceable friendship, and the ship of life heading into the deepwater port of loving couplehood.I ll go along.I m ill equipped to comment on the secondary world s genre credibility I m not a regular fantasy reader In fact, absent the gay love story at the heart of the series, I d never have given the books a second glance I like Flewelling s fantasy world for its unusual aspects, including Skala s matrilineal royal family and gender blindness of their social contract General Phoria is also the Princess Royal She is a soldier to her bones Her young half sister Klia is a respected and admired military commander Their roles in society are of their own making, as are everyone else s, according to social station of course This being a pet peeve of mine, the ongoing inability of fiction to present women as agents of their own fortunes and possessors of power in their own right, the Skalan world went down my throat like whipped cream.The humor and sly side eye commentary on our own world are fun to read, and it s a little bit sad this series is still able to break ground despite being 20 years old In a world where Game of Thrones can dominate TV ratings and prestige, why hasn t this series gotten its movie or TV deal The cost of filming fantasy worlds can t be the only reason I just wonder.

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    Luck in the shadows you don t question it, you just give thanks and pray it doesn t run out Luck in the Shadows fits perfectly into the classic fantasy shelf Sadly, it does not have any added value It has plenty of removed value, though.Enter Seregil, a noble, a spy, a lover of luxury, and a representative of a mysterious people with a tragic past Meet Alec, apparently a simple boy, slowly pulled by Seregil into a world where nothing is as it seems and the knowledge can only attract trouble I was bored after the initial five chapters Theoretically, quite a lot is happening Unfortunately, the adventures are hardly original, and the terribly dispassionate writing style, full of descriptions, info dumps usually in the form of dialogues even if it doesn t make sense in a situation when both interlocutors know discussed things and go over them only for the benefit of the reader and internal monologues enabled by the omniscient narration corrupt the reading experience even further The same applies to main protagonists, on the surface both figures have loads of potential, but the way they are developed made it impossible for me to form the slightest bond with either of them Maybe it is because of the unrefined introduction on the one hand we have an experienced and world weary man, on the other an innocent adolescent who grew up in the wilderness almost unaware of life outside the backwaters he occasionally visited, And so, the sponsor needs to introduce this naive white lily to the complexities of the world this goes on for many pages and ends up with awful poetry, also far too long There is also a motif of M M romance and a figure of a gay son spurned by his father, but really, this was done by whole leagues better in Tigana The plot of this novel is painfully predictable And if it is that easy to anticipate the course of events on the outset of the journey, how much surprising can the rest of the series be Not too much, I expect And if it was a trilogy, I d perhaps persevere, but there are 6 books to come Don t get me wrong, I relish long fantasy series provided that there is enough to justify that many pages Malazan, anyone I cannot see enough complexity here And because I have hundreds of interesting books waiting on the shelves, my most heroic feat of 2018 is abandoning this series right now and not after seven one star reviews Please acknowledge.

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    3.75 This was harder than normal to read I read this pretty slowly I finally got faster at reading this at around page 400 Two main characters Seregil and Alec It s not duo perspective Different characters can also be the main voice at any point in the story, but Seregil and Alec are the most commonly used ones There are 4 gods There are wizards Also there are these mysterious discs It ended on a cliffhanger the 1st two books are linked I think so I ll probably read the next one because I m invested in the characters and I like the action scenes.It s one of those books that I m glad I read for the experience, but I don t love it and it took me 6 days not reading at all for 1 day to finish which really pissed me off Too much setting description for me The worldbuilding is very good, but I can t remember a lot of it because I had such a hard time with the description for the longest time I think some of the less important scenes could have been skimmed over and replaced by action.I heard about this because it was written in the 90s, but has a gay romance This book has very very little romance so if your looking for that it s probably in the 2nd book Maybe 2% and it s just hints at a future romance I was obsessed with it though I love extremely subtle romance friends to lovers.

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    An excellent tale with an unconventional hero.

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    One thing I want to say before I launch into a summary review the main characters are not gay they re bisexual Both of them express interest in and have relationships with women It s a silly thing to get nitpicky about, but I do On with business.Alec is a young man, just turned sixteen and recently orphaned, who earns a living trapping and trading furs He s lived his entire life in the wilderness, learning how to survive and navigate seemingly featureless plains and endless forests His solitary existence is disrupted when he is arrested by the local lord accused of being a spy Alec is thrown into the dungeon, where he is tortured for several days Then the guards bring a new prisoner and throw him in with Alec Before Alec knows it, he and the strange man have escaped the dungeon and are camped in the woods outside the castle The man introduces himself as Seregil, a wandering bard who, like Alec, was in the wrong place at the wrong time Seregil needs to get to Wolde, a large trading center, in three days, but the only way to get there in time is to take a shortcut that only Alec knows, so Seregil hires Alec as his guide, and the pair make their way to Wolde Along the way, Seregil confesses to Alec that he actually is the spy the lord was looking for, and offers Alec a partnership of sorts Alec is hesitant, but Seregil convinces him with tales of magic, dragons, adventures and riches When they reach the city they meet up with Seregil s partner, Micum The trio heads south for Skala, which is one of the Three Lands Plenimar and Mycena are the other two , but soon after Micum leaves the party to investigate some suspicious activity back in the North, and Alec and Seregil continue on It seems there s about to be yet another war between Skala and Plenimar, and Plenimar is seeking allies in the North, which is why Seregil and Micum, agents of the Skalan government, were up there The two have lots of adventures, and kick lots of butt, and all the other usual things that happen in fantasy action adventure novels The review It has a standard Medieval Europe type setting, complete with wizards, elves she can call them whatever she wants, they re ELVES, okay, only without pointy ears , and various other mythical creatures When I first read it, I had a very lukewarm response to it It was definately an okay book in my opinion The beginning just didn t grab me Also, being first in a series and the first novel Lynn wrote , there is a lot of exposition and world building, which I wanted to skim but didn t since I needed to know this stuff Most of it is in dialogue form, with Alec acting as our conduit, while Seregil explains the customs and history of the Three Lands It got tedious, and I found some of the passages just a tad awkward.But the charactersespecially Seregiljust grabbed hold of my heartstrings and made me care about them And the dialogue Lord, Seregil has a wit that could shred the wind I love his irreverent sense of humor, too And the chemistry between him and Micum just works I can t think of any other way to put it After I read the sequels, and then reread this one, I found myself falling in love with it.

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    It s as if this book was written just for me It s the perfect swashbuckling, mystery solving, roguish adventure, wherein the main characters are bisexual Although that is, for Alecs part, not revealed until later Thank you, Lynn, for this revelation of a book It s the story of Alec, who is saved from prison and certain death by dashing Seregil, who takes him on as an apprentice What exactly it is Seregil does is a little unclear to Alec It s safest to say he does a little bit of everything and soon Alec will too Soon the world is no longer the woods he s known all his life It s court intrigues, it s murder and conspiracies, it s parties and thieving, it s a world of magic, possibility and impossible heroics In its simplest form it s Alecs coming of age story But it s also a brilliant, heartbursting adventure with magic, corruption, betrayal and dark secrets waiting to end the world as they know it And I loved every goddamn word I loved the unassuming, simple depiction of very complex relationships If there s one thing in this world I truly appreciate, it s loyalty And not loyalty that is bought with money, but loyality bought with love Loyality that grows out of shared pain, shared experience, and endless, eternal love Loyalty born of friendship, a loyalty that cannot be broken, however much the world conspires Alec is thrown into a group of people who trust each other completely And instead of treating him with distrust or apprehension, they greet him as a friend They trust him, too Alec has proven his worth after Seregil unwittingly puts his life in his hands, and having carried the fragile lifeblood of another person safely into healing arms, having saved him from death, Alec becomes one of them It was both a book that hinted at so much , at dark hungry gods, plotting to end the world, and a book that had a self contained story of a plot against the queen Both were supported by incredibly steady, excellent worldbuilding In this Lynn Flewelling doesn t hesitate With sure, deft hands she crafts a world with history, pantheon and society I completely and utterly believed Most of the details were relayed through stories told from Seregil to Alec, which was a clever way to do it, and left no weird, awkward interruptions from the author.Most of all I applauded and relished in a world of such diversity It could use a little racial diversity, but in terms of sexuality and gender it was fucking fantastical Women had power, they were never confined to the kitchens, nor to get married or sleep with only men Alec is from a place with a less tolerant society, but in the bigger cities and free thinking regions you can be who you are Which is so refreshing To read a book where these things are not gingerly approached and kept on the sidelines, but thrown directly in there, and done so expertly, without making the story about it The characters simply are that way, while adventure happens to them This is just a perfect book Whenever I wasn t reading it, I was thinking about it Now that I m no longer reading it, I m still thinking about it And I can t wait to continue with the series That there are seven books in all should probably overwhelm me, but it just makes me excited So much of this world to see, so many adventures to have Sometimes you get so stupidly, unbelievably lucky With this book I did.

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    This was my first time reading Lynn Flewelling s books and I was quickly drawn into the story The mix of sword and sorcery with classic fantasy troupes means that this feels like coming home for me and the characters instantly felt like I could connect with then and as if I was able to sympathise with their struggles I also love the fact that this book hints at and even explicitly states that there are homosexual and bisexual characters within the plot, and as the book and series goes on I am sure this will grow It doesn t overpower the plot or feel forced, it s natural and wonderful and I am really enjoying seeing the characters come together over timeWhat is this all about though In terms of plot we are following two major characters and a couple of minor ones Our first character is Alec who is a young man who lost his father earlier in the year and has been living off the land foraging Alec starts the story trapped in a cell and accused of being a spy, but he s not the spy they are looking for and he knows that he needs to escape becuase the other prisoner with him looks pretty close to death from all the tortureThe second character is Seregil who is, indeed, a spy and thief He s the one that Alec s captors are actually looking for and when he s caught too he meets Alec and quickly frees him from the cell This all happens very fast in the start of the book so it s not a spoiler, but from that point onwards Seregil is drawn to Alec and wants him as a travelling companion and the two of them set off on some pretty big adventuresCharacter Development I genuinely think that these characters felt real at times and particularly I found them relatable when discussing love and heartache and sexuality This is something I don t often see in epic or classic fantasy, and I think these characters are just true to themselves throughout and they made me super exited to keep reading on.Worldbuilding I think the world within this made sense in my head and there is a map to help keep it straight We get mention of various places and we follow our companions as they journey through some of these places too which makes it feel realistic I also liked that we saw political and territorial divisions of people which meant that the world felt expansive and it gave good reasons for war and the like.Writing Style The writing style of this book is to the point and gives you just a little bit detail than an average book might I don t think that this is one of those series which spends too long going over descriptions of places, but the internal thoughts are sometimes very beautiful and hold insight into our character s minds Emotional Connection I really found myself excited by the plot and the characters and I have to say that both in written and audio format I found myself tearing through the pages minutes and wanting to know what came next I didn t get truly attached to the characters until book 2 which I ve already finished as I am enjoying it so much but I really really liked them in this book and there were moments I felt for them.Overall This is a really solid sword and sorcery style fantasy which plays on some troupes you probably already know and love but keeps a few tricks up its sleeve to really keep you reading I found it to be very enjoyable throughout and I instantly wanted to read the entire series which I am working on now I would definitely recommend both the book and audiobook if you like the sound of it 4 s