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Before Miles Pudge Halter Is Done With His Safe Life At Home His Whole Life Has Been One Big Non Event, And His Obsession With Famous Last Words Has Only Made Him Crave The Great Perhaps Even Francois Rabelais, Poet He Heads Off To The Sometimes Crazy And Anything But Boring World Of Culver Creek Boarding School, And His Life Becomes The Opposite Of Safe Because Down The Hall Is Alaska Young The Gorgeous, Clever, Funny, Sexy, Self Destructive, Screwed Up, And Utterly Fascinating Alaska Young She Is An Event Unto Herself She Pulls Pudge Into Her World, Launches Him Into The Great Perhaps, And Steals His Heart Then After Nothing Is Ever The Same First time hearing about this book Friend online gushes on how amazing and fantabulous this book is Me Okay, I ll check it out Plus it s cool since I was born in Alaska The book is about Alaska right Friend laughs Me Oo It s not about Alaska Friend still laughing Me IT S NOT ABOUT ALASKA The End True Story. I didn t like this book This is not what I expected to be I hoped to find a book in the style of Stargirl or something novel and what did I find A bunch of teens who try to ease their anxieties in their not so original vices and a sudden drama which leads to nonsense talking All hiding, of course, in a couple of beautiful quotes that wrap all the inspiring sites on the internet, the reason I got to the book and I bet that you too.Boring, it was so so boring I didn t like the characters Alaska was unbearable oh no wait, she was awesome if you were a character too fantastic girl,beautiful and wonderful and ohmarrymerightnowplease, and she had to be an intelligent woman, so the author made her feminist and an avid reader, to prove she had brains , and there is no need to write about the boys because booh The main character was a cronic linnet, who got lost in his difficulties mostly, not having a girlfriend, such a big problem you see and searching The Great Perhaps, thing he forgot to do so easily so What a waste of time 2013 EDIT almost FOUR years have passed since I read and reviewed Looking for Alaska and I hope nobody expects me to discuss anything related to the book It s great if you loved the book but I didn t Maybe at this time of my life I would express myself in a different way but when I wrote this I was convinced of all I said before After Looking for Alaska, I read other John Green s books And I loved some of them, like really did It s sad that Looking for Alaska didn t work for me but I think it is wonderful that it did for you Not so many books can inspire that kind of passionThanks everybody for your likes and comments and my apologies for not answering them any. My assistant Amanda has been a John Green fan for ages, which is one of the reasons I decided to start giving his stuff a read I decided to start here because it was one of his first books After I finished this book, I went to her and asked, Are all of John Green s books going to leave me feeling like I ve had a hole kicked straight through my guts Not all of them, she said But yeah Some I thought about this for a while, then asked her In Name of the Wind, when X happens, did it feel like that when you read it Except I didn t say X, obviously I mentioned a particular scene in my first book Well, Amanda said, Not really His scene iscentral to his book But even so, yeah It was kinda like that Shit, I said Sorry about that So yeah Sorry about that. some people are careless, and in an adrenaline fueled all caps teen reviewing frenzy, will inadvertently give a major spoiler for this book.avoid these people, even though ordinarily, they are pretty cool.this is a really well written teen fiction book i mean, it won the printz award, i m not discovering america here i think i wanted to emphasize that it definitely reads like a book intended for a teen audience and i think that me as a teen would have numbered this among my very favorite books however, as an adult, there are a lot of years between me and the characters in this book, and i have read a lotbooks than the average teen, so i am mostly jaded and ruined, but imagine me discovering this at say, 131 a group of smart kids going to boarding school who read all the time and take pleasure in learning and have hundreds of books and quote marquez and rabelais karen would have loved to have had friends like these2 emotionally unstable female lead who is mysterious and changeable who is not afraid of her sexuality but doesn t use it all the time to get what she wants who says tough and dramatic things like y all smoke to enjoy it i smoke to die thirteen year old karen loves this line, grown up karen rolls her eyes 3 drinking and smoking and fornicating that do not lead to bad grades and ruined lives there are other causes for those things4 blow job tips nuff said5 brief crash course in eastern religions that would have been so exotic to small town karen.and the structure would have been novel to young karen countdown leading up to the event then countdown leading away from it very cool so i see why the kids like it and i liked it, too, but i think it would have beenimportant and surprising and enchanting to me as a kid all the first love and first loss type stuff, all the unwritten behavioral codes between the teens and the authority figures, and the slow unravel of a mystery very cool.but i have a question and it is a spoiltastic question, so i am going to put up a barrier of images to protect anyone who has not read it, and wants to these will be subliminal suggestions that are so subtle you won t even know what is happeningdude, seriously why didn t jake go to alaska s funeral there is no reason for him not to have and there is absolutely no explanation given it makes it easier for the author, yeah, to not have to write a confrontation scene between jake and pudge, and to have the mystery unravelslowly, but it makes zero sense for someone so in love with his girl to not go to her funeral seriously dumb i will accept any private messages about this, to keep the thread spoiler free, but until john green tells me why, i am going to say dumb