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In Lonesome For Bears, Author Linda Hunter Weaves Information About Wild Bear Management And Habitat Conservation With Compelling Anecdotes And Recollections From Her Years Living Among A Particular Population Of Bears In Alaska She Relates How She Went From Being Terrified Of Bears To Missing Their Company Entertaining And Informative The Author Is Able To Debunk Popular Myths About Bears And Offer Startling New Insight Into Their Behavior Gleaned From Her Interaction With Them Over The Years Illustrated With Amazing Full Color Photos Of The Bears Discussed In The Text

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    I ve had a lifelong phobia of bears Which is why it s extra amazing that I enjoyed this book so much My sister s sense of humor yes, my sister is the author and her courage and her experiences kept me turning pages and hardly even flinching at the photos of grizzly bears, which is unusual for me I laughed and cried.Now here s the really good part After I read the book, I had the opportunity to visit Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Park in California bear country Black bears, but that didn t hamper my fear any But I d learned so much about bear behavior from Linda s observations and experiences that I gradually grew at ease as my husband and I wandered the wooded paths, taking note of bear sign and tracks By the time we were leaving the park, I was almost disappointed that we hadn t seen any I say almost because I spotted one on a hillside just as we were leaving We got out at a respectful distance and watched and took video, and I did not faint or throw up or any of the things I d always thought I d do if I ever encountered one Instead, I was excited and happy to see a real, live bear at last Knowledge brings confidence, and by the end of that trip, I had compiled enough overcoming phobia anecdotes to write extensively about it in my Soul Pursuits blog I credit my sister s wisdom about nature, and her humility in approaching the subject, with providing a painless and easy transition for me from bear phobic to bear fascinated Is it ironic that I would once have fled from bears, while my sister has become lonesome for them Yes All I can say on that score is a quote from an old TV show, Karma had other ideas

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    This is another one that I picked up during my library work I really, really want to say I liked this book, because I learned a number of interesting things about bears from it staying calm, staying put, and glancing away from a bear are ways of showing you don t want a fight, for example Some of the author s imagery was quite good, and I could tell that she cared about her subject However, I had several major problems with the book 1 The narrative in the beginning seemed disjointed I was expecting a book about a woman who overcame her fear of bears and grew to love them, but I felt that her fear of bears was glossed over within a very short space It made it seem like the central conflict was over within the first chapter In addition, before she and her husband became managers at Redoubt Bay Lodge, I wasn t sure when the previous events were happening More dates would have been better.2 Whatever the writing issue was, I just didn t feel for the bears like I knew the author did Her prose seemed to lack in just the spots where it needed to shine the most.3 The whole book lacked a central theme Because of the solved conflict right at the beginning, the rest of the book read like a journal chronicling several mostly unrelated events.Again, great book if you want to learn about bears there are several very interesting and funny stories about them, the author being an expert tracker and guide Not so great if you want an entertaining story that will move you and keep you on the edge of your seat.

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    One or two stars I couldn t quite decide The book is poorly written and I got a bad taste in my mouth by the way the author put down bear specialists and made her personal discoveries sound like discoveries for the scientific world Perhaps earlier on she hadn t read books that could have given her the information or just preferred to discover things for herself, but don t bash people who already know information just because you don t There were a few entertaining stories but I got tired of hearing how everything that goes wrong with bears is the fault of people Yes, people do cause some problems, but when you are dealing with wild animals one should remember that the animal can cause problems too.

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    This is a fantastic book There is so much to learn about bear language and the author does a great job describing and showing the reader It is a little depressing the subtle politics are interwoven well too.