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I just finished Lone Star Joy and I must say I was riveted Joy is an amazing character, vulnerable but strong, afraid but brave at the same time And when she meets Stamos, fireworks go off I loved Stamos from a previous book and was looking forward to getting to know him better The story sucked me in right away with an unusual premise and a cast of quirky and real supporting characters, even the horses I especially liked Benji and Bea and Callie and Garrett from another book by Ms Ball And the plot was original and I couldn t guess the ending This roller coaster ride of suspense and cowboy romance kept me glued to the book Love scenes were steamy enough without losing the romance I especially loved the way the author created an affectionate familiarity between Stamos and Joy The Stamos had me laughing Wonderful western romance. Could have been better Lone star Joy had possibilities..basic story line was good, but then it got riddled with unbelievable situations The main characters were good, but here again kept getting Jekyll and Hyde situations First they re warm and loving, then cold and stupid Just give me a story I can believe and I ll be happy. Line Star JoyPlenty of suspense You might know early on who is behind everything but the reasons just keep gettingtwisted as you read I loved it Stamos and Joy were a wonderful couple I love how the author crosses over characters from other books Just enough for you to remember them but if you hadn t read any of the other books you wouldn t be missing anything. Wow First of all, what a story Been a while since I ve read a book with so many unique plot twists.Joy she s been in prison since she was 14, taking the rap to save her brother She been shanked numerous times Her very own father has sent people to kill her She s never known love The only love she s ever known has been for a family that wants her dead Can you imagine the turmoil this woman goes through She s released on a special work program to help on a ranch, owned by Stamos At first, Stamos wants to send her packing He only has men on his ranch But Joy, something about her touches him in the brief amount of time she s waylaid and in his care.He can t bear to see her back in prison and he marries her to help her out, but he s falling for her and she s falling for him..but then his ex comes back and there s a child to consider and holy smokes, all this stuff happens Joy is torn The longer she stays, the worse she makes Stamos s life He could lose his child because of her His horses and cattle are being slaughtered as her father and brother try repeatedly to kill her The only way out of this mess is to clear her namebut she s afraid to talk Maybe going back to jail would be the best thingThere s crazy waitress, the ex, the dad, the brother, some real friendly ranchhands, an evil lady intent on proving the marriage is a sham, a horse that steps in front of a bullet, a man falling in love with a woman who doesn t know how to love and Joy tough, hardened, and yet, melting inside.There s Full review on Book Babe Too much misunderstandingsThe sudden turn of personality occurs too often and even though it is worked out that they won t do that again but the next day they revert to the exact same problem They need to learn and stay with communication if they feel something wrong. Lone Star JoyWas a well written book about a Injustice done to Joy Her father kills his wife, and tells Joy that her brother Jamie kills his wife Tells Joy to take the blame, cause she s a minor They tried as adult. This is the second or third time I ve read this story Each time I mdrawn in to the plot and the characters The heroine is too sensitive but considering her past history, it s to be expected I enjoy ed this story tremendously and hope forfrom this author. Can Sexy Cowboy Stamos Walker Trust A Beautiful Woman Accused Of Murder He Wants To Try When Joy Courtland, A Convict, Ends Up On His RanchStamos Work Release Program For Nonviolent Male Prisoners Has Made Him Wary He S Heard Every Possible Story Of Innocence, But Joy Isdifferent Or Is She His Discovery Of A Plot To Kill Her If She Returns To Prison, Leaves Stamos No Choice He Does The Only Thing He Can Think Of To Keep Joy Safe, He Marries Her Will She Betray His Trust Or Was The Murder Of Her Stepmother Not What It Appeared To Be Lone Star Joy reviewLone Star Joy is the second sweet contemporary western romance in the Lasso Springs series written by author Kathleen Ball. Good readSome interesting twists Plus a gentle romance set amongst stunning scenary, what s not to like..easy reading for a gone who likes the genre