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Enter The World Of Little Bear Children Will Be Entranced By Little Bear S Trip To The Moon, His Birthday Party, And His Wishes And AdventuresThis Is The First Of The Five Classic Books About Little Bear, Introducing The Funny And Strikingly Childlike Bear Cub And His Friends The Combination Of Else Holmelund Minarik S Simple, Yet Eloquent, Stories And Maurice Sendak S Warm, Tender Illustrations Have Made This Beloved Character An Enduring Favorite Among Beginning Readers I loved this book as a child, and now JP does too and Birthday Soup is our mutual favorite It is oft demanded at bedtime. I missed a lot of the classics as a child I m making up for it now I love the simple artwork of Maurice Sendak He was so gifted This is four stories about little bear that all tie together at the end for beginning readers Little bear plays in the snow, has a birthday party, goes to the moon and goes to bed There is simple fun in these stories from a different time.The nephew enjoys Little bear most, but they both were interested in this story. I vaguely but nostalgically remember Else Holmelund Minarik s Little Bear from the time we immigrated from Germany to Canada when I was ten My sister who was five at the time received the book as a present when she started grade one in September 1976, but I ended up hijacking it for a while, as I wanted to practice reading English and Little Bear was at that time just the right level of difficulty for me And truth be told, I actually was than a bit embarrassed and even rather angry at having to read a book such as this, such as Little Bear at the age of ten, seeing that I was reading advanced children s literature in German before we immigrated to Canada, but Little Bear really did much improve my English and both Else Minarik s narrative and Maurice Sendak s illustrations also were just so incredibly sweet and evocative that I absolutely did fall in love with Little Bear, his mother and the other characters However, there is one thing I found strange then, and still consider a bit strange now with regard to Little Bear Why was Mother Bear always fully dressed Even in the story where Little Bear s mother tells her son that he really does not need a coat, that his pelt is his coat and his covering, she herself is fully clothed and in a full length dress at that. This book provided one of my most memorable and most treasured moments in the classroom this last summer.Me So how would you get to the moon Entering first grade student Well, I would take the bus to the end of the line and get a transfer to the moon Only in San Francisco