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It's been seven months since all the adults disappeared GoneIt happens in one night A girl who died now walks among the living; Zil and the Human Crew set fire to Perdido Beach; and amid the flames and smoke Sam sees the figure of the boy he fears the most Drake But Drake is dead Sam and Caine defeated him along with the Darkness—or so they thoughtAs Perdido Beach burns battles rage Astrid against the Town Council; the Human Crew versus the mutants; and Sam against Drake who is back from the dead and ready to finish where he and Sam left off And all the while deadly rumors are raging like the fire itself spread by the prophetess Orsay and her companion Nerezza They say that death is a way to escape the FAYZ Conditions are worse than ever and kids are desperate to get out But are they desperate enough to believe that death will set them free?

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    Wow Another greatly delivered book by Michael Grant The 3rd installment of the GONE series is not to be missed Just when Sam and his town have conuered hunger Orsay is claimed to be able to see past the FAYZ wall Lies? Unsure Drake is rumoured to be back from the dead Lies? Unsure Brittney seem to be a tough little cookie who is not yet ready to give up her fight with Death yet She is aslo rumoured to have returned As if lies and rumours were not enough Zil is teaming up with Caine for the unltimate desctuction of Perdido Beach Can Sam handle all this? Will Astrid let him?This fabulously fabricated book kept me guessing and wondering throughout the entire night It's darker than the previous two books but that's exactly what was needed to bring this series to an even higher level Decisions will be made Paths will cross A great book that revealed a secrect that many of us readers have been wondering since GONE What is outside the FAYZ wall? This book involved a lot of mental actions unlike the first 2 books in the seiries But the struggles that these characters face are still very close to the heart A great book many of us can relate toI wish I could give this book 11 out of 5 I could not put it down Not even if my house was burning down

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    1 Gone ★★★★2 Hunger ★★★3 Lies ★★5 DAMN THAT WAS CRAY

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    Plot 25 starsCharacters 4 starsWriting 35 starsSci fi Element 35 starsEnding 3 starsOverall 33 starsThis series is getting weaker After really enjoying the first two in the series I couldn't wait to get my hands on the third installment But it just didn't add anything to the series it was still well written but I felt like the author was merely prolonging the story and not really moving the plot along Maybe it's the old longer series money but that's just crap

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    I am a little bit sad For the past two weeks my life well my book life has been revolved around reading this series I re read the thrill rides which are Gone and Hunger then it was time for the main event the newest installment in the Gone series LiesI have to say it wasn't my favorite in the series The flaws I had previously brushed aside in the first too became so blatant in this one that I couldn't ignore them Don't get me wrong it was still fantastic and I enjoyed it immensely but it just wasn't my favoriteThe first disappointment was the length Hunger was a monster but this one was like it's runty cousin I was confused about that Usually books get longer as the plot thickens and I didn't see why that wasn't the case for this installment I mean it was certianly possible to make it longer There were plenty of loose ends and point that could have been ellaborated on Perhaps he wanted to leave that to the next book Plague Also maybe the fact that the time period for this one was shorter only a few days as opposed to a couple weeks had something to do it All the characters were great though They become darker complex Gone yay for puns are the innocent children Now they are intense Every person to the smallest tot carries a weapon Everyone is looking out for themselves most concerned only about getting food They aren't hesitant to kill either or do what they have to to stay alive And yes everyone lies Big manipulative lies that are the reason for the title Everyone is changed though for the worse or for the better We are also introduced to some new characters which makes up for the loss of some of the old ones kinda I really think Michael Grant is accurate is portraying the desperation these kids would haveThe writing was meh I mean it was never amazing to begin with but in this book it got worse I think he should get a new editor Many typos and things that didn't add up to previous infromation given in the previous books Sam said Caine and him where half brothers when they are twins Dekka said she loved Brianna from first sight where in Hunger she said she fell in love with Brianna when they were imprisoned And where did Astrid's powers go? After the first book they are never mentioned againThe plot was kinda jumpy I really love how he tries to get everyone's point of view in but it didn't pull together that nicely It was very character driven and there was less sci fi which isn't necessarily a bad thing It was also slow paced than the previous twoOverall I still really enjoyed it This is one of my favorite series It's thrilling and thought provoking and dark All the things I didn't uite like about Lies I shall attribute it to being a middle book in the series I am very excited for Plague and cannot believe the release date is an entire year away Fortunately Michael did some foreshadowing which leaves me with great material for speculation And does anyone mind telling who the kids on the back cover are supposed to be? I'm guessing Brittney and Drake but I'm not sure

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    45 starsThis review contains spoilers from previous books in the seriesLies is the third book in the Gone series What I love so much about this series is really the characters and the insane situations that Michael Grant comes up with Everything is so original and intense and that's always good in a dystopian I'm going to take a minute and give a play by play on some of the characters in the storySam Sam is probably my favorite character of the series He is really the main MC but he was missing for a lot of this book Just like in the last story he is still dealing with his powers and now he's feeling very stifled by Astrid But what I love about Sam is really the Hero factor he has going onAstrid Astrid has never been my favorite character but she was useful to the FAYZ Not in this story She infuriated me with her big ideals She just wasn't being very practical and seemed to think that she was always right I really hope her character improves in the next bookLittle Pete He again seems like such a bit character until the very end and you realize just how much power he has I think if anything will get the kids out of FAYZ it will be PeteCaine Caine is also mostly a bit part for this story but we get a whole new set of characters and location out of it Caine is still his big bad self although he is now starving and makes some big mistakes in this storyDiana I have always really liked Diana She's smart and savvy and knows exactly how to ride on Caine's coattails I had a lot of respect for her by the end of this story uinn Its taken three books but I think uinn is finally growing up This is the character that has always driven me nuts in just how stupid he can be at times But not in this story You know its bad when uinn is the one to bring about orderEdilio Edilio is one of the best characters in the FAYZ He steps up again and again and for a kid with no powers I think that's huge I think he gets taken for granted a lot because of itLana Lana is another one of my favorites but she is absent from a good chunk of the story She's always waiting in the wings to heal people but I think she's having a breakdown even worse than Sam's Albert Albert hasn't changed at all and he is starting to come across as a little greedy in this book I think its his way of dealing with chaos in trying to make order out of it He actually is a lot like Astrid except much less emotional and therefore I think he's effectiveZil I was really hoping Sam would kill him in this story He is such a waste of space I don't want to give away any spoilers of what happens with him but I was very pleased with itMary Poor poor Mary I always feel so bad for hershe was kind of a wreck even before the FAYZ and she flies under the radar a lot She does so much for all those little kids and she's falling apart at the same time Astrid does something to her in this story that I think is unforgivableOrsay Orsay puzzled me the most in this story I didn't really know what she was all about and if her prophecies were real or some trick of the Darkness we know the Darkness can't really be gone right?Nezerrah Again she just kind of appeared but I sensed she had an ulterior motive for everything she didHoward I think Howard finally shows his true colors in this story He's always been Orc's sidekick but he is finally getting a taste of power I didn't really disagree with him but he could have gone about things betterDekka Dekka is another favorite character of mine and she is so kick ass by the end of this storyPenny I don't really remember Pepper much in the earlier books but she comes into this story like a bull I think she is going to have some major power plays coming up Brittany Brittany comes up out of the ground and a few of the powerful characters know she's around but they are afraid to tell the kids They fear her immensely so she spends a lot of time alone seeing her dead brother and talking to him She's really pretty creepy in this bookBrianna and Computer Jack make a few appearances but they are suffering from some sort of flu so they are bed ridden for a good chunk of the book Orc is also around some but only mentioned a few times Same goes with Taylor And what about Drake? Is he really dead? Lots of things go down in this book like the previous books and the ending sets thing up nicely for the next book We still have a lot of uestions to be answered

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    The title didn't do anything good to me but just made me paranoid while reading the book It made me doubt everything in it I want to believe the explanation to what happen to the adults but the title just makes me doubt it I want to believe that Sam and Astrid has finally learned and finally embraced their dark side but the title makes me doubt it I want to believe that the conflict between the freaksmoofs and normals is finally over but the title makes me doubt it I want to believe that this is another epic book from an epic series and I certainly have no doubts about itJust like the first two books LIES still gives me an adrenaline rush This may not be as action packed as GONE and HUNGER but its of a mind game You will be caught in between conflicting ideas and be confused which to believe At the same time you can also feel that this is an introduction to the fourth book PLAGUE as per the new characters the weird flu phenomena etc This paragraph makes me wonder why I always feel that I need to type the book titles in capslock for this series Sure I read and reviewed books with one word titles but only in this particular series that I feel a need to hit the capslock buttonIts just now that I notice that for every book there are new characters emerging from the places left unexplored in the map For HUNGER Orsen came from the National Park while here in LIES the celebrity interracial adopted children which you can also call as the Brad and Angelina Parody came from the San Francisco de Sales Island So I'll keep my eyes open for the future books cause if you look closely at the map there are still places left unexplored like the Lake Tramonto Evanston Air National Guard Base this sounds like a major one and the two other islands Although I missed some of my favorite characters like Jack and Brianna cause they don't have that much appearance I am still glad for the development of the other characters Sam for stepping up against Astrid and for finally embracing his natural human instinctnot his previous Acting President Instinct Astrid for finally stop trying to be perfect And uinn for stepping up for himself and not just being someone else's sidekick Ofcourse Little Pete who doesn't fail to surprise me and make me gasp Like what I did with HUNGER I also created my top ten LIES favorite characters which I posted hereCaine and Diana's badass romance keeps getting better Their romance aside from Peeta Katniss Gale's which I am still undecided who's ship to ride on is the only romance in YA books that I like Diana just gave the most romantic scene in the book if not for the whole seriesOverall LIES is my 2nd favorite from the series so far Just a little below HUNGER and a notch higher than GONE I just can't wait for PLAGUE which I suppose that can shake that ranking

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    As a big fan on the Gone series I must admit I was both impressed and dissapointed with Lies Let's start on a happy note The air of mystery is still there While you get many many many hints as to what happened the the adults and where you go when you 'poof' it is admitted that it could be a trick of the Darkness or Little Pete Another drama was added people are coming back from the dead Brittney a girl who died four months ago dugs her way out of her grave She had no heartbeat does not need to drink or eat and does not have to breath by all accounts zmobie without a craving for brains She insists that she is an angel sent by God and her brother to take the 'prisoners' of the FAYZ out Much to Sam's dismay Drake also 'pulls a Gandalf' and is hell bent on distruction Mary is uite likely my favorite character I wish there had been of her in the story I also feel like she was left hanging after the Hunger I feel like Michael Grant just didn't do all his homework on eating disorders As someone who suffers from Bulimia I can safely say that while all people with EDs are different you are just not going to hop from ED to ED throwing an addiction to anti depressents into the mix as time goes on It takes many months if not years to do what Mary has done in four months Not very realistic Michael Not very realistic at all Also just too much recap You could very easily have picked up Lies without reading either of the past two and known exactly what was going on Sam Sam Sam Sam It's all about Sam On the outside world what may just be the darkness trying to 'eff with everyone we find that Connie Temple Sam's mother has been appointed Spokesperson for the families of FAYZ victims What are the odds that the mother of one of the most powerfulmayorsuddenly reunited twin'major hottie even having spent seven months starving' would become the one to tell everyone what was going on? Again not very realistic Michael While we're on the topic of Sam such is the Mary Sue Or Marty Sue if you will Character Development needs touching up badly Not everything is about Sam Orsay telling everyone she could see the dreams of their loved ones on the outside this I enjoyed very much Mary so called sensible Mother of the FAYZ believing she should kill all the children after five minutes speaking with her not so much Once not realistic And finally we have reached the Helicopter If I was the adopted angst filled child of two actors I think I would rather take my chances on the very comfortable island than try to fly my brothers and sisters to land after watching a 12 second movie clip of someone flying a helicopter and reading a book about Veitnam Let's face it you can do both of those until your face turns purple but you're not going to learn how to fly a helicopter that way I'm not even going to say the 'R' word this time To wrap things up this story was very '2 D' Such a book like this should 'haunt' a person It should make you rethink getting in a car with someone fearing that they will suddenly vanish leaving you spriling out of control It should make you worry about the fate of your children if you were suddenly to 'poof' It should make you wonder if you could step up in the face of all the hardships these kids face I got very little of this On the whole it was a very good book that I will probably read over and over just like the other two Was it realistic? No Are many of the characters Mary and Marty Sues? Yes Are the sentences choppy and not well put together? Yes Was it enjoyable? Yes Not the best it could have been I will patiently await the arrival of 'Plauge' and hope for the best

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    Unexpected menace We usually think of children as little folk that need our protection and yet they are really uncivilized savages They've not learned the inhibitions that adults have learned and are eually capable of the tenderest caring and the most horrific violence It's this potential for violence this feeling of menace that makes Michael Grant's stories from the FAYZ so compellingThe third installment in the series continues the tradition and manages to find new ground to cover; new challenges to overcome and even new issues to raise Riveting from start to finsh and thought provoking along the way it's a great read but not for the faint of heart This book contains challenging material and in the wrong hands can wound souls I've heard it said that that this series is a cross between the X Men and bedtimes stories that Stephen King might write But that's only if he wanted to be sure the children never got another night's sound sleep This is the stuff that nightmares are made of

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    Lies was the most legit book I've read in a long time It contains so much action science fiction dystopia romance a gay character supernatural oh my goodness There is no one term to summarize Grant's latest addition to the Gone series Okay I lied Maybe one word can describe this phenomenal book which also aptly is the title LiesIf the characters in Lies were dropped in the world of Pinocchio then their noses would be metaphorically massive Lies lies and lies Did any character in the novel not tell a lie? Even the good guys Sam Edilio Mary even Astrid of all the people lie And these aren't little lies either they're gargantuan ginormous lies I had one heck of a time trying to differentiate between the truth tellers and the fear mongers in the bookA lot of the characters transitioned from good to bad and vice versa There was so many conflicting internal motives and crazy mental struggles that completely blurred the lines between what was right and what was wrong Certain characters fell from grace while others stole the spotlight and took the throne I loved every little plot twist and character developing detailBy the way I think I'm in love with Astrid Oh man this chick is bad The innocent self righteous girl from Gone whose only title was Astrid the Genius? Gone And guess what is she replaced with? Lies She is my personal favorite because she goes through an absurd amount of annoyances and anger and yeah don't want to give too much away But seriously just look at her on the cover Now that's the epitome of fierce and ferociousGrant also included some fantastic foreshadowing for the next book in the series Plague I'm already sick of waiting for itWant to read of my reviews? Follow me here

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    I was surprised to find Lies at the library last week I have enjoyed this series a lot and I was hoping for a resolution with this book Well there wasn’t any resolution The story is still not finished and three books are plannedLies continues where Hunger left off Everyone over the age of fifteen has disappeared The remaining kids are trying to follow some sort of order but everything seems to be falling apart Some kids are very successful at contributing to this new society; others are doing their best to make sure that they fail Some of my favourite characters have returned Astrid continues the job of leading the council Sam is our unlikely leader uinn starts a fishing collective Albert ensures that there is some sort of economy Others like Mary work tending to the young children The world of the FAYZ is a terrifying world Some of the kids have developed super powers – some destructive some useful These kids are called Freaks by some of the normal kids Underlying all of these super powered kids is a sort of evil the gaiaphage This evil seems to thrive on chaos and destructionI loved the new characters that were added to the story Wisdom Sanjit and Virtue Choo were absolutely wonderful characters Both these characters and their three other siblings had been living on an island off of Perdido Beach so they were unaware of the chaos I also liked how we were given a uick glimpse of the outside world I had feelings of despair when I read this book I still can’t decide if I like this series or not It reminds me of something that Stephen King would write – it’s just that creepy in parts I did tire of the general whininess of some of the characters I’m not sure if I’ll want to read the rest of the series I really was hoping for an end a resolution the light at the end of the tunnel I probably will read the next instalment I feel compelled to do so