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Humanity Has Colonized The Solar System Mars, The Moon, The Asteroid Belt And Beyond But The Stars Are Still Out Of Our ReachJim Holden Is XO Of An Ice Miner Making Runs From The Rings Of Saturn To The Mining Stations Of The Belt When He And His Crew Stumble Upon A Derelict Ship, The Scopuli, They Find Themselves In Possession Of A Secret They Never Wanted A Secret That Someone Is Willing To Kill For And Kill On A Scale Unfathomable To Jim And His Crew War Is Brewing In The System Unless He Can Find Out Who Left The Ship And WhyDetective Miller Is Looking For A Girl One Girl In A System Of Billions, But Her Parents Have Money And Money Talks When The Trail Leads Him To The Scopuli And Rebel Sympathizer Holden, He Realizes That This Girl May Be The Key To EverythingHolden And Miller Must Thread The Needle Between The Earth Government, The Outer Planet Revolutionaries, And Secretive Corporations And The Odds Are Against Them But Out In The Belt, The Rules Are Different, And One Small Ship Can Change The Fate Of The Universe

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    I complained in my review of Chasm City that the gee whiz mechanics of space opera can t really sustain a 600 page narrative It turns out I was perhaps incorrect most of the lengthy examples I ve sampled in the sub genre Alastair Reynolds, Iain M Banks are of the dark and gritty variety, grim, nihilistic visions of the future starring amoral asshole protagonists who are impossible to sympathize with Even with a bunch of cool ideas on display, spending 700 pages in these books is exhausting Inevitably, I like them for about 400 pages and then I just get tired.But this book this is the space opera I want to read This book has the spirit of the genre s early days, characters who still marvel at the impossible immensity of the stars, but it isn t a pastiche or a throwback it s a natural evolution, and a remarkably satisfying one The closest analogue I can think of is the oft overpraised television show Firefly Say what you will about the annoyingly zealous fanbase or don t, you don t need the hate email that show really did almost everything right in translating space opera to the modern age The characters are complex, they operate in a world that is grey than black white, but each also has a clear moral center, so we know why they do the things they do, even when they are terrible things You can make space opera or epic fantasy or whatever that is dark and gritty and still fun to read, with characters that are fun to read about Because why would you want to explore the stars with assholes I m having some trouble locking the tractor beam on my point here, but it basically comes down to this if you want me to invest in your lengthy space epic, you better give me something to care about than magic space technology macguffin crap, because I will get sick of that This book gave me cool ideas and everything else archetypal characters that nevertheless manage to be compelling and sympathetic, interesting and very well thought out politics and economics, constant narrative momentum without sacrificing character It s the most fun I ve had reading sci fi in a long time.I should have expected nothing less of Daniel Abraham, who is one half of the pseudonymous James S.A Corey earlier this year, I gushed about the way he was able to do basically all the same stuff within the confines of the epic fantasy genre And there is so much to like about the premise, just on the face of it it s a few hundred years from now Humanity has colonized Mars and invented an engine that allows fairly speedy travel, to a point Our solar system has been colonized, with outposts on the moons of Saturn and spread across the asteroid belts, but we ve gone no further because, come on, space is freaking huge and what are the chances we re going to invent warp drive and quickly stumble across the other needles in the galactic haystack Besides, we ve got enough to keep ourselves busy colonizing space hasn t exactly united humanity, and Earth, Mars and the Outer Planets Alliance operate under an uneasy truce, with heavy prejudices on all sides.This stuff is very well thought out People in the outer planets have lived for generations free from the constraints of heavy gravity, and have started to differ physically from Earthers Language and culture have shifted too This makes racism easier Meanwhile the sheer logistical challenges of sustaining life on dead rocks from mining interstellar ice to diets of food manufactured from algae mean the Belters are still beholden to their terrestrial cousins.The plot is a potboiler, effectively combining space action with a noir murder mystery the two storylines intertwined in chapters that alternate between two POV characters The characters are, like I said, broad types in some ways, but you can do broad types very well a stock character can still be well rounded and compelling This book manages to star both a world weary detective and an idealistic space captain with a smart mouthed love interest and some wise cracking ship s crew in the background and not feel like a retread, to give the characters tough moral choices and sometimes they make the wrong ones , without turning them into unrepentant sociopaths It goes back to what I was saying many, many paragraphs ago about honoring conventions while expanding upon them I don t know if I am communicating this very well, but this book is all of that and also just impossible to stop reading It s also funny without trying too hard, and thoughtful without being overly constructed or preachy It s the book I have been looking for every time I picked up a space epic I just didn t know until I found it.

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    I ve been gorking out on Urban Fantasy and Romance lately, so mixing it with a FANTASTIC Space Opera was JUST what I needed I loved this book because in a lot of ways it humanized a BIG SF world in a way that is normally tough I cared about the characters, I yelled at them a lot, and I enjoyed every minute It felt modern and current, and created a really believable world that I wanted to live in and learn about The politics of Earth vs Mars vs the Fringers, the mystery and vaguely noir ish subplotreally REALLY good I recommend to anyone who enjoys Sci Fi And I guess it s part of a future trilogy Yum

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    I got nobody to blame but myself for this.I ve had a long standing policy that I will not read an unfinished sci fi fantasy series because I spent over a decade waiting for a certain master of horror to get off his ass and finish what he started Plus, I have no urge to join the ranks of fans of other fantasy writers who seem to spend time coming up with excuses and side projects rather than producing new books to finish their on going series.Ignorance isn t a good defense, but it s all I can claim I picked this up on a whim after hearing it mentioned on the Incomparable podcast I was a little leery when I saw it was almost 600 pages, but I didn t bother looking into exactly what I had gotten myself into until I started the book That s when I freaked the hell out 9 novels 9 goddamn novels and they re all this long Holy shit Only 5 have been released It s an unfinished series IT S AN UNFINISHED SERIES Oh, sweet jebus what have I done And holy shit snacks they ve been releasing off shoot novels ARGGHHH This is a nightmare OK, calm down Let s see, there s actually two guys writing it under one pen name Two guys can keep each other focused and moving forward They ve been releasing books like clockwork and have a schedule to bring it home That s good news And these off shoots are Kindle shorts so it looks like they re really just true extras and not them filling their pockets while dawdling on the main series Oh, and the Syfy network is doing a TV series based on it That could be cool Maybe this isn t so bad after all Wait, one of the authors also works as an assistant to.Uh oh Well, maybe he s learned what NOT to do when you re working on a series Or maybe I ll end up not liking it very much and can just stop here No such luck Damn it I m a sucker for the kind of sci fi where even though they re in space the characters have dirt under their nails and skinned knuckles rather than lounging around in pristine uniforms on ships that look like corporate cube farms I m also much of a believer in the idea that if humanity does make it to other worlds that we ll be dragging all our collective baggage out there with us rather than being explorers from a utopian society Plus, I m a big mystery fan and one of the main characters is a burned out space detective with a cynical outlook And I also like view spoiler zombie stories So when it s alien vomit zombies hide spoiler

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    EH EH this so called space opera is anything but no sense of wonder, no sense of truly divergent civilizations, no galactic span and a clear lack of operatic emotions on display as well perhaps this is due to the characterization, which is rote, uninteresting, and badly developed, with sub par Firefly style dialogue along for the ride perhaps it is also due to the subject matter, which is confined to purely in system politics between Earth and Mars the two reigning superpowers and the asteroid colonies plucky upstarts, proletariat underdogs, and possible terrorists the scope here just seems so EH WHO CARES there is a nuts and bolts approach to the technology that has a glimmer of hard science to it, but this is not a hard science fiction novel by far overall, it is not terribly written per se it just is the very definition of flat and uninspiring maybe i ve been too spoiled by the likes of Iain M Banks, Vernor Vinge, Peter Hamilton, and now Alastair Reynolds i am unable to be impressed by something that is so lacking in genuine excitement or genuinely complex world building there was nothing at stake for me and my mind was definitely not blown each time i re opened this novel, it was like buying a first class ticket to snoozeville in the end, i gave up on page 162 and i want those hours back

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    Way I see it, there s three ways this can go, Miller said One, we find your ship still in dock, get the meds we need, and maybe we live Two, we try to get to the ship, and along the way we run into a bunch of mafia thugs Die gloriously in a hail of bullets Three, we sit here and leak out of our eyes and assholes Well, really, the story begins when some alien species shoot a payload of virus at Earth and misses This virus is capable of turning the human race into piles of nasty, smelly biosolids Luckily for Earth, this contagion from space gets caught in Saturn s rings which keeps it from ever reaching its intended destination Holden is the second in command of an iceberg hauler When he sees his ship Canterbury blown into dust particles by pirates, while the ship was trying to respond to an SOS, his world is suddenly expanded and contracted Expanded by the beginning of a conflict that will spread across the known universe, but his world has also contracted down to the confining corridors of the small ship that he and his remaining crew members are trying to keep afloat The universal conflict might be than a little bit Holden s fault He broadcasts out to the world the existence of incriminating evidence that Mars might have had something to do with the pirates The writers behind the name James S A Corey might be making a point about the misuse of disseminating wrong information on the internet How many people believe it even when it doesn t make sense This section of the universe is shared between Earth, Mars, and what are called the Belters Belters are people born in the asteroid belt The Belters are generally taller, fitter, and tend to bastardize language much the same way as immigrants to America bastardized English I kind of think of Holden as Gavrilo Princip, the man that touched off WW1 by assassinating Archduke Franz Ferdinand Holden meant well to him information is meant to be shared so that it can be analyzed and expounded upon People unfortunately jump to conclusions without examining the evidence too closely, especially when the potential for war has been brewing for some time The major powers in the universe are just looking for the right catalyst to start a war Holden, inadvertently, provided the match The moral complexity of the situation had grown past his ability to process it So there is some lethal goo out there trapped in the rings of Saturn Knowing humans to be the curious monkeys that they are what do you think happens next Yeah, they just can t help poking a stick at it.Things go from bad to worse in a hurry Vomit zombiesneed I say Okay, maybe just a bit because there are stages to this thing A flock of softball sized spiderlike things crawled through the corridor, leaving a slick sheen of glowing slime behind them It wasn t until he paused to knock one off the cart that he recognized them as severed hands, the trailing wrist bones charred black and remade Part of his mind was screaming, but it was a distant one and easy to ignore SHUDDER As a counterweight to Holden is the cop Miller He sees the world through rose murky colored glasses He has seen the worst of people, so he doesn t need to speculate about what people are capable of He is on the case of a missing rich girl, and even after he is fired from his job, he continues to hunt for her It turns out she is connected with the OPA, a Belter resistance group, and also she is somehow mixed up with the goo from space Miller hooks up with Holden and his crew, but it is an uneasy alliance Holden s righteousness and Miller s cynicism mix like oil and water, but actually with the universe hanging in the balance their differing views create a middle which is generally where the right answers can be found So pull up a bowl of fungal curds and a cup of something that tastes close to coffee and have a blast watching the crew of the Rocinante cartwheel across the universe barely surviving one disaster after another as they do everything they can to stay alive and save the world The SyFy Channel has just launched a new series called Expanse that is based on the universe created by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck in this series of books I haven t watched the episodes yet because I really wanted to read the first book before watching any part of the TV series If I have a complaint about the book, it is that it does feel a bit bloated, but the fact that it is unapologetically calling itself a space opera I feel kind of snarky even broaching the subject The world building is fascinating, and from what I have read, the books will continue to add pieces to this world as the book series progresses I have plans to read at least two One last little tidbit from Miller which I found rather funny as I m holding this 16 pound trade paperback novel in my hands The OPA man, Anderson Dawes, was sitting on a cloth folding chair outside Miller s hole, reading a book It was a real book onionskin pages bound in what might have been actual leather Miller had seen pictures of them before the idea of that much weight for a single megabyte of data struck him as decadent I just blew you a raspberry Miller If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews, visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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    Reviewed by Rabid ReadsHere s another Jessica quirk I LOVE sci fi on screen, but I rarely like reading it I have no idea why Some things just are BUT I binge watched The Expanse last week, and it was good enough that it made me curious There were no giant insects as aliens, no surplus of tech gobbledygook, and no discernible artificial intelligence the things that make me avoid sci fi literature, even though I can usually handle the movie version , and what there was was mysteriously mysterious, plus, you know, SPACE, so pretty great, IMO.The story revolves around two male MCs, Jim Holden, the XO of the ice hauling freighter Canterbury, and Joe Miller, a washed up, prototypical Noir dectective description stolen from Mike , b c it s darn near perfect, and I didn t want to bother coming up with my own lesser version Holden is a thirty ish bright eyed idealist whose naivete borders on unbelievable, given his dishonorable discharge from the UN Navy for punching a superior officer who needed to be punched, if I remember correctly amongst other things He s also rather immature about relationships, convincing himself that he s in love with every female he lusts after His actions would ve been consistent with someone ten years younger, but then he wouldn t have the experience to land his XO gig, so what are you going to do Miller is a hot tepid mess He s in his mid fifties, divorced in what feels like the recent past, but in reality is probably going on a decade ago, and unable to move on He s a drunk He moves through life in a contradictory haze of apathy and regret Then, when he s forced to face a personal truth that he s thus far insulated himself from, he latches on to his last assignment a retrieval job for the rich parents of a young woman who has turned her back on her upbringing to champion the Belters, the dregs and underdogs of her world During his detecting, Miller becomes infatuated with the Earthen turned Belter freedom fighter He s obsessed with finding her, convincing himself that if he can save Juliette Andromeda Mao, all of life s disappointments and failures will be worth it.It s another stretch, or at least it was for me, but I m inexperienced in all things Noir, so maybe that s my ignorance talking.Regardless, both Holden s idealism and Miller s transference were stretches that I was willing and able to accommodate, in part b c of the character growth both MCs went through from start to finish At first, I straight up didn t like Holden I thought he was an idiot, who recklessly made decisions that had consequences he couldn t begin to understand, and a manwhore who justified his manwhoring by believing his was in lurrrrve Every, single time rolls eyes But just as I was about to write him off, someone schooled him about a little thing called REALITY, and that in conjunction with several other hard earned lessons he eventually took to heart, he turned into someone I could admire He was no longer an unrealistic dreamer, he was an uncorruptible man who stood by the principles that guided every aspect of his life.Miller damn near broke my heart The only other thing I ll say about him is that view spoiler the Romantic in me wishes and hopes that he s with Julie now That when he inevitably succumbed to the protomolecule, he bonded with her, and she knew him and accepted him the way he knew her WAILS hide spoiler

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    4, turns out husbands CAN be right sometimes stars This review along with a recipe for Mariner Valley skillet lasagna is now featured on my blog Recipe a Read https So lets start this one off with the truth I m not a sci fi fan I don t dislike sci fi but I have a hard time with it and it tends to get bogged down for me But, that s neither here nor there because I thoroughly enjoyed this book Let us begin A long time ago, in a galaxy far, fa.nope, wrong science fiction story In round about 200 years, humans have colonized the solar system Our major players are Earth, Mars and the Belt i.e the stations located in the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter We ve also got the OPA Outer Planets Alliance to contend with as well The OPA is a group of loosely affiliated members fighting for the rights of those who inhabit the belt known ever so cleverly as belters Too many dots, Miller said Not enough lines This baby starts of with a serious bang with our prologue introducing us to Julie Julie and her crew have been taken captive and she s left alone in a dark locker for days on end When her sanity begins to wane she breaks herself out to find an abandoned ship around her When she does finally locate the crew, it s a ghastly sight to say the absolute least This is where our journey begins what happened to Julie Where is she now Why is the ship she was on sending out an emergency signal Enter James the loudest mouth in the solar system Holden, the XO of the ice miner ship the Canterbury His ship has picked up the previously mentioned emergency signal.The law of the solar system was unequivocal In an environment as hostile to life as space, the aid and goodwill of your fellow humans wasn t optional.When Holden and his crew board the Scopuli they have no idea what they will find and how this lone decision will be the catalyst that will change their lives forever Enter down and out Detective Miller, he s been given orders to investigate the missing daughter of a high level, wealthy family He has no idea that the case and search for one Juliette Mao will be the catalyst that will change his life forever as well Told from alternating POVs between Miller and Holden we re given a broad and overarching look at the entire world and future Corey has built This novel is a behemoth of a story and clearly the first in a series A lot of ground work is laid down in the first half of this to build a world thoroughly for the reader The beginning got a bit bogged down for me and veered into the hard sci fi that I m not a big fan of However, when the two story lines finally converge, man does this thing get cookin You spent your life in a stone bubble with your food, your water, your air shipped in from places so distant you could barely find them with a telescope and a certain moral flexibility was necessary.For being a novel so steeped in traditional science fiction tropes Leviathan Wakes was incredibly accessible as a whole A lot of delicate intricacy is at work in this novel dealing not only in the overarching mystery but in subtle ways as well Things like sexism, racism, human morality and where we draw lines are discussed regularly throughout this read The technical demands and logistics of deep space exploration and colonization were handled deftly and secured on a realistic and clearly researched basis I ve been reading a lot of thriller suspense novels recently and this was a really nice break from a lot of the patterns these types of stories fall into There is a great mystery here that keeps the intrigue alive for the entirety of the read The world building is top notch and I was left endlessly impressed throughout Even further, it was so refreshing to read something that was full of genuinely likable characters I felt a strong connection to the crew of the Canterbury and loved Miller s thread and timeline All in all this lost a star for me because while as whole the novel was accessible and enjoyable even for a non sci fi reader the first 200 or so pages dragged a bit for me There were multiple points that I didn t understand and had to get clarification for from my husband as this is his favorite book series However, despite the tedious build up this was an impressive edge of your seat read and I enjoyed going out on a limb with this one I m not sure I ll be picking up the second installment right away as these novels are a huge undertaking but I ll certainly be reading on down the line I ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes There hadn t been a cowboy on Earth in a hundred years, and Mars didn t have a blade of grass that wasn t under a dome or a horse that wasn t in a zoo Mariner valley had been settled by East Indians, Chinese and a small contingent of Texans Apparently the drawl was viral Because TEXASFOREVER

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    Leviathan Wakes broke my reading slump Listlessly slogging my way through various reads a couple of which came highly recommended I was starting to wonder if it I had lost my book love Then I picked this up for a Book o the Month read Expecting a detail dense sci fi, within the first few pages I found myself hooked, and by page 100, thoroughly reeled in by this hefty genre mash up Space opera Perhaps Horror Maybe Military Sort of Mystery in space Yes, definitely And if by the end it reminded me a little of The Rook and The Gone Away World, that s not a negative comparison All of them have some interesting philosophical underpinnings combined with genre mash up, a light mystery driven plot and a nice side of humor Mariner Valley had been settled by East Indians, Chinese and a small contingent of Texans Apparently the drawl was viral They all had it now Oddly, I seem to be on an unintentional run of books created by collaborators, and in some cases it works well Ilona Andrews , and in some, not so much Although there s a few rough spots here and I d have to agree with a number of reviewers that pinpoint the ending as displeasing it generally works very well I went looking for some background on the collaboration, and the duo offered up a few thoughts on Scalzi s blog and in an appealing three part Youtube video interview with author Carrie Vaughn a fragmented viewpoint had trouble luring me in, but once the authors settled down for an exchange of viewpoints between Holden, an executive officer on an ice hauling deep space freighter of outcasts, and Detective Miller, a world weary member of an asteroid peace keeping force, it was suddenly became completely absorbing The culture felt at once familiar with generational differences between deep spacers who grow up on various asteroids and moons, and those that grow up on the developed Earth and Martian colonies The writers add a twist by including some physical differences that occur between Earth gravity and deep space gravity peoples, and further enlarge upon it by including economic and political angles that make the culture building feel real If the lead characters seem a bit stereotypical, it is because the authors intended them to be archetypical The genius is in their interactions, with the world weary detective and his realistic problem solving contrasting with the outsider hero and his optimistic one Suddenly right and wrong aren t so clear The circle of life on Ceres was so small you could see the curve He liked it that way I admire the writers goal of a composition that addresses the emotion of the story, and for wanting to write an engaging style that doesn t depend on artificial cliffhangers Psst Modern UF and YA we re talking about you One reason I don t spend much time in deep space sci fi is the tendency to focus on world and tech building at the expense of character and plot Either that, or it all becomes a set up for a giant philosophical thought experiment Had I known from the beginning about the authors intentions, I might have went into it with higher expectations of enjoyment We re sentimentalists We care whether the soul crushed cop finds redemption We care whether the quixotic holy fool of a captain overcomes his own failings in time to get the girl And we expect you to care too The risk we take is that you might not, and if you don t, there s no defense against the failure on our part But you know what We think it s worth it anyway It was worth it.Four deep space stars.Cross posted at

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    I enjoyed the story and the world Mars, the asteroid belt between Earth and Mars, Earth, various mining stations depicted in Leviathan Wakes The setting and overall atmosphere of this near future thriller has a noir feel to it which only becomes evident with the appearance of Detective Miller and his investigation into the missing Julia Mao At times, you feel like you re reading a pulp crime detective novel in the spirit of Raymond Chandler, but Leviathan Wakes does than answer questions about who done it although who and what things happen become part of the ongoing drive of the plot As in so much of really good science fiction, the question of what it means to be human and the moral implications of asking and acting on assumptions of that question are explored Nothing seems forced, though It just seems to happen in the natural progression of the story The characters are what makes this a strong read, though None of them are either totally good or bad or think in black and white.8 2 2018 Met James S.A Corey Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck at a GenCon writers event Fun to meet them and chat about their books for a minute or two

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    I thought it was great and sad