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As Than Illustrations Emphasise, The Work Of Modern Landscape Painters Is Ambitious And Nuanced Exploring And Redefining The Essence Of The Genre This Ambitious Work Provides An Invaluable Guide To This Ubiquitous Subject The Arts Society ReviewWhether As A Reaction To Our Technological Present Or As A Manifestation Of Fears Concerning Our Environmental Future, Depictions Of The Natural World In Painting Have Never Seemed Pertinent Or Urgent Some Of The Most Ambitious, Crucial And Intellectually Vibrant Paintings Being Created In This Century Involve The Landscape From A Traditional, Perceptual Based Approach For Rendering Vistas To A Looser, Topography Inspired Gestural Abstraction That Blurs The Line Between Form And Space, To Many Other Modes In Between Surprisingly, There Has Not Been An Ambitious And Wide Reaching Publication On The Subject Until Now The Result Of Several Years Worth Of Research, Landscape Painting Now Is The First Book To Explore The Very Best Contemporary Landscape Painting Featuring Artists From Nearly Twenty Five Countries Born Over Seven Decades, It Includes Some Of The Brightest Stars Of The Contemporary Art World It Is Introduced By An Essay From Barry Schwabsky, Who Discusses The History Of Landscape Painting, Exploring How The Genre Developed Through The Th Century To Today, And How It Has Become Increasingly Relevant To Art Now He Also Explores The Notion Of What Is Actually Called A Landscape Painting Today, And Looks To Expand Beyond Commonly Held Preconceptions Concerning The Genre Table Of ContentsIntroduction By Barry Schwabsky Realism And Beyond Post Pop Landscapes New Romanticism Constructed Realities Complicated Vistas AbstractedTopographies Artists Biographies For any lover of contemporary landscape painting, this beautifully curated and crafted book is a MUST have Landscape Painting Now is an important and beautifully produced book focusing on works made in the 21st century I haven t seen anything like it and it really shows the ongoing importance of the genre I was so excited when I opened the pages to see that it features than 80 contemporary painters working with the landscape genre The artist list is stellar, with a nice gender and age mix, featuring many artists I was not previously aware of and fantastic examples by each The reproductions tend to be quite large on the page and are beautifully reproduced The book is organized thematically in a really interesting way over six chapters starting with Realism and Beyond and ending with Complicated Vistas, which deals with the environment and politically scarred landscapes so it offers much than the typical alphabetical survey catalogue I particularly enjoyed Barry Schwabsky s poetic essay which gives a brief history of the landscape tradition before diving full force into the 20th and 21st century This book is essential for anyone interested in contemporary painting, though it will be a dream come true for those passionate about landscape painting It s also a valuable resource to students of painting given its accessible yet intelligent approach to the material Highly recommended This is a beautiful book First of all, the reproductions are big, and very high quality I really like how the authors categorized the artists and their work, not to mention the artists included are magnificent This book is a must have for painters and lovers of landscape painting I can t stop looking at it. Beautiful volume displaying some of the best artists working in landscape today The quality of the images is top notch Makes a great reference for those of us working in art and a lovely coffee table book for the admirers. I have really been enjoying Landscape Painting Now This book has converted me to landscape art which I had hitherto found a bit dull Through it, I have discovered quite a few artists who are new to me and whose work I like The plates are quite large and the entries about the individual artists are, for the most part well written and helpful The essay by Barry Schwabsky which ties the whole book together is workmanlike, if not particularly well written but it is not as terrible as many of the art book essays that I have read recently In his defense, it is probably quite hard to write about a whole genre in an eloquent way.If I had been charged with this task, I would have included Chester Arnold because his work protests man s impact on the environment Another reviewer mentioned Jennifer Bartlett and I would also suggest Marisa Murrow for her beach hut paintings Harold Ancart might also be worth a look for his iceberg paintings.I paid about 34.00 for the book in April 2019 I think that at this price it is a steal Books that review a whole genre don t come along that often, maybe once in a generation So, I recommend it to those who love contemporary painting. Ce livre est magnifique Bien pens , illustr et crit Je l ai donn en cadeau.