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Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest I love cute little books, especially when they contain something emotional or motivating around them. This book was one of those cute little books that you pick up now and then, have a quick read through and then go on with your life And that is the reason why I chose to review it The book is supposedly written by a bear called Mawson that gives life advice And it s meant for adults, not children It doesn t follow any particular story in fact it all seems to be a bit of randomly places throughout the pages, with a lot of adorable pictures of a teddy bear doing things However, I was having some troubles understanding this book The teddy bear is so cute and the images are indeed adorable, but I found the text depressing, rather than motivating Yes it is a bright world to feel lost in, and we do find ourselves lost all the time But what can we do about it What is the teddy bear doing about it I just didn t get it I don t think the messaging was there I am not sure the author delivered everything that he wanted to say in this book The words had random capital letters, a few spelling errors, and they were also randomly places on the pages, alongside the images, which to some people might be appealing, but to me it just puts me off I understand this is the bear typing but as I said definitely annoyed me and I found it ridiculous I know I am supposed to love this book, because it has a teddy bear on the cover but I just didn t Thank you to the author bear s guardian Mark O Dwyer for sending across this book to me in exchange for an honest review Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Mawson Bear brings back fond memories of those childhood days when Teddy was an indispensable source of comfort There are lots of warm fuzzies to look forward to in this heartwarming story, as Mawson Bear explores how to be the best bear he can for his owner He worries when his special Some One disappears and looks up the McBearies Big Book of Words to help himself put words to his sorrow The story is full of lovely lines like You can hear all those things they don t know how to say and That squeezy bit in the middle of a hug That s home A Sweet addition to any Bear Collection. Mawson is such a wise bear that helps you see ways to deal with things that happen in life that make you sad, while the world just carries on The title is perfect.It s a Bright World To Feel Lost In.Mawson is the narrator and tells the story through a little bear of wanting and needing to be loved, bear knows that there is someone out there to love him He feels so alone and sad as he waits Oh wow it really does touch your heartYou can almost hear the aching sound of being searched forYou can share so much with people you love It brings joy and sadness finding love and dealing with loss Everything to do with highs and lows and insecurities and worries when that someone special disappears A hug can make you feel a little better sometimesYou can almost hear the sighs of someone hurtingThere is such deep meaning in this little book, which has flash tags with word relating to the story that describe feelings in many ways The things we share with each other, good and bad.But it s hard to keep playingWhen your some one s straying without youThere are differences to losing someone you love, some leave while others wanted to stayBeing Gone is differentto being far awayThe simplicity of the story just opens up your feelings straight away making it a very emotional and yet comforting knowing your are safe.It helps you see that you should move on, learn new things and perhaps even find someone new to love and be loved with.Being found is such a joy A bear s love is never far away and can be shared and passed on through generations I love the idea of Mawson telling the story to the young bears as if to coach them for their future roles Just pure magic In Italian there is a word for making something exceptionally difficult look easy sprezzatura Mawson s It s a Bright World to Feel Lost In has sprezzatura in spades This gentle, calming, life and love affirming little gem won t fail to put a smile on your face as you read it You ll get the sense that every word and image has simply fallen into place effortlessly, yet profoundly Only on closer inspection might you get the sense of just how tightly this book is written how studiously it has managed to pull back the heavy, musty curtains hiding the sunshine in your grown up world, how deftly it has pulled into your heart the long forgotten tranquility of simpler times and fundamental joys Like the aroma of freshly baked bread or the sound of your child laughing, Mawson s simple but never simplistic book hits its mark in a way that you will intuitively understand but will not be able to put into words In this regard, the book does exactly what it means to and no. It s a Bright World to Feel Lost In is a delightful picture book narrated by Mawson Bear.Described as a picture book for adults, its colourful text makes it suitable for older children too Each of the 50 pages has a photo illustration of Mawson and friends with an accompanying emotional statement.Mawson is a very wise bear and there are some lovely sentiments about feeling lost and lonely and waiting for your Someone to return Reading through the book is like having a book cuddle This is a lovely little book to keep on the shelf and to look through if you need a little cheering I shall leave the last word to Mawson Being found is such a joy. First I must thank Mark O Dwyer, the Guardian of Mawson Bear, for sending me a free copy of the book, in exchange for an honest review The book was super cool and I loved every bit of it Let us head into my review.When Mark first contacted me about the book, his email mentioned it was a picture book for adults Well, I was not sure what to expect But when this baby arrived on post, I fell in love on the spot in that precise moment The book was super cute and the title really made me wanted to read it, at that very moment So, trust me guys the book took me back in my childhood where we use to read books with lots of cute pictures in them I stopped everything else and started to read it From that day onwards, I use to read this book everyday after I reach home from work.The special characteristics that I found in this book are as follows The title speaks much about what it in this book and it makes the reader, tempting to know what is inside the book, what is the story about The pictures which are so cute 3 and the story, or rather the words goes along perfectly and you do not realize that you have reached the end of the story Each word mentioned in the story speaks to the heart of the reader Each page and picture speaks about something deeper about life The story is being narrated by Mawson, and he is indeed a wonderful narrator The deeper aspects spoken in the story such as feeling lost, loosing someone you love, family and most importantly getting up after falling down is well illustrated The book actually became a stress releaser for me And I thin it would be ideal for all the adults to read since it speaks to your heart Overall, the book is creative as well as the whole idea of a picture book for adult is novel and unique.I highly recommend this book to all the adults who needs a bit of inspiration and motivation in their lives And never forget It s a bright world to feel lost in.For book reviews visit Are You Feeling A Little Lost Got That Left In The Spare Room Emptiness About You Mawson Does TooHe Sits Atop His Cushion And Ponders About Baffling ThingsThe World Is A Funny Place For A Curious Teddy Bear To Live In Friends Approach Him About Their Own Dilemmas They Seek Instant Answers That Will Make Everything All Right Mawson Does His Best But After He Ponders Deeply, Most Things Remain For Him Just As Baffling As They Were BeforeTake A Moment Out Of Your Day To Pawse With Him And Explore The World For The Many Frazzled Readers Who Feel, Secretly, Much The Same, He Offers The Comfort That The World Is A Bright Place To Be See the review on my BookTube channel Thank you to the author for providing me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review.So this officially my first 5 star book of 2019 Now this is a completely different type of book than I normally review, the book itself is described as a picture book for adults or a book that is intended as a gift between friends that could also be read by a younger audience The book itself is written by Mawson the bear as he ponders the world around him.Now the fact that this was a picture book for adults really intrigued me and I m so glad that I got to see it for myself, not only are the pictures absolutely gorgeous but the whole book itself brings back such nostalgic memories it made it seem sort of comforting, like an old security blanket The message that Mawson is able to portray as well comes across in such simple terms it really makes you ponder the going on s in your own life As it s such a short read and looks fantastic it s one of those books that you can just have lying around, and one I plan to eagerly show to poor unsuspecting victims who come to visit Rating 5 5Would I read again YesWould I Recommend YesWould I read another book from this author Yes There really are so many things in life for a bear to ponder.Right, a couple of things to get out of the way first If, as I suspect many will initially think, this is a book for children then I would have criticisms because of the fairly random use of upper case letters and some of the bear like spellings in the pictures which undermine my sense of what is perfect modelling for literacy And It s A Bright World To Feel Lost In could easily be shared with children and their own bears to help them feel safe and loved.However, It s A Bright World To Feel Lost In is actually a book for adults Substitute the word bear for human or person and you have a book that provides solace in loss, friendship in loneliness and an understanding of what it means when someone you love is no longer with you.I really liked this book It is essentially a picture book for grown ups and I loved the quality of the photographs and the variety of bears included I also really appreciated the emotional sentiments in the writing Life is indeed very often baffling and I think we ve all experienced the aching sound of being searched for in our lives at some point.It s A Bright World To Feel Lost In is a book about optimism, searching for new adventures and making the most of life and love I can imagine a parent whose child is starting school or university sobbing over this book and I loved the concept that a bear can listen when no one else will It might sound ridiculous, but It s A Bright World To Feel Lost In brought a tear to my eye.If you re looking for a gift for someone who is struggling with life at the moment, I think It s A Bright World To Feel Lost In would make a wonderful present.