Immigrant Kids –

Text And Contemporary Photographs Chronicle The Life Of Immigrant Children At Home, School, Work, And Play During The Late S And Early S

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    REALLY EYE OPENING The conditions of that time amongst all immigrants from various places of Europe, were quite severe, crunched in small apartments, and water faucets were considered a luxury It shows a picture of the earliest sells of soda on the streets of New York with a man wearing some kind of laboratory made bottle shaped container on his back, pouring it out to people who would buy it It was considered a luxury item to drink and not many people could afford it.People made a living mending peoples coats and shoes, and selling newspapers just to get enough money to eat.Some guy would go around the block selling shards of ice off a huge block of it.I couldn t help but think with all the regulations today how anyone could ever go around on the streets hollering, mend your coats mend your shoes for a dollar or two How can anyone have that American dream, with so many regulations, stipulations, in that of starting a business.I think of the health codes in place , and I have to agree with most of them and then I think why they were implemented in the first place.As money increased in some areas, in other areas, greed increased, and in another area, common sense decreased, along with the respect for human life.Quality flourished during this time of struggle, when immigrants competed to survive in the Big Apple They wanted to be recognized for what they could do.Now a century later, quality isn t as important, as being able to convince the customer, in any way possible into giving all their money away.Then being recognized for quality was the prize, now it seems being recognized as being the smartest con artist is the new in.WE cant always look to the foreigner to blame for our mistakes, when we were that foreigner at one time.What is the American Dream Is it the fact that we can be allowed to dream Read this book and Reminisce a time , looking back at our roots,or just to enjoy the photographer s collection.

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    The photos tell the story in this book photos of immigrant children, roughly 1890 1910 Young readers looking at these photos will be able to make inferences about the children, their families, their lives A whole period of history will come alive for them, in a way that mere words could never capture Although Freedman divides the chapters into the passage over, home in the new world, school, work, and play, I felt there was nothing spectacular about the text The text does not stay with me The pictures do Still, a very worthwhile book Recommended

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    Great read for the entire family.

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    The many photos, along with clear written descriptions gave a good picture of the life of immigrant children It was used as a read aloud for a second grade homeschooler but it also caught the attention of his fifth grade brother My only complaint is that it could have included information.

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    great authentic black white pictures.