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In 1977 Julia became one of the 30000 victims of Argentina's most recent military dictatorship Julia was a young physician and mother to be kidnapped from a medical clinic and found years later in a clandestine grave along with 334 other corpses Who were those thousands of victims? Who was Julia? By reconstructing Julia's life Eric Stener Carlson gives voice to the thousands of citizens who were disappeared In doing so he must use the pseudonym Julia to protect the people she left behind Julia's poignant story is told through the emotional memories of childhood friends and family classmates and colleagues an ex lover and fellow prisoners whose lives intersected with hers in the government torture centers Interspersed between the personal testimonies are the commentaries of a military general a priest a politician a human rights activist and a prosecuting attorney in the war crimes tribunal giving her story a political and social context

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    Generally when reading about dictatorships genocide or any kind of cataclysmic event in history everything is all about numbers facts or torture However I Remember Julia does something special it humanizes the unnamed effectively creating empathy for these desaparecidos Reading the accounts of people from different backgrounds and livelihoods gives the reader an insight into what its was like to live in Argentina during the 70s This book is not just about Julia it is about the thousands whom fell victim to the brutal military regime in Argentina whose shadow unfortunately still haunts the country decades after its' fall