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Aggie Isn T Expecting Visitors At The Sleepy Time Motel In The Great Smoky Mountains Since Her Husband Died, She Is All Alone With Her Cat, Ugly, And Keeping Up With The Bills And Repairs Has Become Next To Impossible The Pool Is Empty, The Garden Is Overgrown, And Not A Soul Has Come To Stay In Nearly Three Months When She Reluctantly Places A For Sale Ad In The Newspaper, Aggie Doesn T Know That Kirby And His Mom Will Need A Room When Their Car Breaks Down On The Way To Kirby S New Reform School Or That Loretta And Her Parents Will Arrive In Her Dad S Plumbing Company Van On A Trip Meant To Honor The Memory Of Loretta S Birth Mother Or That Clyde Dover Will Answer The For Sale Ad In Such A Hurry And Move In With His Daughter, Willow, Looking For A Brand New Life To Replace The One That Was Fractured When Willow S Mom Left Perhaps The Biggest Surprise Of All Is That Aggie And Her Guests Find Just The Friends They Need At The Shabby Motel In The Middle Of NowhereFrom An Author Long Recognized For Her True Southern Voice And Heartfelt Characters, Greetings From Nowhere, With Its Four Intertwining Stories, Brings Barbara O Connor S Work To A New Level Of SophisticationThis Title Has Common Core Connections

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    When you read than one of an author s books, there is the natural tendency to compare them and ask yourself which one is your favorite In the case of Barbara O Connor s works, that s an almost impossible question to answer First, let me say if you don t go out and get Wish as soon as it hits the stores this week, you are going to miss out on all the fun and excitement that s exploding in the book world from this, her newest Then, after falling in love with Wish, if you haven t read her others, like How to Steal a Dog, The Small Adventure of Popeye and Elvis, or one of the fourteen others, get going Most of all, do not miss Greetings from Nowhere where a heartfelt experience unfolds at a down on its heels motel in the Great Smokey Mountains In addition to being everything you want from a middle grade book, the craftsmanship here is extraordinary This book is a study in how to write multiple fraught points of view and bring them together in a memorable and gratifying ending.

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    In Greetings from Nowhere by Barbara O Connor, widow Agnes Duncan is going to have to sell the Sleepy Time Motel that she and her husband Harold used to run Guests are not coming, and the place is falling apart But just as she s about to the sign the papers, three families arrive, each with a troubled child Loretta s biological mom has died and left her with a charm bracelet showing all the places she might have gone Now Loretta s adoptive parents are taking her on a journey to discover those places Kirby s mom is taking him to a military style school, but her car died and she ran out of money before she got there Meanwhile, Willow s mom Dorothy has left her and her father, Clyde, and her dad wants to start a new life by the buying the old motel This is a light and beautiful tale, filled with love and perfect details that make a person feel good.

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    My granddaughter loves the Barbara O Connor books so I gave her several for Christmas.

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    I just finished reading Greetings from Nowhere What a beautifully crafted story If I could write, this is the story I would want to tell The characters are so well defined that the reader develops a close relationship with each one I was sad when I reached the end The story was over much too soon I can t wait to share this book with my fifth graders I know that they will feel my enthusiasm and will want to read it as well Thank you, Ms O Connor I am looking forward to reading your other books I hope you will consider a sequel, so that I can learn what happens to Aggie, Willow, Loretta, and most of all, Kirby I have known many Kirbys during my teaching career.