Gray Street Kindle â Kindle Edition

Andrea Marzsalek is on the brink of success but in the blink of an eye her entire life is in shambles She must learn how to piece her life back together bit by bit Her parents have passed away leaving her feeling incredibly alone Not to mention that her sister is missing and has been a drug addict on the streets for years By happenstance she runs into her college boyfriend and he wants her to move to the city with him In a moment of frenzy she decides to leave it all behind for a few weeks to go on a mission trip in South America Will she be able to overcome her insecurities and fears so that she can live the life she’s always wanted or will her grief time in South America and missing sister drive her into madness?

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    Excellent book that is kind of dark depressing and confusing but at the same time intense with emotion gripping and hard to put down It wasn't what I expected I think this is the story of a young woman and her life that takes a lot of unexpected twists and turns